June 30, 2022

Trump unlikely to be charged in D.C. riot aftermath, despite Pelosi’s railing

It didn’t take long after the chaos that ensued at the U.S. Capitol this week for Democrats and many in the mainstream media to suggest that President Donald Trump be criminally charged for inciting the riots that resulted in mass destruction and multiple fatalities.

As reported by CNBC, at this point in time, it doesn’t appear that the president will face any criminal charges for what took place on January 6, according to word from a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Justice — despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) caviling. 

Reporters asked the DOJ official during a conference call with members of the press on Friday, who asked the official whether or not the president could be in criminal legal trouble for any role that he might have played in inciting the riot, which was largely led by supporters of the president.

“We don’t expect any charges of that nature,” the official said. Just a day prior to that announcement, a top federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia refused to rule out the possibility.

However, either the same or another DOJ spokesperson — it was unclear from the reporting — suggested that criminally charging the president and/or his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and his son, Donald Trump Jr. was not 100 percent off the table, although the language used was vague.

“Our focus is on the events at the Capitol,” the DOJ spokesperson said. “As of now, we have not charged anyone with incitement or insurrection. This is an extremely complex and ongoing investigation and we will continue to follow the facts and the law.”

That hasn’t stopped Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from pressuring DOJ officials to launch a criminal investigation into the president, as during a taping for an upcoming segment on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” the House leader clearly made her case for criminally charging the president.

“Well, sadly, the person who’s running the executive branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the United States, and only a number of days until we can be protected from him. But he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him,” the Speaker said, according to Breitbart.

Pelosi has also demanded that the president either resign or be removed under the 25th Amendment or face the likelihood of a second impeachment trial. House Democrats have already drawn up articles of impeachment against the president, and could vote on it as soon as Monday, according to BBC.

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audrey (@guest_1100790)
1 year ago

big tit nancy pelosi is a total disgrace to womanhood. she is mean selfish and powerful and the power provides her with opportunities to do dangerous things like tearing up a speech in public eye of potus or denying a relief package to suffering americans for political reasons like not having donald trumps name on the check given out or creating a tourching criticism of the potus every moment he was in the white house. it seems to me that this country has sold its soul to the devil using every avenue of destruction met out by the democrat party. this womans family has a reputation of mafia type behavior and i guess she learned early… tactics to destroy people. my aim is to wish her no bad luck but also to wish her no good luck. see you in hell nancy big tit.

Son of a gun (@guest_1101173)
Reply to  audrey
1 year ago

She is all worried because her Laptop was stolen during the break in at the White House and it has incriminating information about the Democrats and how they sold out the American people to the Chinese !!!

Marian (@guest_1101349)
Reply to  Son of a gun
1 year ago

This woman will read her treasonous deeds!
They will come back to bite her TRIPLE FOLD!
She should have thought out her accusation ms before throwing them to the wind!
Who cares what she says anyhow!!
She is fooling herself into thinking she has clout!
Cry Baby Cry!
Tell someone who cares!👎👎👎👎

Bambing Gavieres (@guest_1101625)
Reply to  audrey
1 year ago

I absolutely agree with you!

Luanna Harmon (@guest_1100801)
1 year ago

She is totally insane and evil and I hope she and her President have adjoining rooms at the looney bin. Nancy you are a disgrace to our great nation and you make every sane American puke!

Nanny (@guest_1100878)
Reply to  Luanna Harmon
1 year ago

AMEN, she was definitely a DISGRACE!!!!

Greta (@guest_1101228)
Reply to  Luanna Harmon
1 year ago

Can we 25th amendment that nutcase witch? She should be kicked out for starting riots with her rhetoric

Robie (@guest_1100802)
1 year ago

Hey Nan did you run out vodka that why you are talking out of your Axxxxx

The Redhawk (@guest_1100859)
Reply to  Robie
1 year ago

DING BAT NANCY , to be a GOOD TRAITOR should have all the BLM and Antifa THIGS who infiltrated the Pro Trump Peaceful demonstrators bailed out by Kalala nd Soros money and promdse them “SAFE JOBS” in her office….iTW what moght happen to what is on her “missing lao top” if the contents are made PUBLIC????

Linda (@guest_1100811)
1 year ago

Isn’t the governor of California her cousin, nephew?

Lori (@guest_1100820)
1 year ago

I don’t understand if everyone thinks that prance Nancy is rotten to her core then why re-elect her? She has proved to be unfit, evil and its so obvious she’s not for “we the people”!!! Stop feeding her ego! She is the swamp monster!!! My faith is in God and I believe that everyone involved in this election are Quilty of fraud!!!! God will prevail!! Lord have mercy. 🙏🏼❤️☮️💫💫💫💫💫

Linda J. Morris (@guest_1100848)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

The same way the wool was put over the eyes of the American citizenry in order to put Biden and what’s her name in power

Benny Boggess (@guest_1100862)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

Maybe, just maybe she didn’t get re-elected by the democrats and some republicans, my view is that they rigged the 2020 election, why not rig the election for her to stay in power and speaker of the house. She is very evil and she doesn’t care for the American citizens.

jackie cipriano (@guest_1101338)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

she is the only one that has wanted this so bad and she is a real devil with a capital D this lady will have no good luck and will be hated by the usa and all the united states people she will get what is coming to her. The GOOD LORD WILL TAKE HER DOWN and no one will shed one tear.jackie

Jody (@guest_1101506)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

Rigged elections keep the dems in office. I read somewhere that Pelosi husband is part own of the election machines and Harris husband is part of the group. Conflict of interest?? No just a sure win for the dems.

