December 4, 2020

Trump warns Pelosi that GOP will ‘win the entire election’ if Dems attempt impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) didn’t wait long to threaten impeachment if Donald Trump tries to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s now-empty Supreme Court seat.

Pelosi was just put on notice by Donald Trump, however, who said on Monday that if Pelosi forces another impeachment, “we’ll win the entire election.”

“I heard if I [nominate], they’re going to impeach me,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “So they’re impeaching me for doing what constitutionally I have to do. If they do that, we win all elections.”

Trump remarked that if Democrats make a second impeachment attempt in a single calendar year, his “numbers will go up,” likely alluding to the fact that his approval ratings hit an all-time high during the last impeachment attempt concluded in February.

Democrats have been quietly working behind the scenes to secure the Senate majority and retain the House majority, but a second unpopular impeachment could undo those plans.

If an impeachment push is launched, “I think we’ll win the entire election,” Trump explained. “I think we’re going to win back the House, I think we’re going to win the House anyway.”

As appeals for the GOP to respect Ginsburg’s alleged “dying wish” that her seat not be filled before the election appear to be falling on deaf ears, Democrat leaders have hastily moved on to the next option — impeachment.

Pelosi told ABC host George Stephanopolous on Sunday that impeachment is not off the table, and said that Congress will use “every arrow in our quiver” to block a SCOTUS confirmation.

Do you think Trump’s predictions will come true if Pelosi tries to impeach? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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121 Responses

  1. If Nancy Pelosi attempts impeachment- would that not that fall as TREASON to try to remove a sitting President.
    knowing whatever charges she uses are faltice

    1. It fascinates me how this creature could stay on and on, killing all good, creating only troubles and spread out hate. She is real pot of hate and her face and behaviour as well shows it clearly. Hope she soon vanishes forever.

      1. It’s just what Demons do brother, it’s just what Demons do. They do their best to tear down anything the Creator has wrought for no other reason then they are following their boss’s (Satan’s) orders. As Christians and the numerous other faiths come together hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and vice voice, we can in fact defeat this Demon hoard and send it packing back to the pits of Hell from whence it came. Good folks, I’m telling you, if we don’t stand strong against these people begotten from the bowels of Hell then God will move and, if we make him do that, I’m heading for the mountains because I’d rather not be among the collateral damage. I know that God doesn’t make mistakes but I would very much like to be around to see the victory.

    2. I have a hard time understanding why we the American People haven’t done some thing to rid ourselves of such an evil witch who is hell bent on destroying our country.

    3. She is so despicable. and AGAIN]? Another impeachment? Under what reasons? Hes got the authority, the Senaate and President are from the same party, no rule breaking here. You think if schumer and her were in the same situation they would wait until after election??? no way. They would move as snakes do!

      1. The ONLY WAY that they could be in the ”same situation” is if they were in the SENATE !!!!! the HOUSE has nothing to do whatsoever with what the SENATE does ….. the president nominates, the SENATE confirms …. all the house can do is squirm & whine & p i s s & moan AND wish they had seats in the senate so they could ”stop” this nomination !!!!! they have NO POWER !!!! none …. and that is what has them wailing and gnashing their dentures !!!!!!!

    4. I can’t predict the outcome but I will say that Nancy Pelosi is so full of hate and she and the other Democrats put winning a head of the good of the country every time.

    Pelosi should prepare to pack all the bags for her and the women who often portray her– if people would be diligent in observance. When God designs us it is humanly impossible to change our facial features from oval to square to round contours in the space of a few hours-no surgeon can pull that off.
    The Dems are intellectually incapable it appears to even know the CONSTITUTION so send them home come the
    election NOV. 3!!!!!!!

  3. Peloski is still showing her evil side. She has been labeled a witch. She is scared the Dems will fail her.. And a conservative will go into empty seat in Supreme Court. Biden and Peloski and Schumer all put money into these riots. With Soros. Like Biden said right on tv. There will be more rioting if I do not win. What does that tell you?????. He lies on all his adds. If you look up the facts. That will tell you the facts. Also Biden said that 600 military died from the virus. The people who heard that. Checked with the military. Only 6 have died. He will kill our economy. What I can’t believe is he is Catholic. And is for abortion up to 9 months. And Harvesting. I was raised Catholic and abortion was a mortal sin. I can say so much more of his lies he has told.

