May 14, 2021

Trump wins: 56% of Americans say they’re better off that 4 years ago

Here’s what matters when Americans go to the polls in November: do Americans feel like they’re better off under Trump than they were before?

Here’s a prediction: Joe Biden is in deep, deep, trouble.

Breitbart reports:

A solid majority of 56 percent of Americans say they are better off now than they were four years ago, a new Gallup survey reveals.

Only 32 percent say they are worse off than four years ago. The number is, as Fox News’s Laura Ingraham noted on Thursday night, “the highest Gallup has ever recorded.”

As a country, we’ve been through a lot in the last four years. A pandemic, blue-state lockdowns, crazy amounts of fear-mongering by the media – all things that make our lives worse.

Even under these trying conditions, Americans still feel better off than they did under President Obama. That’s terrible news for Democrats and great news for Trump.

There’s a lot to be said for an optimistic, America-first style of leadership.

President Trump certainly thinks so. He tweeted:

Breitbart puts it well when they note:

All this means, also, that the vast majority of Americans think their lives are better off — literally during, again, a pandemic that has upended American life — than it was when Obama was president and Trump’s opponent this year former Vice President Joe Biden was Obama’s second-in-command. Even with the disruption from the pandemic, in other words, it is hard to see those people who like life more now under Trump than they did when Biden was in charge voting for a change. And it would amount to a serious historical aberration for Trump to lose, given the trends in Gallup polling on this question since Reagan asked it of the public in 1984.

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49 Responses

  1. Trump will win the election in a landslide. If need proof just look at how Nancy Pelosi freaking out trying to remove Trump in any way possible. Trump 2020 MAGA

    1. You are right! Crazy Nancy will do and is doing anything short of murdering our President Trump. A great example is her using the 25th Amendment to remove POTUS. Will not work; everyone knows she is crazy and a vamp of hate. Also, the Michigan Governor trying to involve POTUS in the fake kidnapping plot is another example of hate for our Making America Great Again President.


        1. Yes all demonrats are evil. But don’t worry our President when re-elected will start draining the swamp and punishing all those in office that committed high crimes of treason and also go after all the tyrannical traitors they too will be punished. Just hope he follows the LAW’s in our Constitution. Because jail time is not enough they deserve to be hung like they used to do here in America this would truly put an end to all the corruption that has been going on far too long. TRUMP 2020 MAGA

      2. Michigan Governor “Adolf” witmer is acting like a Dictator and she is Furious that Biden’s men in white suits (Helpers) didn’t choose her. She is trying to accuse Trump of a kidnapping plot and Now she is pulling a Pelosi, who is and trying the 25th Amendment to unseat our legally elected president. Dictator gretchen “Adolf” witmer is doing a tag team measure with Bidens Men in white suits from the funny farm to do what Pelosi has not been able to do in 3 1/2 years. I guess the Demon Rat party thinks that Mafia type intimidation works. Can anybody name 1 Positive thing she, Nannncy Pelllloci, has done for the sake of our country; just one? How much money, OUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS, has she and the Demon Rat party wasted that could have helped those out of work now and who lost jobs due to her holier than thou attitude. Now she wants to help rebuild the Demon Rat run states and cities who pooped in their own nest, home state AND give money for ILLEGAL’s from other countries. And she, Nannncy Pelllloci, REFUSES to approve the money to help you and I the American worker who are struggeling and greatly suffering NOW, not a month from now.

        Only our sincere prayers for our Leaders in DC who believe in Jesus is the only thing that will help our country. The Demon Rat Party should be declared a terrrrorrrrist organization for their support of the Communist agenda as Commie Kammmallla Harrrisss and China Joe Biddden are doing Now. China Joes record speaks Volumes of the corruption, Lies and Cosey relationship he and his son both have with China.

        It is my sincere Prayers that after the election that New Yorks Governor and Mayor Be Blooosio Serve time in the PRISON in which they released prisoners from, and also Michigan Governor Gretchen “Adolf”, California’s Governor and LA Mayor, and Demon supoorter Nannncy Pelooosi, Oregon’s Governor and Portlands Mayor, Washington states Governor and Seattle’s Mayor, New Jerseys Governor, Minnisota’s Governor and any other Governor and Mayor that supported Antifa, BLM, and Anarchist and “Peaceful” Protestors of these states and others Will be indicted and serve REAL TIME IN FEDERAL PRISON.

