June 30, 2022

Trump unveils plan to limit stall tactics in environmental review

While the media freaks out and Joe Biden hides in his basement, President Trump is doing work for the American people.


The AP reports:

Trump was traveling to Atlanta on Wednesday to formally announce changes to the National Environmental Policy Act’s regulations for conducting environmental reviews, making it easier to build highways, pipelines, chemical plants and other projects. When Trump first announced the effort in January, the administration set a two-year deadline for completing full environmental impact reviews while less comprehensive assessments would have to be completed within one year. The White House said the final rule will promote the rebuilding of America.

Of course, environmentalist pressure groups and lobbyists are attacking the plan, saying that it will destroy the planet and other such nonsense. Don’t listen to them.

“This may be the single biggest giveaway to polluters in the past 40 years,” said Brett Hartl, government affairs director at the Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental group that pursues “energy justice,” and that boasts it has filed 214 lawsuits against President Trump.

If you can’t conduct an environmental review in two full years, (which is almost twice as long as it took to build the Empire State Building), then you’re clearly just stalling. That in fact, is exactly what environmentalist groups love to do, and they’re mad that a favorite tactic is being taken from them

There is a real need for infrastructure in the country. Our roads, bridges and buildings are crumbling, and we’re relying on patching up the things that we were allowed to build decades ago, because new infrastructure is virtually impossible to get past the onerous environmental review process.
Environmental impact reviews are important and we do have a duty to steward our natural resources. But Trump is right. If you can’t figure out whether a project is environmentally safe in 2 years, you’re just stalling.
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Dee Dee Grant (@guest_1023378)
1 year ago


My husband and I waited FOURTEEN YEARS for a land trade between Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and us. It was for the part of our ranch that was the crest of the Sierras. Every time things were all set to GO!, they decided to re-evaluate the property. . . SHEESH!

Dee Dee Grant
(Formerly of Jacks Valley Ranch, Carson City, NV)
PO Box 64
Orem, UT 84059

Carol (@guest_1023379)
1 year ago

Good for President Trump – keep going,. You are appreciated and loved

Terry C Turner (@guest_1023523)
1 year ago

Trump is God’s answer to having lived with the Devil for 8 years!

NolanR (@guest_1023590)
Reply to  Terry C Turner
1 year ago

That is certainly the truth! Obummer is surely a spawn of Satan.

louie (@guest_1023606)
Reply to  Terry C Turner
1 year ago


Wow! I think that’s the best phrase I’ve ever read/heard to summarize the gigantic disparity between the Trump administration and the hell we went through with Obumma. You should copyright it!

Patricia (@guest_1023641)
Reply to  Terry C Turner
1 year ago


Karole Conaway (@guest_1023646)
Reply to  Terry C Turner
1 year ago

Very well said!

S.L. (@guest_1023664)
Reply to  Terry C Turner
1 year ago

How true Terry. Trump will get it done as he promised. The Democrats are rats in the woods they never did anything during the crooked Obama years maybe except give millions to our enemies and in cash at that. Thank you President Trump!!!!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1024642)
Reply to  Terry C Turner
1 year ago

SO True! We need to win 2020. TRUMP 2020. GET OUT AND VOTE STRAIGHT GOP! we need both houses so he can still work for us. with no BURRO members opposing.

Esther (@guest_1023626)
1 year ago

Truer words ever spoken. I can imagine that Biden’s plan to install charging stations along freeways is the stupidity of a senile old man. What about rush hour traffic? You would have to build 100’s of plugs at each station? Would you get a ticket if you run out of power? Not everyone drives on the freeway. Does he plan to put charging stations on all secondary roads? Think of the massive dollars to maintain the stations. What if one station goes down and you don’t have the power to get to the next station. When I heard his pie in the sky idea I was shocked! I can’t believe that any one come up with such an idiotic idea.

Nena (@guest_1023686)
1 year ago

I honestly believe that President Trump is God-sent to cleanse America. The accomplishments done (of course nothing reported by all the followers of the past destroyer), his unbelievable achievement to deflect all the “arrows” and his tenacity to “swim against the strong currents of evil doers” are to me, some kind of superpower that I can only attribute to the One Who can do all things, to make America worthy to present to His Mother, She being its (America) Patroness. I could see his re-election and both houses will win this November too. And the icing on the cake of celebration? He will have another (conservative) member of the SCOTUS before his 2nd term. Let’s keep on praying on this as the Enemy’s legion is sly and strong. Our children and grandchildren deserve better, peaceful and loving environment than this.

Dave (@guest_1023687)
1 year ago

Many years ago before China came on the scene, the iron smelting industry at the South end of Lake Michigan was where the ore carriers docked to unload the Taconite ore from the mines to the North. There were many companies with blast-furnaces waiting to refine the ore. Greed from all concerned, company managers, unions, local government taxes,and Federal regulations conspired to destroy this industry. It was a Cash Cow for the area that dated from the turn of the century. The federal government (EPA and OSHA) passed regulation after regulation driving up further the costs, the area become non-competitive with imported iron. Companies started dying. Finally it got down to one operating company that was ready to close its doors. A new group of managers arrived determined to save the company. They went to the unions, local governments, and others concerned, to reduce costs to make it possible. These organizations agreed and the task looked like it would work. The last task was get the EPA to allow them to keep using the last surviving blast furnace until they were making money and could replace it with a new furnace meeting regulations. The EPA refused to grant permission to use it and the whole deal died. All concerned lost out. The above story is fact, not imagination, you can check it out.
Where was a President Trump when he was needed back then?
Donald: Keep making America great again !

John Koslin (@guest_1023814)
1 year ago

Another great deal by President trump, he is a real business man. This will create more jobs. Biden would never have thought to do something like this, he just hides in his basement. Bernie, AOL, Obama, Pelosi and Shumer will run the country if sleepy Joe wins.

Jim (@guest_1023887)
Reply to  John Koslin
1 year ago

Not so sure that Bernie will have that much of a say-so but yes to the others, especially Obama. Obama will basically have his THIRD TERM that he has always wanted. Before those 4 years that Biden can serve Obama will have the laws changed so that he can run legally for President for Life! God that’s a scary thought!

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1023834)
1 year ago

Barack Hussein Obama is undeniably the “Devil Incarnate”. And his alleged spouse is Mrs. Devil Incarnate.

Charles Keene (@guest_1024290)
1 year ago

Barrack and Michael make a cute couple.

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1029199)
1 year ago

Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.



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