August 1, 2021

Trump’s approval rating is at 51%

According to the most recent Rassmussen poll, 51% of voters approve of President Trump, while only 47% disapprove.

After a summer in which the Democrats threw everything they had at Trump, and a week after the Democratic convention, the numbers are truly startling.

While some have criticized Rassmussen as being “right-leaning,” it was the most accurate polling service in the 2016 elections. It’s also the only nationally recognized public opinion firm that still tracks President Trump’s job approval ratings on a daily basis.

It seems that despite the herculean efforts of the Democrats and the media to diminish him, President Trump is still winning the hearts and minds of the American people.

And that’s all that matters in November.

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67 Responses

  1. How in the world can Democrats be for open borders free health care for non citizens abortion at any stage of the pregnancy defunding the police etc????? It just defies common sense and everything an American citizen SHOULD stand for… I’m voting for President Trump 2020!!!! He works so hard and is hit by the Swamp from all angles but he keeps on fighting God Bless Him…

      1. TRUMP is the right one for the job he keeps his promises and more God bless president TRUMP and bless him with four more years!.

        1. someone needs to check if Biden is not a double or clone. 2 weeks ago all he could sadly do was forget, stutter and stammer.

    1. Bev U R soo right our Prez is amazing and he just keeps on going fighting for our freedoms working working working tirelessly for the everyday American who just wants a good life opportunities for themselves and there children to love and be loved to be honest decent caring loving kind human beings…

    2. I am 83 June…and in my lifetime of listening to campaign speeches and all the promises they make to get your vote, this is the only p;resident i have memory of, who has kept every one of his promises…EVERY one! Remember…NO NEW TAXES!…and the next day they had to take that back! The man has incredible get-up-and-go-power….and he is no spring chicken. He loves America…he loves the people of America…all he wants from us is stand beside him and support his views…which are our views! I know he is going to be there for us for the next 4 …God Bless Him!

      1. 8 years ! His first 4 years will be given back to him ! A do over is totally in order… He totally deserves it !

      1. How is he the worsted when he provided more jobs more money more security them any other president if you want to be broke and sheltered then vote democrat. But we as Republicans know the hard work out president is doing and you and the left democrats are sheltered dogs ..

    3. Totally agree-the rights of the unborn are exalted under this wonderful President as well as all other common sense issues including restoring our country,attacking the coronavirus better than anybody else ever could do,providing necessary jobs,and working so diligently to preserve America and life.We are so very grateful for all he has done, is doing, and will continue to do!!Trump2020

    4. Amen but he going to be ok.because we expect nothing better out of the Democrats. Look what’s going on in this country with Democrats and it’s all Democrats that want to destroy this country and bring it to it’s knees.cant let them keep doing what vhf their doing it needs to be stopped. and Trump will be the one that does RED TRUMP 2020 NOV THE ONLY VOTE THAT COUNTS.

    5. I ask myself the same questions…..Unless our citizens are drinking the coolaid there is no way intelligent people with common sense can accept happily what they are proposing. He is really shaking Washington cesspool (as much democrats as rinos and old republicans) There is a new Republican Party!!!!!!!!

    6. True the Democrats have done all they can to stop President Trump for doing his job. Sore losers is what they are.

      1. And destroyed their party doing it! Nothing but a bunch of desperate has-beens!!
        Nancy Pelosi is a psychopath, she would sell her first born if it meant she gets power. Adam Shiff,Schumer, and the rest of the gangsters, do her dirty work and whatever she says. They look like whipped boys, but they toowill pay the price

      1. The definition of stupid is keep doing the same thing and expcecting a different result. The reason the Dems want the illegals to vote, give free stuff to all of the ( Nothing is Free), etc., is yo regain power and control all of us. Hopefully, some Dems see the reality and do what’s right. DRAIN THE SWAP!

    7. Because they’re DEVILS and they want all the monies for themselves….That is why, Obama is going along with them, because he almost ruined America….

