July 31, 2021

Trump was right. Yes, vote by mail is a real issue.

President Trump has been mocked by the leftist media for saying that voter fraud is a real problem, especially if America adopts vote by mail in November.

But as so often is the case, Trump is actually right. And recent events in Wisconsin demonstrate why.

According to PJ Media:

A study by the postal service inspector general found some shocking and worrying shortcomings that should give anyone who wants a fair election in November pause.

It turns out that hundreds of voters in Wisconsin were disenfranchised by a “computer glitch.” Even though this fraud wasn’t intentional, it emphasizes that absentee and mail-in ballots are subject to errors that lead to voters not getting ballots.

With protesters in the streets, tell me why we’d risk an unproven undertaking like vote-by-mail?

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64 Responses

  1. The Dems want mail-in ballots so they have a better chance of cheating during the election. Period. That is why, in the past, these same Dems rejected the idea of mail-in ballots! Knock it off! This is SUPPOSE to be a Democracy! No cheating allowed!

    1. Why don’t you shut up the Democrats are not cheating it’s the Republicans and Donald Trump. He’s done nothing but lie and cheat this whole time and now see where we are. Democrats are staying quiet. Give Trump enough rope and he’ll hang his self for good and maybe he’ll take McConnell with him. They are just about there. I hope you like starving cause that’s where we are now the next place is the grave yard!

      1. Perhaps it is YOU who should shut up. Everything you probably believe and say is NOTHING worth saying because this piece you wrote says NOTHING except your vile lack of knowledge and a mouthful of hate. No one filled with hatred is worth reading, especially when all he can write is hatred….for NO REASON.

      2. After the grebe then what ????you Democrat’s that vote in thes baby killers will go before judgment It’s a fearsome thing to stand before an angry God

      3. Deborah Adams I guess you want the free everything life the SNOWFLAKES you are higher taxes and the Government controlling everything Green new deal what a farce! Pelosi, Schummer, and Schiff lied fror two years about Russia and Trump who calling the kettle black. DOPE DOPE DOPE

      4. Too much Maddow, Morning Joe, CNN Don Lemon, the three networks NBC, CBS, ABC & Not enough Truth.

        1. Lemon has the right name, just like I buy a chevy that is a lemon, and work on it for twenty years, it is still a lemon. just goes to show you a Lemon by any other name is still a lemon.

      5. Deborah, you are in a bubble world with strings attached to you as you are a puppet. You are so brainwashed. If you don’t like it MOVE to a country who will control your life. Good riddance.

        1. She is part of the GTLC, Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

      6. WOW! You are SO FULL of HATE! Implying death on any one without researching the TRUTH in History about the Democrats ( right up your ally ) I’m betting you THINK you are an entitled one & most likely under the age of 35 without much of an education or religious out look. I’m guessing you REALLY don’t understand what Socialism is either. Wishing people to starve? Check Pelosi’s special ice cream freezers & special ordered ice creams. Another boasting Democrat that can’t keep her own City CLEAN or take care of the homeless. Proven FACT they were caught CHEATING on VOTES & STUFFING BALLOT BOXES in the past. Before you RUN your MOUTH, RESEARCH your Ramblings. Democrats will destroy your way of life & FREEDOM.

      7. Your comments are unfounded and total lies. If you can’t see what’s going on in our streets today (that is totally supported by liberals and Democrats )
        then you’re blind or stupid or possibly both. Wake up and smell the destruction!!!!

      8. Sounds like you’ve been watching the lying mainstream media. There’s a reason why most people don’t trust the mainstream media.

      9. Funny, you say the Democrats are quiet. Who is doing the protesting, the riots, the looting ? I didn’t see any republicans out there. Republicans want an honest election, the only way that works if you physically show your ID while voting. Expect for the military and sick.

      10. You are so confused. Trump is for freedom, the republic nation we’ve always been. If there is starving it will be because of the Democratic Communist Party . They will ration your food. They will take your money, your property. , you will work for them. And the Dems are quiet? Have you not seen The riots in the streets, the burning down of buildings, the destruction of monuments ? Trump has nothing to do with this. This is all democratic communist. If you’re blaming the COVID virus on Trump, again you’d be wrong. He has done his best to control and fight this Biological attack on the world by China. Who is also working with the Democratic communist to break down our Nation so they can overcome. So pay attention, research facts, listen to knowledgeable people and learn the truth before it’s too late. I can assure you, you will not like communism. Ask Cuba, Venezuela , China refugees. They will tell you the truth .

      11. Well if you get your socialist utopia, I hope that you enjoy eating grubs and worms, that is what you will get. and I hope you like being told what to do every minute, when you can go to the bathroom, when you can eat, when you can talk, when you can make out with your boy ( or girl friend ), when you can see your family across town. It wood take forever to list everything. But you get the idea. If you get what you wish for, have a good life.

      12. Trump WILL be re-elected. He will beat Biden just like he did with Hillary but with more of a landslide

      13. Lady you have no clue this administration has created more jobs than any of the last 4 ADMINISTRATIONS. President Trump and his administration created the lowest black unemployment rate in over 50 years this administration has rebuilt our economy once and they will again. The democrats on the other hand have voted against our military, voted to oppress the black population,voted to defund law enforcement, continue to vote for taxpayer money into abortions at planned parenthood a private organization. Now the democrats demand the President tax returns. Explain this why investigate a billionaire that became president instead of investigating congressmen and women and senators that became millionaires while in office with the salary they receive 174.00 annually.They are corrupt traitor liberal socialist democrats.

