July 23, 2021

Trump warns Biden administration will lock down nation, cancel all major holidays

On November 3, Americans will face one of two completely different futures with regard to how the country, as a whole, responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, with President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden each presenting wildly contrasting theories on which path to take.

According to Breitbart, Trump has spent the past week repeatedly warning his supporters that if Biden manages to win the election, he will force the cancellation of millions of Americans’ celebrations of traditional holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth of July on the count of being in total COVID-19 lockdown.

The 45th president made the remarks again recently at a Michigan rally, with thousands of supporters booing the idea that COVID-19 rules under Biden would look like something straight out of a Hollywood movie set.

“There will be no school, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgivings, no Christmas, no Fourth of July; they’ll [sic] be no nothing,” Trump shouted.

Doubling down, Trump reminded the MAGA rally crowd that Biden’s COVID-19 plans would ruin a number of opportunities for today’s youth, which was in reference to the high liklihood that Biden and Congressional Democrats would push to keep schools closed for the foreseeable future.

“I think Biden doesn’t have a clue. … Biden wants to keep everyone locked up,” Trump said. “Even young Americans who are at extremely low risk from the virus, he wants to steal the dreams [and] the futures of our youngest citizens.”

The president’s warning comes in the wake of news that several major European countries are preparing for strict — if not country-wide — lockdowns as a new wave of the virus is expected to surge as colder weather sets in. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced an upcoming four-week lockdown for the entire country, according to BBC.

“If you look at Europe, they’re surging despite these draconian lockdowns, they have it locked down and they’re surging,” Trump said, repeating his thoughts that lockdowns are the worst possible way to handle a pandemic.

While it’s technically unclear exactly how Biden will react to the pandemic if he wins on November 3 — given the fact that he refuses to announces his brilliant plan — it’s more than clear that Trump’s millions of supporters are voting for the path of personal freedom over even the slightest chance of electing someone who will keep us locked in our houses for an indefinite period of time.

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70 Responses

  1. Just be careful and wear your mask when out in public and keep your distance as much as possible. I am 82 and I will not stay locked up inside alone all day and all night.

    1. dont wear your mask they having an outbreak on bacterial pneumonia on there hands now and according to Fauci he made a paper about the spanish flu more people died from the mask then the flu stop being dumb and throw that mask

      1. I saw a report awhile back that over 60% of deaths from this virus had underlying conditions. Even if they had caught the flu the odds are they would had died. The more infected people the more money the states get. I read a story about this 27 year old guy in Florida who had tested positive for the virus but was not showing any symptoms died from a motorcycle accident and they put down that he died from the virus. I will almost bet that after the election we will hear less and less about the virus.

        1. I have heard alot of that happening. The dead rate of china virus is so much lower. Ever death was from covid, according to the fake news. It will soon disappear,

    2. I am 80 and I have not worn a mask more than half a dozen times. To be clear, I am of normal weight, in good health, we walk a 5k several times a week. We eat a very healthy diet. But I don’t get flu shots and I will not get one this time. Never had the flu. And I go wherever I want to go. Do my own yard work, and house work. Live in a split level house and love the stairs. If you are compromised, indeed stay home. But it makes no sense to keep healthy people locked up.

      1. Absolutely taking care of yourself n eating properly is key to all types of illnesses from attacks. Great job n that’s awesome.

      2. GOD BLESS YOU !~ I am your age, recently got injured, cannot walk right now, not giving up. You keep on, keeping on .

  2. Scientistic statistics show the death rate of this virus is infinitesmal and over half of those are unhealthy seniors. Not worth the death of the economy. Stop bowing to made up fear.

  3. I am 78, and have recovered from a month-long COVID-19 infection. I still wear a mask and practice social distancing, even though I believe that it is very unlikely that I will get it a second time. I won’t lock myself in either. Just be careful when you go out, and don’t put yourself at risk. The number of infections are going up substantially, and younger people are being infected more than before.

    1. Hi Ken
      I am also 78 and have not had it. Thank Goodness that you are now well and I pray that you remain well.

      1. Thank you very much, Linda. I pray that you will not catch it. It was not fun. General weakness, no appetite, taste sense affected, and lost 25 pounds. Some people are lucky and have no symptoms. Different people react differently to it.

      1. Actually we build immunity and make catching it harder for everyone and help make the viruses morph into less dangerous forms. Masks are useless. Like trying to stop a gnat with chicken wire. People have been building immunity since birth.

        1. Amen to that. Glad to hear you’re eating healthy to take good care of yourselves. Getting vits n minerals through your food is much better. Awesome job!

        2. Yes, but we must remember people with an illness and more susceptible. Illnesses like asthma, heart disease, and auto immune diseases.

  4. The demonrats want to keep us all sick, sad, hopeless, broke and depressed because we would be easier to control. We cannot let that happen! Vote RED across the ballot, get the demonrats OUT!

  5. It seems the Biden family are organized criminals and have only one goal: to milk as much money from the political system as possible. In this he has been successful, but the forty seven years of politics have amounted to nothing else.

    The guy is a loser.

  6. I’m 88 and I’m tired of them telling me what to do. I can’t stay locked up all
    the time. This is not prison. Forget this and let people get on with their
    lives. When you’re my age, lots of things have happened that has been
    worse than the Covid virus. Have you forgotten the ‘bird flu’, the flu in its self.
    Wake up America.

  7. If the Democrats steal the election, in mail voting .these evil racists will dictate our live as communist and with open borders for more of our enemy to come in a nd in a year there will be and overthrow of the country to communism. Vote Trump 2020

  8. Agree with the above letter writers….we need to take precautions but not let COVID keep us away from friends and family. Of course, be careful of our elderly or people struggling to stay well! God bless our country and all of our family, friends and neighbors!!