  2. What REALLY matters is the vote in the States that can swing the electoral college votes. But it’s heartening to know that the Biden-Harris ticket is behind in popularity to Trump-Pence. GO TRUMP-PENCE!!!!!

    1. What’s even more revealing is that Biden did not get a bump up in the polling following his speech. That usually happens at the end of a convention but NOT this time. I would say that tells an even bigger story than the Rasmussen poll giving Trump a big approval rating.

    2. Campaign for NO MAIL IN VOTING. We don’t need these filthy, greedy illegals getting ahold of ballots and voting for all their freebies !!!! This sounds nasty, but so is manipulating our nation’s systems !!!

      1. More from Carol V: ” Mail in voting” is different than Absentee Voting. I am old and I’ve been doing this for years. Contact VoterNotify now. Once you are accepted, they will send you YOUR ballot,along with a specially marked and colored return envelope, , and, notify you when it is sent to you. You complete your ballot and mail it back . They notify you that is has been received. This boloney from the dems of sending a ballot to every residence is complete nonsense that only they could dream up.

        1. Just called to see if my voting place of some 20 yrs was the same. A VERY NASTY lady informed me there would be NO vote in person in CA! I ask why, its my right! She said I will repeat this 1 more time! You will get a ballot sent Oct 5, fill it in and drop into the box as noted on the ballot! I said where are they going and who is counting them. She would not answer any questions. SOOOOO I want to have the national guard or some military on site where ever they are county OUR ballots. Have half rats and gop folks counting them! Never leave the site unguarded. Also NO tally till all military votes are in and counted! THEY as we have EARNED THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN PERSON! This all the doing of newscum and nasty nancy. Also have on HAND THE POPULATION COUNT OF EVER CITY AND TOWN IN ANY STATE THAT HAS MAIL IN only! CHECK NUMBER OF VOTES AGAINST THE POPULATION OF CITY/TOWN OF EACH STATE! ID IN CA IS A FARCE, ILLEGALS MAKE A X ON THEIR DIVERS LICENSE FORM AND CAN VOTE! REMEMBER WHO IS RUINING EACH STATE AND HAVE IT WATCHED BY TRUSTWORTHY FOLKS! not RATS ONLY! NASTY AND NEWSCUM MAY DRAG THIS OUT AND AFTER JAN 20, NO WINNER COUNT THE PIG HERSELF MAY BECOME PRES. MAY BE BE A MADE UP STORY, WE NEED TO ALL BE WARY! if SHE AND THE SCUM CAN MAKE US VOTE BY MAIL, YOU KNOW THE FRAUD IS IN! PRIMARY VOTE IN WAS A BUST!

          1. I suggest someone set up a site to tally votes and compare to their when you vote, you also vote at the website. Sounds like your votes won’t count if they are forcing you to vote by mail. Only in a democratic state!

  3. You have the Heart of a Lion and Stamina of a 20 year old !! I see all,well most of the crap that is slung your way and you don’t miss a beat !! Early AM TO LATE PM all for our Country ! GOD BLESS YOU Mr PRESIDENT 🇺🇸

  4. You’re right Bev, what the dems want defies any common sense. Only one way to look at it, a power grab. They see this as a way to get enough votes to get into office & once they’re in, they will make certain they stay in. Then this country as we’ve known it is no more. What rights you’ve had will be gone. Wake up people before it’s too late!!!!

  5. President Trump is for the people I dont think he fully knew how deeply the Swamp was until he started to drain it. It is time to hold the Clinton’s accountable as well as Pelosi and Schif. And the others who have been involved in the corruption in Washington.

  6. The Democratics try to sell us fear look at the Democratic controlled city’s looting rioting civil unrest racism all these things are what their about. Vote all of them out of office take back our country

  7. When did the left start trying to negate the election that Trump won the election of 2016?
    Remember the Dems’/Left’s protests the very next night: “Not my President.” It was encouraged by the spreading of the word: “Resist!” It never stopped. (Viz. Comey, Schiff, Pelosi and her lucky Schumer, and underling Democrats.)

