June 25, 2021

Trump will face savage opposition on nomination to replace Ginsburg

When news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death was made public, the reaction from liberals was swift and fierce.

Fox News reports that “Almost immediately after news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, some verified Twitter users threatened arson and apparent violence in order to block Republicans from replacing her before the elections.”

You can check out some of the reactions below:

Fox reports:

The incredibly high stakes prompted what appeared to be panicked reactions from many on Twitter. Writer Beau Willimon threatened: “We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election.”

A member of Wisconsin’s ethics commission, Scott Ross, ordered Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., to “burn it all down” if he couldn’t stop McConnell. “F—–g A, Ed. If you can’t shut it down, burn it down,” he said.

…”If McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots,” warned GQ writer Laura Bassett.

There’s something at work here that we as Americans need to take seriously.  We’ve been warned about increasing political polarization so much that at times it’s easy to get complacent.

But the reality is that each additional escalation brings us closer to civil war.

Our political system depends on our ability to trust our institutions regardless of who is winning and who is losing. What we see here is that the American left cannot tolerate losing, and they’re willing to burn down the constitutionally instituted balance of power between the separate branches to get their way.

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120 Responses

    1. As I said before, The Democrats are like the psychopath ex-boyfriend.”If I can’t have you, nobody can.” They will kill this Nation if they can’t have the power over it.

  1. Sounds like insurrection to me TIME to start locking up these RIOTERS ANTIFA and BLM on insurrection charges send them all to gitmo to await a military tribunal and military sentencing for insurrection and treason see how well they like that spending 25-30 yrs in a military prison !

    1. I know the CIA is checking are life of everything we do. I don’t care it’s time for the people to take back U.S.A. And put these RIOTERS ANTIFA and BLM out of this country and the comm. We the people need to take a stand. If we don’t we will loose everything we have. Thy have already try to take out our POTUS like thy did JFK. So is the time to take them out.

  2. The USA is in trouble. If we love this country and all that it stands for, we must take out the enemy. You all know who the enemy is… the Democrats. They have worked to overthrow our Elected representatives and all that we have LOVED in this great country. We need to wake up and see what is coming – the total destruction of what we LOVE. We have a choice, either a freedom or a dictatorship. If this election goes sideways you know by what means, the Democrats will do anything to win !

  3. If the dems start violence with another conservative on the ugh court, I say treat them as the terrorist they are and send them to Gitmo. Try them there by a military tribunal. After they serve their prison term in Gitmo strip them of their citizenship and deport them to Venezuela with the rest of the socialist

  4. Trump will nominate a new Justice and the Senate will confirm. Not a fking thing these criminal LIBTURD COMMIES can do about it. they can riot and TRY to burn it all down but i have a feeling they won’t be successful. I hope a lot of them get shot down in the streets like the rabid dogs they are.

    1. They are and have been stupid an dumb for as long as I can remmeber. They want to own everyone and everything. nothing but linen Marxist commies. Guess they to stupid to think use real American be won’t stand by an watch. Get ready, we back the Blue. My

    2. Hope you’re right, but 4 Republican Senators have already said they wouldn’t vote. Wonder if they realize they can kiss their political careers goodbye if they don’t stand with Trump on this one?

      1. I think that are afraid that IF they do vote that their political power will be over. PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS! They put their selves before our nation. They are power hungry also do not want to loose their govt. perks and their financial interests from under the table resources.
        Let them loose and have to become a citizen.

  5. Ruth was a liberal Jewish American Legacy the direct result of our great Capitalist USA 🇺🇸. She was closest friends with Justice Scalia who was an Ultra Conservative Catholic. They both Respected each other, did not judge each other or call the other names, they enjoyed together what they had in common. She lived to see the peace agreement between Israel and the Arab nations. She died at the midnight hour of the Jewish High Holiday Rosh Hashanah. Just as the sun set ending 5780. Now 5781! Small to us but not Adonai

  6. Yes, President Trump’s should get a Senate vote on his Supreme Court nominee. We need to have nine justices on the court before the election.

  7. The comments above pretty much says it all…For months now, “Black Lives Matter”, Antifa, has been pretty much
    allowed to do anything they like, including murder, arson, theft, you name it…One reason is because our side, the
    “Right” just watch and hope for better, but guess what, even the “Right” can only be pushed so far, for so long…then, you will see what happens when JUSTICE FINALLY ARRIVES…if our gov’t and laws refuse to stop them,
    WE WILL!!!!!! AND IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY…Have you ever noticed when these ANARCIST are out numbered, suddenly they HIDE BEHIND THE POLICE? The same POLICE they hate and murder!!!Well, as I said earlier, when THE RIGHT, DECIDES TO FIGHT…..IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY, AND THE LEFT WILL BE A BAD MEMORY….