    1. He is Catholic in name only. Not practicing obviously. He was probably baptized Catholic but I bet it has been many years since he actually participated as Catholic. True Catholics would never support what he supports in many areas.

    2. You can claim whatever religion you wish but that doesn’t make it so. In the end times, where we are right now, if you have been following the signs as set forth in the Book of Revelations of Saint John the Devine, it’s painfully obvious. That new world order is coming but, it won’t look anything Pelosi and her hoard of followers think it will. We have this President, at this time, for a reason. Win or lose, he’s going to start a movement that will eventually start the war to end all wars, and God will intervene on the side of his children, and all of the Democrats will get what they’ve always wanted, power, except that they will be working for their real boss in a place that’s mighty warm.



    1. AMEN! God Bless him and his family, God Bless the USA, our government and We The People. May He keep us safe and may our President win, so get out and vote in person streaight RED! }dont listen to the lies the donkeys and marxists are spewing out.!

    2. Amen sister Amen, Ms. Pelosi has a lot more to answer for than just not being a good parent/grandparent. I imagine ole Scratch is stoking the fires as we speak.
      God Bless America and God bless Donald Trump. May God be with you and yore family.

  5. The Democrats are going overboard with their hate against trump. They’ve been trying to get him out for four years but haven’t succeeded as of yet. I think it’s time that they should stop acting like spoil children and start doing the job they were put in office to do. After all are they not employees of the people? So shouldn’t they be working for the people and not their own interests?
    If they can’t do their jobs it’s time for them to step aside and let someone that can do the job take over

  6. Impeachment of Pelosi and her colleagues is in order. I was born seventy eight years ago under the premise that elected officials represent the people of the United States, and do not act for their own greed for power and determination of what is good for the Nation.

    1. God Bless You my husband and I are 7 yrs your junior and having been raised by the strongest generation WWII vets we also held that premise as truth. Stallion said “he didn’t have to control the people but the ballot box” and this is exactly what Pelosi and company are doing. Never would I have thought that mail in ballots would ever come to be even an entertained idea yet the Evil Left have pulled out all the stops and will do whatever to destroy this country.

      1. It’s time to start looking at the judge’s that make it easy for the Democrats to do ballot cheating , Trump administration have filed all kinds of requests to stop states from sending ballots to everyone, even people that aren’t alive . So why do they keep losing there cases? Liberal judges ? Let’s face it something’s very wrong that that they allow the Democrats to do illegal Mailing .

  7. How is this for resume’:
    Deception, bold faced lying

  8. These people are destroying themselves. They are in pure survival mode. They have lost all respect and trust from the vast majority. Still there are those out there willing to support them. They claim to be democratic but their actions are no more than that of a high school bully.

  9. I support President Trump all the way. He has made some great progress.Creating jobs ,Kept illegal immigrants from spilling over into our country by building the wall. He has helped the economy. What has Pelosi & her merry band of miscrits done good. Nothing they are all about themselves & making themselves richer ,while the American people suffer & live somewhat poverished.I say it’s time that Pelosi & miscrit crew walk the plank & get kicked out of office permanently never to hold another office position ever again

  10. To act in the manner she does & those facial expressions? Dumb-o-crats deserve this cow. I love it when she gets so emotional ie ripping up the President’s speech in front of the world because it shows people all over what she’s all about. She’s viewed as the mental midget she is. Evil doesn’t win. Good dang thing!

  11. Piglosi is a feal piece of work, the devil’s sister! She is the only speaker to ever impeach a sitting president for absolutely nothing and with no viable evidence what so ever!! She and the rest of the DemonCraps along with some RINOS (Mitt Romney comes to mind) are desperate and are panicking! Trump will win it all! Nominate and confirm a SCOTUS immediately!