  8. We cannot allow the Democrats to take over . Americans will suffer from higher taxes, no health coverage except Government ins and we all know what that will be …nothing. Plus they will give China everything…our manufacturing, our jobs and they will open the borders to illegals and provide everything to them. We have have no police protection.

  9. It seems that no matter what Trump says or does, the dummycrats are ready to toss a negative response his way, it is a shame & hopefully one day karma will come back & bite them in the ‘arse’ but no matter, he is like the energize bunny, he just keeps on keeping on, good for him! In my lifetime of 87 years, he has proven to be the best President the U.S. has ever had, whether anyone likes it or not, he is just that, Obama was the worst one in my lifetime! He needs to go to prison for his slanderous ways against the country, he wasn’t born here so he has no allegiance to the U.S., he is a crook, a liar & a phony! Why he was ever nominated I’ll never understand, oh well, he’ll get his in the end!

  10. The Democrats have only proven they would only stoop to new lows for whatever it takes to get their one world order in place. Harming, even killing American citizens and setting them against one another with outside influence is the low of lows. They know they have to answer for their treason. And we should start with cleaning up the media circus they’ve bought and paid for with our enemies money.

  11. God gave us President Trump. We need a leader like him. Sleepy Joe wants to defund the police and all live like the LEFT coast. I will drag myself to the polls if I have to, to vote for our fabulous President Trump. As a veteran of our armed forces I could not vote for sleepy Joe.

  12. I am 92 and have lived through 15 Presidents. I liked a number of them but our current President, Donald Trump, is by far the best President of the United States has ever had. Compare him against any of the Country’s 45 Presidents and is is the Greatest. I exclude our 1st, Washington, and Lincoln From the comparison.

  13. I am 92 and have lived through 15 Presidents. I liked a number of them but our current President, Donald Trump, is by far the best President of the United States has ever had. Compare him against any of the Country’s 45 Presidents and is is the Greatest. I exclude our 1st, Washington, and Lincoln From the comparison.

  14. Democrats are evil and have only 1 platform(COMMUNISM)..we must stop them and BLM from destroying our country!!!!

  15. If you believe in killing heart beating babies, open borders for the free flowing of dope, illegals to take your hard earned tax money and politicions to fill their pockets with foreign graft money, vote Democrat. if you do not believe in the above, Vote Republican.

  16. I too agree with Bev and will also be voting for Trump again. However, one important thing we must all consider is that we MUST vote all Republicans in office in our local and state elections. Especially those running for the House and Sentate. The House and Senate is most important because that is the lifeblood of getting Trump’s agenda completed for the country within the next four years, hopefully without major confrontations. We need to take the House and Senate back in order to get things done. So, if you have a Democrat “friend” running for office, throw your vote to a Republican. The friendship will survive…..this country won’t if Republicans do not prevail.

  17. My only concern at this point is all the illegals that can get their filthy paws on a ballot -and VOTE in November ! We all need to get this possibility to all the American people ! We need to push and prod our Reps and Sens to do what needs to be done. NO MAIL IN VOTING !!!!!!!!!

  18. President Trump is without any doubt the best president we ever hired and God Bless him and his wonderful family!!

  19. It has always astonished me that people (sheeple) will vote for someone that comes right out and tells you that he will RAISE YOUR TAXES AND TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS ! YES, and STILL they want to vote for him !?

  20. My concern is the corrupt Pelosi and Clinton . Me. President stop all mail ballots. If you can go to Walmart or Home Depot or any outdoor location, you can go vote. Present your photo ID. Cast your vote and done. No millions of illegal immigrants casting ballots. We can’t trust these people. Please C Y A

  21. This President is the only person that can deliver his promises to this country. He has already done so much and now the number one job he needs to do is DRAIN THE DEMORATS SWAMP!

  22. Just shows you that 43% of those polled are idiots that said poles are for MSNBC and CNN and just a talking point for libs poles are for strippers not patriots

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