    1. Yep and drop on the ground , curl up in a ball and cry . LOL

      I’m like everyone else. I’m sick of things being one way .
      So people had better wake up ! We don’t like being threatened !!

      I hope President Trump has a pick by Tuesday night at the latest !

      while we are at it , Piglosi , Shifty shift , Schmucker and ” Nadler Pillsbury doughtboy” all Need to go !!


    2. It was nice to see the good folks of Lancaster, Pa., step up this week and drop felony charges on their “peaceful protesters”, and back up those charges with million dollar bails. Real world Justice shut down their nonsense almost immediately. No more violence in Lancaster.
      The system does work. It just takes adults to step up and take charge. Not every blue state city is brain dead.
      It appears that the inmates cannot take over all of the asylums, in spite of what Pelosi, Sanders or the rest of the squad would have us believe.
      RINOs and DINOs like playing for airtime for their Marxist Left, but come election day voters will voice their real feelings for all the violence and destruction imposed upon them. Call it American Privilege, when the voters speak. All lives do matter, not just some.
      It feels good to have a strong POTUS in the WH while the Marxist Left are trying so hard to overthrow the US and rewrite the Constitution and our American history to suit their own ends. A strong American to stand up for our values of God, family, and community, and oppose the One World Marxists and their One Party rule. Preserve our American legacy with Trump 2020. Keep 9 on SCOTUS now.

  8. Trump needs to name and McConnell needs to get it passed…. If these Marxists Dems corrupt another wing of our country… What mush minds being turned into robots and misinformation by these Dems… Bill Ayers .. bomber.. murderer… arsonists.. Marxists said he wish he had found education sooner… A whole lot safer than bombs and robbing banks.. and he made much more$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Now we have a dumb down buildings call “higher education” … who do nothing but turn out hate, corruption.. …. And now with 30+++++years of creating mush brains in our schools we have generations that know nothing about our country. These Mush brains think socialism is great… Defund police. And think BLM is great…but BLM is nothing more than another Marxists thug group created by the Dems.. with Billions$$$$$$$$$$$$$ going to these Marxist Dems. These Dems have had plenty of practice creating thugs, looting burning .. hate.. Dems created the KKK thugs.

  9. Of course our president trump should nominate a new justice. Why would he wait? You know, if Biden got in, he would put our phoney Obama on the court. Another reason to vote for trump. Obama set our country back 50 years the way it was. Wake up america, this is make or break our beautiful free country. You won,t get what they are promising. Remember nothing is free, someone will pay. Guess who

  10. It is the right thing to do to have 9 justices on the Supreme Court, just like Ginsberg stated before when there was 8. She knew the importance of having 9 justices to break ties in the court.

  11. what’s Really going on and WHY ???
    what’s going on is those who are trying to keep us and the W O R L D in
    servitude IS GET TRUMP AT A N Y COST !! WAR will be WILL happen IF
    President Trump W I N’s ……… WHY ? Because He KNOW’s What’s Happening
    & WHY ….. HE WILL BRING T H E M ALL Down, Crash & Burn ….
    you need more info. You Tube : X22 ( Really, YES ) and Q / QANON ( JFK Jr Now Vincent Fusa )
    X22, explains everything, why it’s done the way it is and why, media, donkey’s act the way they do …
    there is alot X22, find the one’s that interest you the most 1st..
    the Piece’s fall into place, understanding, is a aha moment !!

    1. If Trump does NOT get in, the NWO gets in power, and all your precious freedoms are GONE. Do you understand that? Biden is a maniac who is happyto murder new born babies to harvest them. He will take ALL yourliberties and it will be the beginning of arapid slide into the gutter. He is already legalising and normalising paedophilia. And his terrorist muslim buddies and he will go all out to reverse all the good Trump has done over the past 4 years. Wake up and smell the coffee. A world where it is criminal to be a Christian or Jew. THAT is whatBiden wants. AND under his little plan, women will be pushed BACK into silence and told to shut up, that is following his intention of sharia. Try to first actually educate yourself on the full rammifications of sharia and commie stand in line attitude to life. You think this recent lockdown(a NWO experiment to see how far they can push) is bad … wait till that globalist stooge and his elite paedo devil worshipping buddies get more power.