      14. Gee Deborah, do you have ANY proof of this? No? I thought so, so hopefully you are one of those people who have refused to vote saying you should not have to register or prove who you are and they toss you out of the poll.

    2. Already several Democrats have been caught committing mail-ballot fraud in the primaries. It proves it is a Democrat plot to take control of this country through fraud.

    3. Of cause that’s why they want mail-in ballots!!! TOO CHEAT!! The Dumborats think we the America people are dumb!!!

    4. I feel it is the dumbest stunt the Dems have undertaken when you can’t trust people at the polls
      to be honest how on earth can they be trusted with mail in when those ballots can easily be torn up,
      burned, or misplaced boggles the mind doesn’t it

  2. Voting by mail is fraught with fraud. The “ covid excuse” is not good enough! Each voter should vote at the polling places, with a VALID voter I.d. The ONLY mail in votes should be from deployed military personnel, or others who cannot get to the voting places. The demonrats want all mail in ballots so they can discard the Republican votes, or change them. This cannot be allowed to happen! We have to make sure our governors do not allow vote by mail. If it is ok to march and demonstrate, it is ok to vote in person! Wake up people! Do you want your vote stolen?

    1. Deborah Adams I guess you want the free everything life the SNOWFLAKES you are higher taxes and the Government controlling everything Green new deal what a farce! Pelosi, Schummer, and Schiff lied fror two years about Russia and Trump who calling the kettle black. DOPE DOPE DOPE

  3. There has already been arrests and convictions of folks who were guilty of voter fraud. So, what makes folks think that the very idea of voter fraud is absurd. All one need do is ask who is pushing this? The left of course. Why? They have the ability to make it work in their favor. They have been putting plans in place to win by using voter fraud ever since they lost in 2016. They are crooks. They are liars. They are hypocrites.

    1. Mail in ballots were started for sick, old or folks going on vacation, or seniors with no transportation! All had to be sent in and OK’d before elections! The harvesting, vote more than once, mail in and vote in person Several mail ins to 1 address with all different names, (single family home)! Glad they were caught! New low! pay homeless and street folks to sign ballots to be dropped by the rats. Make sure ALL service votes are in and counted before total is announced, No EXCUSES like were mailed to late to be done and sent back, oh plane crashed carry them back to the states. With all the technology, set up sites in every country, let them on computers to sent their votes here! A rat and REP to over see the votes and have them sent to a base here to be counted by reps from both parties. They deserve to know their thoughts and feelings are respected. They serve for us and keep us safe! Their VOTES COUNT!

    1. Dems don’t cheat they are just sore losers, that think they can just change the rules to suit themselves, when ever they want. Just like little children.

  4. One of my renter’s sons received 4!! That’s right 4 ballots in the mail yet he NEVER! lived at her address. They both were here and shook their heads while discussing obvious potential fraud


  6. NO picture ID and mailing in votes. That’s how the democraps will cheat on the election. One mail carrier was caught changing votes on mail in voter forms. That’s just the begining.

  7. EVERY valid U.S. CITIZEN can get I.D…..my 96 yr old LEGAL Immigrant Aunt had picture I.D…..So…If she could get it (born in a foreign Country in 1911) why can’t legal Citizens get it??????????????????????????????

  8. Good for you Kathy. You are absolutely correct. The opinion of mindless easily sheep is worth nothing.

  9. the demorats are famous for voter fraud they done it in every elections they have been in. they like to use dead peoples names and illegals names. they even make up fake ballots when ever they get a chance just like they tried in NJ not long ago got caught. same way in the election in florida last election.

  10. Deborah, Sorry to see your so brainwashed that you think Trump is Bad. All he has done is litterly save our Country in many ways. Open your eyes and see what the alternative to Trump would be. NOT GOOD, unless you want to be a Socialist. Better learn what that really means, you might be suprised..

  11. If we can go to Market Basket and do our food shopping with just wearing masks and hardly any social distancing we should be able to go to our polling place and vote

  12. Hi Clinton,
    You spelled Rachel Maddow’s name wrong. The proper spelling is Rotten Madcow.

  13. Almost anyone can get an absentee ballot, it just has to be requested. The mailing a ballot to every address is what can be fraud. There are people who no longer live at an address or I just heard of a ballot that was sent to a cat’s name who was registered and has even been dead for 12 years, so that ballot can be sent in by a person who wants to add another fraudulent vote…..this is only one of many strange scenarios that can happen. Lets keep the election from fraud!!!!!!!

  14. Love our Country ❤️ & Our Great President. The Elite & Dems kill babies,kill nursing home patients,Smuggle Cartel drugs, Human Trafficking,Smuggle weapons,Sell Top Secrets to Chyna,Sell Russia our 20 percent Uranium Obama signed off on. Rape parties of boys & girls #Obamagate, Support Bill Gates Dr.Fruci Planned Whuhan Virus Lock downs Riots Forced Vax.All Demons..Sent mail in ballet to a Dead Cat….Pres.Trump is Honest that’s why he is still standing..

  15. When the dems admit they can only win by cheating through mail in voting, you know there is a huge problem. Polling places can be set up outside Walmart, Costco, Sam’s club where everyone and their relatives shop.

  16. If people feel safe enough to go out and protest/riot then they should feel safe enough to go to the polls and vote with limited exceptions. Too easy to manipulate mail in ballots. And remember as far as it goes no ID required to protest nor vote in some states. So now what is your excuse?



    Military uses these during NBC attacks.
    Geiger counters & Seismographs are also technological instruments for example.

  18. Trump WILL be re-elected. He will beat Biden just like he did with Hillary but with more of a landslide

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