October 2, 2022

Trump has ordered Treasury Department to prepare next round of direct payments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to hold up negotiations between the White House and legislative leaders in order to score political points against Trump, but it’s not working anymore.

President Trump just announced on Friday that he’s directed the Treasury Department to prepare another round of direct payments, and called upon Nancy Pelosi to compromise so the checks can be approved.ย 

“I have directedย @stevenmnuchin1 to get ready to send direct payments ($3,400 for family of four) to all Americans,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “DEMOCRATS ARE HOLDING THIS UP!”

Approving another round of direct payments to American families is a bipartisan proposal, as many states have paused or even rolled back reopening procedures.

The continued economic fallout from strict lockdowns is exacerbated by Democrat-led hyperventilation about reopening, but Democrat negotiators have chosen to leave Washington instead of broker an agreement with the White House.

Pelosi announced on Thursday that she’s leaving Washington to return to her home in San Francisco, CA for at least a week, signaling that talks over the relief bill will likely drag into September.

Trump said during his Friday press briefing that he’s not planning on acting unilaterally to disburse the payments. “Iโ€™m waiting for the Democrats to approve it,” he told reporters, putting the onus on Pelosi to strike a deal so Americans can get the desperately-needed relief.


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