  9. I don’t blame you sir. Lock down will be the worst for the USA. People don’t want to stay in their houses. The Democraps are the worst people there ever was, President Trump
    Has to win the election, Biden and Harris are bad news. They are very disgusting the whole bunch of them. Pray for President Trump. He is working so hard for the people.
    The Democramps will ruin everything for the country. We love our President. Please Lord watch over Trump, he must win in 2020. God Bless DJT. And his family.

  10. Just weather out the storm guess as we do the flu each year…
    Who new of the strain of virus back in 2013, then it was called an epidemic, now in 2019 they call it a pandemic, what has who been doing for six years?
    So life is going on… As a lady said just take your precautions and live your life..

  11. I am 79 and young but high risk if caught the C-19. I am enjoying life and trusting God. I agree with all the replies and I voted too. I pray for Trump. But remember to look up and not let things of our world pull you down. We end up sitting in the lap of the enemy by feeling just like them, angry, hate, un forgiving .
    Show mercy and grace etc.
    We do a

  12. I saw a report awhile back that over 60% of deaths from this virus had underlying conditions. Even if they had caught the flu the odds are they would had died. The more infected people the more money the states get. I read a story about this 27 year old guy in Florida who had tested positive for the virus but was not showing any symptoms died from a motorcycle accident and they put down that he died from the virus. I will almost bet that after the election we will hear less and less about the virus.

    1. There is nothing to see here,
      no man behind the curtain,
      move along now everyone,
      drink the sweet Koolaide.

  13. Comrade Biden needs your help.
    Please don’t vote for him,
    they will off him if he wins.
    Vote for the orange man please!

  14. Help me please,
    I am being held in a
    basement against my will.
    They are going to kill
    me if you elect me.
    Vote for Trump please!

  15. I read a few of the comments which intrigued me enough to go back & read them all. My conclusion is that I have been correct all along. We have been forced to hide out in our homes, venturing outside only when absolutely necessary, being sure to “WEAR A MASK”. This forced isolation has lead to a reaction that has been, how can I say this gently? Ape Sh*t Crazy!!!? The few comments I read began with care & concern for our fellow citizens & ending with the infamous ‘Go ‘F’ yourself. Maybe it is just time to ‘go think for ourselves’ & stop being lemmings. Winter has hit early in my area & it seems over most of America. Remember that COLD temperatures kill Viruses. We were told by the ‘Experts’ that the virus would spread by “droplets” that spew into the air when we breathe, speak, sneeze, or cough. How does just wearing a mask protect us from the virus if we are not wearing protective hand covering such as disposable gloves which we change after each item we touch. With sensible reasoning one might conclude that ‘Droplets’ drop which means everything you touch while in public contaminates your hands which you then use to touch your eyes. nose, mouth, car keys, plastic money card or door handle. Right? Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Every item you pick up to put on your grocery cart has been touched by a gloveless shelf stocker & as well as other customers that like to feel the fruit before buying it, then put it back. The check-out clerk touches it to scan it & bag it. Guess where it goes next? Into your kitchen, into your frig, cabinet, fruit bowl or on the table with your meal. How many have used Sanitizer wipes to clean any of these items of possible Covid-19 virus droplets before feeding it to your family? We’ve been duped people. It was done by the people who wanted to disrupt our lives, put us into a state of constant worry & fear, even PANIC. WHY? Tomorrow is Nov. 3, 2020, Election Day. I am guessing that Covid-19 will disappear as quickly as Joe Biden for President yard signs by Nov. 4, 2020.

    1. GREAT POST !! So True. Many are running around like the cartoon character with a black cloud over his head, cannot even see the sun shinning above the cloud. Our Trump signs are in the yard.

  16. Tell the DEMONcrats we have not yet beGUN to fight! I think a great American said this earlier. Never live under this world that HUH Camel Hair and old Buydumb propose. Freedom is never free, we always have a price to pay. Stand as one against the deep swamp… freedom for AMERICA or we have no AMERICA. VOTE VOTE VOTE and in person. GOD bless our President and what he is trying to do for all of us. Keep your powder dry.

  17. The riots didn’t start till after the lockdown. I believe if Dr. Fascist Fauci hadn’t fed the president a bunch of bs about this virus, none of these riots would have happened. Think about it. The survival rate for people under 60 with no pre-existing conditions is 99%. How can you possibly justify locking down our country for a virus that is no worse than an ordinary flu? The deaths attributed to the virus have been blown WAY out of proportion. This was a PLANDEMIC right from the get go. Do you know why? It was to control the population. The way to control people is thru fear, and guess who’s behind it all…the rich and powerful Democrats. There’s a video with Bill and Melinda Gates saying how bad the virus is, and how we’ve handled it. Then they finish by saying with a smirk on their faces
    just wait for the next wave. Like they already know it’s coming. And guess what, all the media is now saying that the virus is not going away but rising, which by the way is BS. The way to defeat these elitist bastards is to re-elect Trump. I just hope that Trump makes all these people accountable for this tragic mess that they’ve caused. Just because you’re wealthy doesn’t mean you’re above the law. Pablo Escobar was at one time the 4th richest man in the world, and he thought he could get away with anything. In the end all his money couldn’t save him. He’s dead. Here’s a message for all you wealthy elitist bastards like George Soros, Bill Gates and the social media giants like Twitter and Facebook. You will pay the price for your treachery. Trump has and will continue to make America great.

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