July 31, 2021

Report: Trump tried to fire Defense Sec. Esper after public disagreement

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stabbed President Trump in back multiple times during last week’s intense assault on the White House, and according to reports, Esper was nearly fired for his insubordination. 

As demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd turned violent last week — especially at the White House — Trump threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to call in federal troops to control the chaos.

Esper publically undercut Trump in a press conference soon after, saying that “the option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now.”

Additionally, he stabbed Trump in the back over what the media characterized as a “photo op” in front of the vandalized St. John’s Episcopal Church last Monday, saying that he “did know that we were going to the church. I was not aware of a photo-op was happening.”

According to a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday, Esper’s public break infuriated Trump, prompting Esper to even begin drawing up his resignation letter in preparation for the backlash from his comments.

An anonymous White House official told the Journal that “It was a bad day. The president was close to losing confidence in him. Ultimately, he decided to keep him in place.”

Administration officials said that Esper was on “thin ice” with Trump, but several advisers and Republican lawmakers intervened to convince the two to work their differences out. The Washington Examiner reported that “Esper and Trump came to terms after the two met for a previously scheduled White House meeting following Esper’s Wednesday news briefing.”

Are you surprised that Trump didn’t fire Esper? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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187 Responses

  1. A good businessman needs people around him that are not “Yes persons” or shoe shiners or butt kissing sycophants. People that can suggest “…better rethink that …” and offer constructive criticism.
    ‘However, any disagreeable views should be hashed out in private not in a public forum that embarrasses the administration.
    What is done is done but there had best not be another public breach.
    Nobody wants another Kent State incident. An exception could be the ANTIFA movement might not mind a sacrifice of a hireling or two.
    I worked security for an international corporation for fifteen years, The policy that worked best was that a person was summoned to a meeting then told ‘You are fired, you may not go back to your desk. Security will escort you to your vehicle and watch until you are off the premises; Company items will be retained; your personal items will be packed, and you may arrange to pick them up in three days at the Reception Desk or we will ship them to you”.

  2. I thought what Esper did was totally uncalled for. Who does he work for General Mattis or President Trump?

  3. If he is backstabbing the President, then he doesn’t deserve to serve under him. President Trump, since it is extremely difficult do have the confidence of someone who ridicules your policies, I would say you have every right to fire him and should do so. He was wrong. When you are having America’s cities destroyed by domestic terrorist groups and it is going on for days, then you NEED TO TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE DESTRUCTION and pull in whoever is going to stop it i.e., the Military. I wish you had done that, Mr. President. Someone had to take control and Esper could have given you his opinion, but he should have kept his mouth shut when it comes to talking to the Trump-hating Media.

  4. He and EX- President Obamas’, bambi Commanders need to all be removed. Incident after Incident of disloyalty, dishonor, and disrespect from our military leaders. The Commander and chief is just that. The military leaders of today, have forgotten whom they serve; America and the President. I would have been released as a private if I had acted one time like military leaders of today. Does anyone follow a chain of command anymore? Obama destroyed the military discipline and politicized every Federal Agency. God Help US!!!.

  5. It is believed that the ultra Left was expecting President Trump to send the Military, so the Left could deploy Fake Soldiers with machine guns and kill as many civilians as the could, videotape the killings and upload them in YouTube in order to blame the Trump Administration of the Killings!

  6. I am very surprised that he was not fired – why does he keep people in their positions when he knows they are traitors and are not looking for his best interest. How can you have any kind of trust with people like that.
    Esper needs to be replaced.

  7. It is believed that the ultra Left was expecting President Trump to send the Military, so the Ultra Left could deploy Fake Mercenary Soldiers with machine guns and kill as many civilians as they could, videotape the Mass killings and upload them in YouTube in order to blame the Trump Administration of the Mass Killings!

  8. Mr Trump I just wanted to say I appreciate all you are doing to keep us safe and informed. Thank you for overiding all confusion of so called lab made virus…we know how and why this was all a set up to keep people focused on incredible evils…one after the other…its kinda dumb.like monkey see monkee do… Funny how all these chain of horrors in past 3 months..we have i.patiently endured..has served only one purpose to …steel kill and destroy…out rights and freedoms of speech..Just so left side can sink us so low that we will accept anything as long as we get peace.Yet the Bible KJV says…in the last days they will cry peace…peace…and sudden destruction cometh…
    But I am thankful you reason out things before you act. Let Gods guidance lead you in whatever new decisions you have to make on behalf of American people.we have your back in prayer.prayer is the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal 7 days a week 24 hours a day.The Enemy cults are no match for Blood bought christians across the world….When we all pray in one accord for the same end result.No weapon formed against us 🇺🇸 will prosper.I pray 10.000 legions of warring Angels to surround usa a hedge of Gods Army on duty 24 …7s. A week.May God allow the other countries to see with their own eyes the magnitude of armored warriors on horseback standing in array completely surrounding the enemy…on all sides may fear return on their heads.To witness such a sight as We serve an awesome God….Nothing is to hard for Him…in Jesus Name. ✝ ❤ 🇺🇸

  9. President Trump should have FIRED ALL the ovomit holdovers…I emplore ANYONE that truly wants to know the truth about the (demoncrats) democrats to borrow, rent, buy. the Film Hillarys America by Dinesh D’Souza….you will never vote DEMONCRAT AGAIN…..

  10. Esper has to be fired. You cannot have a Secretary of Defense that is working to undermine your policy. If Esper was honest and honorable he would resign. Since he is neither, he should be fired.