  12. Nancy “Marie Antoinette” Pelosi, needs to be fed to the hogs. She and the rest of her lil’ DemocRats need to STFU and focus on what they’re suppose to be doing. Like this stimulus package, the Heros Act. This should have been old business by now. They have spend four years fighting the administration, who isn’t even taking a paycheck, so they can stuff their own pockets, while living a privileged lifestyle on our dime. If what we are observing isn’t proof enough that they have no regard for the people who pay them. They have NOT done one positive thing to benefit the taxpayers. But they sure been handing out the taxpayers $$ to non-taxpaying illegals who are sucking Americas tit. VOTE RED across the board. TRUMP 2020

  13. What? Threats of yet another sham impeachment? Does Piglosi ever stop? She is NOT doing her job, so impeach her and her flying monkeys! It is President Trumps job to nominate a replacement for Justice Ginsberg, and he should. Let the demonrats rant and rage( nothing new there) and do what you need to do Mr. President!

  14. The PRESIDENT needs to stand his ground and do his job. Damn what the demorats think. They don’t have anybody that can hold a candle to TRUMP. I hate to say it but Pooshe is the only dem with balls. O sense but balls. Slick willy claims the CONSERVATIVES play’s by two sets of rules ( what the hell have demo. been doing for well over three year’s. Personally I wouldn’t vote for one of them if it hair liped hell. This is a perfect time for Conservative senaters to show support Trump I hope there’s some of them thats not scared of crazy poosie. We need to start voting these Rino bastards out.

  15. I am sick to my stomach 🤮 if Biden is the Trojan horse and JUST IN CASE HE WINS! That means after being sworn in, a few weeks later, the Dems get him out because of incompetence, that would make Harris President and if Palosi if she’s still Speaker of the house would be Vice President.
    I can’t believe I actually got through typing this 🤢🤮💩

  16. OH YEAH ! That’s all the public needs to see: Adam Schitf, Jerry Nader, Chuck Schumer, and the queen snake herself trying to over ride the constitution AGAIN. We ALL, as a whole, need to come together and vote these pos out of office be it democrat or republican. Most of them are working strictly for themselves and care little about the nation. But I believe one reason Pelosi and the “old” democrats are pushing so hard against the president is they want AG Barr gone. He is getting too close to their underhanded dealings with Joe Biden being at the front of the line.

  17. Nancy Pelosi deserves to be removed from her powerful office of the Speaker of the House. She is a hateful woman who believes and acts like she is above the law. She has done nothing to try to work with President Trump. Instead, she makes it more difficult for him to do the amazing things he has accomplished. Yes, I believe he will win by a landslide if she even attempts to try impeachment again. She may have a quiver of arrows, but I believe they are filled with poison, and Americans are smart enough to see into her true character.

  18. The Democraps just get more radical by the moment , They know they are losing the support of the American voters. They are appealing to the radical fringe of American society because they have no message or plan in place to improve America . They became unhinged after Mr. Trump won the 2016 election. They are like little children who can’t get their way. Their candidate and platform are a JOKE. They will get even more despicable after Nov. 3 when they lose BIG. It’s time for the adults to reestablish sound American common sense.

  19. Tired of Pelosi and her do nothing House that has done nothing for American people because to busy either trying to get rid of Trump or block anything he tries to do for the American people. Because of her I do not plan to ever vote for a Democrat either local, state or federal while she or any democrate like her is speaker of the house

  20. My main concern is, can we rely on an honest election with these conniving, cheating, sneaky snakes? Pelosi shouuld have been ousted a long time ago and Biden should not be allowed to run for a position he can’t handle. He should be closely examined by a medical expert and declared competent for the position or be eliminated from the competition. Harris should be also scrutinized as some legal experts say she can not meet the constitutional guidelines as a natural born citizen. If so she should be prohibited from running for vice president because she could not fulfill the job as President. I believe Pelosi knew this and is why she handpicked her as a running mate for slow Joe so that in the long run she herself can become President when Slow Joe is declared incompetent. What a catastrophe that would be. That satan witch running our country!

  21. Nancy Pelosi had spent 4 years doing nothing whatsoever for the people.She had concentrated on hurting our President.When is she going to stop,what does it takes for her to realized he is ABOVE her.SHAME ON HER AND THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY,!.

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