        November 3, 2020; Can you hear the sound? I hear it Loud and clear; the Trump Train, Toooot, Toooot All Aboard the Trump Train. TRUMP / Pence 2020 Please Pray for them both and their families because the Demon Rats have already said theiy will Riot and try to Destroy our country if they Don’t get their way.

        God Bless Americans, Trump & Pence and America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

        1. That is really how childish & pathetic the demonrats are. They all need to be locked in cages & taken to Siberia to live out the rest of their miserable lives! Finally our country could have peace !

        2. I’ve been carping and carping for someone with authority to begin arresting these American TRAITORS and setting up trials to put a stop to this insanity the left so loves. Our officials seem to view TREASON as scarey and are fearful of even using the word although the entire left wing in the USA ARE TRAITORS COMMITTING TREASON AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWING THEM TO DO SO. The leftists belong in prison or in front of well trained firing squads. I’ve always trusted my government….I trust President Trump but precious few others in our government can be trusted.

          1. We need to do it unite uniformly, united as a country, eh?
            There are enough people in the USA😍

          2. I agree. It is very simple really, ALL POLITICIANS who make a career of it are crooks. Trump ius NOT a politician, but a builder who understands business and how to get things built — JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS!

    2. Please tell all your friends, family to vote in person at their polling places to make sure their votes will count. The mail-in ballots can be thrown away by the Democrats!! It might not be a good idea to say that Trump will win in a landslide because some Republican voters just might stay home thinking Trump doesn’t need their vote. The Democrats will ALL show up to vote because they hate Trump so much. So we need every Republican to show up and vote straight RED all the way down the ballot so Republicans can win back the House and keep control of the Senate! It doesn’t matter if the candidates running are RINO’s because the Republicans HAVE to win!!!

      1. Vote straight party line. You may not like your senator but we need the senate and you might not like your congressman but we need the house. Vote Republican straight so Trump can finish his work. Like we say hold your nose and vote.

        1. Absolutely right…some of the Republican candidates may make you want to hold your nose when you vote for them, but they are a darn sight better than anything the DemonRats have, starting with Creepy, Sleepy Joe and working down from there, to Kam Harris, Nasty Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the DemonRats who tried their “coup” to get rid of President Trump.


    4. I just posted a response to Bidenistoast. But this website has failed to include it here. Has my response been censored?

    5. It will mean nothing if the dems take over the senate and the house. They will impeach him on day one. NOT ONE MORE DEMOCRAT TO BE ELECTED!!!

    6. It’s because of Nancy Pelosi, Shiff,Schumer, Mad MaxWaters, Nader, Russian collusion HOAX, coup attempt, the impeachment, ripping up the SOTU speech,racism accusations, and the rest of the BS, WE, THE PEOPLE, have been putting up with, and total disregard for the President the past 4 years that the Dems are done. Had they done what they were suppose to do, and worked WITH the president, instead of against, this may have been a race, but instead it’s a landslide. They wasted billions of dollars and time on trying to oust a duly elected President, ELECTED BY WE, THE PEOPLE. They forget who they work for……US….WE, THE PEOPLE. so now the Democratic Party is a dead horse.NANCY PELOSI AND HER PANSIES MADE THIS A ONE SIDED RACE

  2. Every Republican needs to vote. There will be millions of dead people and illegal aliens voting. To counter this, if every Republican that can physically make it to the polls, shows up, there won’t be a need to count all of the fake votes that come in. I believe half of the normally Democrat voters will vote for Trump. Americans don’t want Biden/Harris involved in government. California can keep Harris.

  3. Look at what they’re done to this president the whole time he’s been in office not only has he prevailed with that and all the charges that’s been put against him he has done more in 4 years than anybody’s done in 8 years pelosi is just crazy they need to impeach her immediately so we can get something done for our country the people we are the country and think about it Trump don’t have to be doing this he don’t take our money he uses the money that he should get for salary and donates it he don’t have to do this he’s doing it for the American people I will vote for Trump and if everyone else has any brain they’ll do the same

    1. We need to vote RED period! We need everyone to go to the polls not to send in our votes!The demonrats will do anything to cheat to win.
      Lets make it a landslide for our great president! This is the most crucial time in this great country!