  11. Oh my gosh, President why why? didn’t you fire Esper why? now he’ll be a thorn like closet demorat John Mccain and now Mitt Romney, he’s not on your side and will be a sneak, and surely will not Vote for you, PLEASE let Him Go, don’t listen to the people that are saying to patch up your differences, once a stabber always a stabber. God Bless and Protect You From The Very Enemies That Stand By Your Side.

  12. I say good riddance. Esper is a whiny loser who should never have been put in place and obviously part of the deep state offense.

    1. I think he should fire him! That was just wrong. This has gone on long enough! It’s a political tool and might I add…
      Faucci should’ve been fired, he is a swamp creature too!

  13. Esper Disrespected POTUS he should be Fired,i believe he is a big Problem for this Administration,he is a Swamp Rat..

    1. I also agree that he should have been fired. Who will pay for the damage the mom and pop stores lost and the military should have been sent the moment they saw this happening, not later too. How in the world do we have all of these protest in the middle of a corona virus and social distance? This should have never happened during an epidemic like this anyway.

    2. Get ride of him, he had the National Guard to take there helmets off, he has no respect for the Military who put there life in jeoperdy to protect life, property and assest Law Enforcement. He’s a desgrace.

  14. DOD belongs and has belonged to the Democrats, get a grip, we have no influence until you clean house there

  15. Esper should go! He is part of the deep state and no amount of talking to him will make any difference. Trump made a bad decision to keep him in place I think.

    1. I agree. He needs to go anyone against stoppingThe terrorizing protest needs to go. They all should have been shot As soon as they torched a building.
      Military should have been brought in to stop these black lives matter Antifa terrorist. Obama Sharpton also should been brought to justice. Obama been trying to list out our police since he was on office. Worst choice of a president ever. Islamic terrorist

  16. I am glad that they did discuss their situation, but in the interim I would hope that the President has a much better person in mind to take Esper’s position. He has not been a good voice in the ear of the President in several situations. Our President, especially now needs true honest supporters, not yes men, but true supporters of him and the policies he is trying to make this Nation what it should be, not what it is right now. Any common true Citizen knows that he has been sabotaged brutally since his nomination. If we wish to remain as true American Citizens, we have to re-elect President Trump.

  17. He obliviously is part of the swamp and the sooner he is gone the better off America will be.

  18. I believe Esper should be fired for insubordination. He should have expressed his feelings to the POTUS in a private meeting with him, not in a public forum.

  19. President Trump should have fired him and some of his fellow generals/admirals on the spot. They all are part of the Obama deep state Establishment. Note: do not ignore the lawful chain of command.

    1. Yup, you got that right, and not only them but the news media’s too. They need to fire all of the associates that were involved with Obama, who felt it was his job to destroy this country as we know it, and usher in a socialist regime.

  20. The President needs to fire and replace the Secretary of Defense, why? Because SECDEF has repeatedly turned his back on the President and is only an actor, not a front thinking doer! His wanting to change this countries most active duty station, Fort’s Bragg, Benning, AP Hill, etc, because he want his name in the democrat’s new media is beyond belief. Glad I’m retired, because I’d quit were I still active duty, never follow a political pundit that doesn’t follow the directive and policies of his Commander in Chief. Esper is a traitor and seditionist!

  21. Esper is a swamp rat, very true! Don’t see why the POTUS wants him at DOD, he isn’t DOD smart, has nobody fooled, he’s a democratic plant! One instance of black stabbing does not mean to give him another chance. These are very flammable times and a wild match is not what is needed. No yes men/women, just a knowledgeable faithful public servant, who follows the lead of his boss (Commander in Chief). Esper even looks like a swamp dweller.

  22. if trump had fired all of obama’s people he would not be having as much trouble as he is now–all past presidents fired the past president’s people


  23. If you can’t trust him you should remove him. Sounds like he’s a real jerk and has no business being there!!

  24. One can’t run a Company or Country when there is one worker or assistant who won’t stay in line
    and keep his mouth shut They should keep their different views to their selves People in charge normally
    have enough problems without having to keep others in line I had 3 Companies and did experience such
    a problem

  25. With all the Crap that Our President has had to put up with. I don’t think there is another Man that would stand firm and stay with the People like Our President. He does need to get rid of Esper because if he stabbed him once it will happen again. What has Esper done behind The President’s back that he doesn’t know anything about. Right now The President needs his People behind him and I don’t mean a Swamp Creature.

    1. I agree. Look at what is happening across this Country. I’m from State of Washington. It has gotten bad. They took over Seatte. Go home. Our Govenor not doing anything but allowing this to happen. Eastern side of state caint get our lives back up. Won’t let us get out of his crap phase one. Destoring our kids 4-H etc. What next Bankrupt.

  26. Well…How much MORE has to happen…before Esper sees the light? These protestors are out of control…they don’t obey curfews, they are gathering together in massive crowds….BTW the Coronovirus is still out there….they are protesting to defund, dismantle, and disband police officers. Without Police…We have NO PROTECTION…WITHOUT PROTECTION
    ..WE HAVE NO COUNTRY. Using Police and the National Guard couldn’t control these Protestors…so the only thing LEFT IS OUR MILITARY. Protestors in these Democratic States are TOTALLY OUT IF CONTROL. They are spreading Hate and Division throughout 23 States.

  27. Get rid of him! The longer you allow him to continue in his position he will continue to chip away at your progress in cleaning the “Swamp”.

  28. Esper is a back staber who is impressed with himself. As soon as the President can find a person who is LOYAL to him, he should fire esper.

  29. I believe this is a mistake on the presidents part not to fire Esper and replace him with someone loyal and realistic. The situation was on the verge of being the last resort with rioters threatening to enter the capitol grounds. Mind you that is a personal opinion which obviously the president did not agree with.

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