  12. It’s time when thses elected offical say burn it down if they try to get a suprem court justic just burn it down no matter what. I would have the US Marshall arrest this peice of dung and anyone else

  13. BLM said over their dead bodies, what’s the problem with that ? Trump said January which is after the election.

  14. I am reading all the comments and find to my dismay that none of them know any history of the USA. I’m a citizen
    since 1960 and know how dictators came to power. Fallowing the change in the Democratic Party, tells me what is coming if the Democrats win in 2020. I could write a book about this subject ,but somebody did it for me. Spend some money and buy the book written by “Sean Hannity ” LIVE FREE OR DIE” . You’ll find out that ranting an raving
    will change nothing but the right number in the ballot box can change things , according to the CONSTITUTION.

  15. So many of your comments are right on. Trump needs to appoint someone to RBG seat before dummycraps try to take over. They think Trump will lose but the majority of America is on his side. We do not want a socialist country and saying “burn it down” tells me “jail time” for the attempt. Dummycraps are getting away with way to much murder, rioting, and violence. As Danny said, they have been getting away with anything, yet when stood up to they buckle, call the police, THAT THEY WANT DEFUNDED, BUT PROTECT THEM. Come on, we can’t have it both ways. We do need to stand together before they try and take over America. We are proud Americans and want our children and grandchildren to have that same future. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP! 2020❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Savage opposition to the Constitution by un-American Democrats.
    Republicans will always face savage opposition by these traitors.
    Move forward and start treating them like domestic enemies to America.

  17. These statements made above should be held accountable to the highest lawsuits made. They should be imprisoned for the trying to destroy the rights of President Trump by these exact words they’ve spoken n written. Where’s the Justice in this? We need to prosecute each and everyone of them. Throwing them in prison where they belong. They’re not above the law’s. Anyone else makes these statements would’ve been arrested on the spot..

  18. The degree of corruption, tyranny, anarchy and down right treason in this country is very frightening. We are living in dangerous times and there are a lot of very dangerous people attempting to destroy our constitution and take control of our country. And it is clear it things are not going to end peacefully.

  19. Hasn’t Trump faced fierce opposition from demons for all 4 years of his rule? How else can they scare the President, what could be worse than what he experienced ?: Three Impeachment, betrayal, assassination attempts, etc. Trump is a warrior hardened in fierce battles. He will win! Go Trump! Give a new judge!

  20. the demon rats and their leftist followers are getting close to fever pitch. the attempted assassination of President Trump just last week is beginning to show what they will resort to. it was foiled at the last minute, which I cannot understand. why did it get as far as it did? are there people in the postal service that allowed it to pass to the point it was minutes away from being delivered to the Whitehouse mail room????? it was reported that it was mailed in Canada, by a woman. further report states person is in custody. makes one wonder if Pelosi and her henchmen had a hand in it?? after all, she told Stephanopolous that she had “a quiver full of arrows” waiting for Trump. he told her they need to impeach Trump over his decision to appoint a Supreme Court judge. sorry, but he is constitutionally charged to do just that. they are just p—-d that because they did not control the Senate in 2016, that Odunnuthin was prohibited from replacing Scalia. vote Trump.. SAVE AMERICA…..

  21. come on, print the truth. don’t discriminate. all I listed were facts. Trump was target of Ricin attack days ago. mailed from Canada. person in custody now. was minutes from being delivered to Whitehouse mailroom. does demon rats have stoolies in post office? how did it get that close??? Pelosi was told by stephanopolous they should impeach Trump if he appoints a replacement to SCOTUS. she said she has “a quiver with a lot of arrows”, but would not disclose more. Trump is constitutionally correct to appoint justice. dems mad Obama didn’t have control of senate in 2016 to appoint a liberal. vote red. vote Trump. America as we know it depends on your IN PERSON VOTE.


  23. WA A WA The dem’s are spoiled babies/communists—BLM/ANTIFA /Biden will be eliminated if Dem’ get violent with after losing a political baby killer to natural death!!

  24. Everyone that values your freedom should read “Live Free or Die”. I keep telling my husband what is happening here in the country I have called my home since I became a citizen since 1959 is a horrible reminder of the country I left.

  25. No communists or gender degenerates in the Supreme Court, we already see what has happened with what is in there. Thi is enough.

  26. You on the left are not going to burn this country down. The only thing your going to do is run your lieing mouths. You all should be brought up on Treason charges. The left represents evil and Americans see you for what you are. It’s over before you get started. Trump 2020

  27. The threats that the Left is going to do what it’s already doing are absurd .
    The Leadership of the Democratic Communist Party, and their Deep State, under the direction of Communist Leader/Dictator, Barack Hussein Obama have been the driving force behind the riots in America this entire year. So ! What’s new ?
    Let’s get Federal Troops out on the streets with orders to Shoot to Kill Rioters; or, get Law Abiding Americans, Militia and Vigilante Justice Groups out there with orders to Shoot to Kill Rioters. It’s my belief that half the rioters aren’t even American Citizens.

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