Bambing Gavieres (@guest_1101626)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

What man soweth, reapeth. Let’s leave everything to HIM and let’s just watch.

Al (@guest_1100821)
1 year ago

This unhinged Nancy has been going on for 4 years. Her hatred of Trump is out where everybody can see. It’s called jealously. Can’t wait for the wicked witch to ride away on her broom stick into the sun. Her district is made up of people that appear to be limited in brain power. She should be thrown out of government. She has done nothing for this country.

Marjoria A Shaver (@guest_1100842)
1 year ago

I would love to see her obituary today! God has a special place in hell for this old Hag!

rm (@guest_1100880)
Reply to  Marjoria A Shaver
1 year ago

M a r j o r i a… A g r e e a n d p r a y i n g . . W h o k n o w s w h a t w i l l s h o w u p i n t h e p a p e r n e x t. A c t u a l l y, a m o d e r n d a y P a s s o v e r i s n e e d e d u p o n C a p i t o l H i l l. I n c l u d e t h e *i n t e r n e t c e n s o r s* a n d t h e i r *c o r p o r a t e s h e e p*. . .

Judy True-Lucas (@guest_1100853)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a CORRUPT EVIL DEMOCRAT who cares only for power. She President Trump because he want the power returned to the American people and that would take it away from the evil democrats radicals swamp. So they HATE President Trump. President Trump wants America Great again and FIRST. Democrats want money and control over the American people.

Lewis Powe (@guest_1100858)
1 year ago

freedom of speech is in the constitution. everyone is guaranteed . Trump did not incite to riot but voices to be heard what happened was one that grew in the elements we all saw on TV here. I suggest as many others that
were there i would have done the same. An election sham election brought this on, Wake up America it was a great loss for America a travisty that can not be reversed and we all know that now. I believe this. If voter fraud is to exist, God help us. .

moon (@guest_1100863)
1 year ago

she wont be around long.

rm (@guest_1100874)
Reply to  moon
1 year ago

Moon….Praying…today is Sunday…

jack (@guest_1100907)
1 year ago

there’s no sane reason to charge Trump for anything.

Judith (@guest_1101086)
1 year ago

It’s time that Nancy Pelosi be removed from office as she is deranged and a threat to the American People This women along with the news media is the one inciting violence and destruction of America

S.S. B. (@guest_1101171)
1 year ago

The Democratic party of yesteryear has been taken over by the extreme left side. The average citizen that voted Democrat has been betrayed. I think Nancy P. and Chuck S, and Sally W. etc. should be indicted for fostering and inciting hatred and outrage, and defamation of character, therefore inciting rioting . They have kept people so riled up, that They cause rioting. Think about that citizens!!!

floyd lane (@guest_1101174)
1 year ago

nancy is pure evil, a sick old hag we wouldnt have all these problems if the democrats would . quit their lieing cheating and all the dirty deeds they.have done to the president since he was elected. we are sick of it .pay back time is coming. all liars will have their time in hell,

Wakyn Ferris (@guest_1101204)
1 year ago

What is clearly obvious is the ultimate power these unhinged demoncraps will go to destroy anyone that gets in their way while being total and complete hypocrites.

Hal Champion (@guest_1101222)
1 year ago

We have been lied to for many many years it’s time for the people of America wake up and take back our country what I’m trying to say is God does not need America but American people need God and we got a little rely upon him to get us through this time until the Lord comes back we need a great awakening and revival starts in each and every one of us and I would like to say to some of the ones in office and the ones are about Read your Bible read your Bible those without sin cast the first stone

Patty (@guest_1101247)
1 year ago

Piglosi is totally unhinged! She is unfit to be the speaker of the house! She has and is abusing her power, inciting division, riots, and whomever took her laptop, I hope they make ALL the contents on it public! She is a menace to our society, our country and our freedom! She is behaving like a crazed lunatic! She should be removed from congress now, before she does any more damage! She is the lunatic in charge of the asylum, a malignant narcissist who will do anything to destroy President Trump and our country! She MUST go now, in order to preserve what is left of our country! If left in the speakership, our congress will no longer serve the people, the Republicans will have NO say in any legislation SHE puts in, she will stifle free speech and debate. Her pet projects will be the ONLY things in any stimulus bills, NO help for struggling Americans, but plenty for foreign countries who want to see our country destroyed! Our country will be bankrupted, our military decimated, our rights trampled upon, our freedoms gone, our government is shambles, all due to her hatred for President Trump and the republicans, and anyone who loves our country! Please! Someone draw up articles of impeachment against her for dereliction of duty, inciting unrest, crimes against our country! If she isn’t removed, she will tear down our democracy!

Greta (@guest_1101313)
1 year ago

Can we 25th amendment that nutcase witch? She should be kicked out for starting riots with her rhetoric

Judy Johnson (@guest_1101314)
1 year ago

The Obamas are Commie s and so is that witch Nancy also Mechelle should be called Mic. He is a man that right what scum

Flor Gutierrez (@guest_1101529)
1 year ago

The only one that needs to resign or be impeached is Pelosi. She is a traitor of the US.

Gary (@guest_1101687)
1 year ago

Pelosi is the one that should be charged for treason and put before a firing squad.

WWW.XMC.PL (@guest_1130373)
1 year ago

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