August 10, 2022

Trump warns of Democrats’ plan to pass amnesty, nationwide mail-in voting via budget reconciliation

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement this week warning the nation and urging action to stop a plan afoot among congressional Democrats to achieve through budget reconciliation what would never be possible via direct legislation, namely, mass amnesty for illegal immigrants and permanent, nationwide mail-in voting, as Breitbart reports.

As negotiations continue to drag on over President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure spending proposals, news has emerged that the $3.5 trillion budget plan also set to be offered by Democrats will feature a series of liberal wish list items, including pathways to citizenship for those who entered the country unlawfully, as well as an expansion of mail-in ballots on a national basis, as Fox News noted earlier this month.

Given the inclusion of amnesty provisions in a budget package, the concern among Republicans is that given the extremely narrow hold on control Democrats have in the House and the 50-50 split in the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker, the so-called reconciliation rules could be used to pass the legislation with just 51 votes, rather than the 60 that would normally be needed to overcome a GOP filibuster.

Trump did not hesitate to sound the alarm on what he labeled “the effort by Democrats to completely change America through the reconciliation process,” saying, “the infrastructure package has little to do with infrastructure as we know it, bridges, roads, tunnels, etc., but it is a dramatic expansion of government that will cost much more than the $3.5 trillion being discussed.”

Warning about the potential impact of the Democrats’ plans, Trump declared that amnesty achieved by legislative fiat would provoke “a run on our southern border the likes of which we have never seen before,” adding, “providing amnesty to illegal aliens, in the history of what already is considered the greatest border catastrophe, will result in disaster beyond our gravest nightmares. No country can be this price. Will lead to ruination!”

The former commander in chief also cautioned against allowing Democrats to use reconciliation to enact far-reaching mail-in voting rules he says will prevent Republicans from ever being “elected to high office again,” and he urged the GOP “to fight this and deny Democrats a quorum if that is what it takes.”

Trump is not alone in his concern about the left’s nefarious intentions regarding the massive bill, with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) saying on Tuesday, “Conservatives need to focus on a critical fight that hasn’t gotten enough attention: the Democrats’ effort to stuff amnesty into a reconciliation bill,” adding:

Democrats don’t have 60 Senate votes for amnesty, so they have a new trick: pretend the biggest immigration bill in decades is part of their “budget” bill to pass it on a party-line vote through reconciliation.

As National Review notes, certain statutory safeguards against this sort of procedural abuse – such as the so-called “Byrd rule” – do exist so as to thwart efforts to skirt the filibuster. According to this provision, legislative measures that do not have a true budgetary impact or have merely an incidental one, may not be included if reconciliation is to be used.

While that guardrail alone ought to be sufficient to stop the Democrats’ brazen effort to do through force what they cannot do through reasoned persuasion, it remains to be seen whether the Senate parliamentarian will agree, and therefore Trump’s dire warnings are well-taken indeed.

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