      1. But if you can’t possibly vote in person at least vote by mail. Follow the instructions carefully. Make sure it goes out on time.

  4. My entire family supports President Trump. Just my children and grandchildren total 20 that are of age to vote and that’s not counting their in-laws.

  5. This is Wonderful News!! I have Always known President Trump would win-hands down!! Pelosa should be run out of town and arrested-Pronto!!

  6. What they should have reported is as of today no one trusts Nancy Pelosi and everyone wants her replaced as Speaker of the House. She is having mental problems and may have been suffering strokes but now she cannot abide by simple pandemic rules or even make sense during interviews with media. Time to protect the nation, not the crazies!


    1. Carron, I as you , have never thought that Trump and Pence would lose in Nov. There is something going on with him and I think he was put here for a reason by God to lead this Nation forward into the future and for us “We the people” I like your post and will watch him in FL. tomorrow and have a nice night.

  8. I think Nancy Pelosi has had so many plastic surgeries it has effective her brain. I do not see how her husband can stand her. I would like to see her wine co go down in flames and her house. Maybe it would wake her up! I really do not think anything will come about Omaha and her ballot harvesting. I think Durham is against President Trump that is why he will not release anything before election.

    1. I’m beginning to think your right. This investigation has been dragging on! The muslim fake president, Biden, Comey,Hellery, & the rest of the mob should have been locked up for life ages ago. They should all be hung for being traitors to this country!

  9. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, etc.

  10. I have to admit I am a little scared for Trump/Pence For Nov 3rd. I cannot believe how much hate is out there. The Democrats never got over Trump beating Hillary who was a horrible candidate. I may not like his tweets sometimes but I do like his transparency. He is available to the media all the time. He is not a career politician with a silver tongue and is not the best speaker and has a huge ego. I have friends from New York and they are just like him. I maybe thinking about saying something but wouldn’t but my friends have no filter and what they think is what they say. The best thing about them, if they have a problem with you, they will come and tell me to my face snd and clear the air. They would never talk behind my back. I am familiar with President Trump’s personality and it does bother me at times but he made promises to us sbd he is the first President in a long time that has kept the majority of them. I actually did not care if Mexico paid for the wall I just wanted the wall since so many Illegals were flocking here in the thousands and we are the greatest country in the world but come legally. Our grandparents did and the big difference is they loved this country from the bottom of their heart. They honored their ancestors but cherished our flag. President Trump has a deep love for this country and it’s people I firmly believe that, otherwise he would be crazy to put up with the crap and negativity and constant criticism for almost four years, I would have given up a long time ago and I am sure glad he did not! My husband and I are voting in person!

  11. Crazy Nancy is also wanting to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of Biden, if he wins, and if he doesn’t die soon enough to suit the Demo-Rats, then put Harris in as President!

    Demon-Crats are thinking ahead when it comes to destroying America with Packing the Supreme Court, getting rid of ICE, De-funding Police, get rid of Homeland Security, Free Health Care for Illegals, which will destroy Medicare, after they open the borders!

    Then you can call America, the New Venezuela America, where people are forced to eat their pets, and No medications!

  12. Mail-in voting should be rare, ballot harvesting banned & do vote in person or drop in ballot boxes-city hall.
    Volunteer as a poll watcher, be alert to & report voter fraud. Also observe the counting if possible-alternate with others for ballot sanctity.

  13. We must take the house and keep the Senate and Presidency! It is imperative. Vote Red (Remove All Democrats) it is the only way to see justice prevail!

  14. Nancy pelosi’s suitability for a leadership role, should be in question, due to her alcoholic condition. She is frequently showing up hammered and confused. She is not fit to lead the house and should be removed.

  15. Nobody brought this up, but I believe the reason Trump is not too concerned about debating Biden is that his internal polls shows that he has a substantial lead.

  16. I was grew up Democrat, in the last election I voted for Trump because I was tired of the way this country was being run and now the Democrats have become so insane, they’re scary, I will never ever vote Democrat again.

  17. I agree. It is very simple really, ALL POLITICIANS who make a career of it are crooks. Trump ius NOT a politician, but a builder who understands business and how to get things built — JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS!

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