July 1, 2022

Report: Trump tried to fire Defense Sec. Esper after public disagreement

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stabbed President Trump in back multiple times during last week’s intense assault on the White House, and according to reports, Esper was nearly fired for his insubordination. 

As demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd turned violent last week — especially at the White House — Trump threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to call in federal troops to control the chaos.

Esper publically undercut Trump in a press conference soon after, saying that “the option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now.”

Additionally, he stabbed Trump in the back over what the media characterized as a “photo op” in front of the vandalized St. John’s Episcopal Church last Monday, saying that he “did know that we were going to the church. I was not aware of a photo-op was happening.”

According to a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday, Esper’s public break infuriated Trump, prompting Esper to even begin drawing up his resignation letter in preparation for the backlash from his comments.

An anonymous White House official told the Journal that “It was a bad day. The president was close to losing confidence in him. Ultimately, he decided to keep him in place.”

Administration officials said that Esper was on “thin ice” with Trump, but several advisers and Republican lawmakers intervened to convince the two to work their differences out. The Washington Examiner reported that “Esper and Trump came to terms after the two met for a previously scheduled White House meeting following Esper’s Wednesday news briefing.”

Are you surprised that Trump didn’t fire Esper? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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sandy raymond (@guest_1006915)
2 years ago

What’s Esper’s problem keeping his big mouth shut about talks with his BOSS? Anyone else in any situation of insubordination would know they would be fired, so they would accept this as part of doing what Esper did! Why does he or anyone else think he’s exempt from the norms?
Wake up America!! Quit sticking your heads in the sand, hoping someone else will do what we all need to do as a nation!!!!! Since when is it okay to claim “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, but not “ALL LIVES MATTER”? Is not ALL LIVES MATTER” more inclusive??

figmo62 (@guest_1006987)
2 years ago

Should know his place, he reports to POTUS, if he has a problem it should be in private, he should have been fired.

Rosemary Rusk (@guest_1007025)
2 years ago

He serves at the pleasure of the President. Fire him.

Mark (@guest_1007027)
2 years ago

He should be fired immediately. He has enough Democrats and media slime bags trying to undercut him, so he doesn’t need one on his staff. I’d get rid of him still. I’d also assign the Joint Chief that publicly questioned his judgment a post guarding an igloo in Antarctica. The constitution puts the President in charge just to prevent a military coup.

Randie (@guest_1007038)
2 years ago

Esper Doesn’t Get it. He should be gone asap. I life, speak against your boss, your done.

Papa Bear (@guest_1007096)
2 years ago

I’d have fired this clown the first time he went to the news media. The place to argue with the boss is in his office. If that gets no where, you do one of two things. 1) You say, yes sir and carry out your orders. 2) You resign. You do not try to undermine him by going outside the system.

MJ (@guest_1007104)
2 years ago

He needs to be fired, if he cain’t be trusted to obey orders from POTUS, he is a weak link!

Larry Morriss (@guest_1007105)
2 years ago

Wonder what Esper and the other lunatics in D.C. thought about the OTHER previous presidents using the Anti-Insurgency Act and calling in the military? Not a peep out of anyone back then. I don’t get the “double standard”!

Jude (@guest_1007178)
2 years ago

This guy should be fired. You do not go on national news and undercut your boss, which is exactly what he did. Betcha Pence, Jared and s few of the others surrounding our President saved his bacon. Pence, Javanka and Jared have far too much say in this administration. All but the elite snob daughter would cut this President’s throat in a heart beat. Of course, h is blind when it comes to these three especially.

Sandra Nilles (@guest_1007332)
2 years ago

If it was me , fired on the spot!

Bruce (@guest_1007686)
2 years ago

He should have fired that back stabber immediately!! Why does he keep people like this? They are to do what the President bids,not what they think! The same with those back stabbing idiot generals! They should be put back on active duty and tried for Insuborination!!!!!!!

Louise (@guest_1008317)
2 years ago

The President should have let him go that is a sign of no respect for Trump.. How can you trust him after what he did. This guy is part of the deep state, he needed to be fired, Trump gives them to many chances.

Sue Jackson (@guest_1008580)
2 years ago

If I had ever stepped out of my place in making comments about my boss I would have been fired on the spot. So what is the discussion about here. Esper stepped out of his place in making comments about his Boss. Fire him.



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