July 1, 2022

Trump to issue executive order authorizing arrest and jailing of monument vandals

President Trump isn’t playing games with protesters desecrating national monuments any longer.

He announced on Tuesday that he has given the order authorizing the arrest and jailing of “anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal Property.”

Trump tweeted:

I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent. This action is taken effective immediately, but may also be used retroactively for destruction or vandalism already caused. There will be no exceptions!

Supposedly anti-racist protesters have targeted their rage at statues and historical monuments in recent days. The first statues to come down were those of confederate generals such as Robert E. Lee. Conservatives sounded the alarm that radical activists wouldn’t stop there. The predictions came true at a dizzying speed.

Activists are now targeting monuments of decidedly anti-slavery historical figures, like the statue of prominent Philadelphia abolitionist Matthias Baldwin and another of Union General Ulysses S. Grant, who led the union army to victory in the American civil war.

In the quest to rewrite history in their own name, leftists will not stop until all vestiges of what America was built on are destroyed. One of failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ top surrogates, Shaun King, even called for statues of Jesus Christ to be torn down because they are a form of “white supremacy.”

Most recently, protesters attempted to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park, just outside the White House, on Monday evening, prompting Donald Trump to take swift action.

Trump has made it clear that he will not tolerate the leftists’ assault on history, confirming Tuesday morning that he is preparing an executive order criminalizing the defacement of such monuments. “I will have an executive order very shortly, and all it’s really going to do is reinforce what’s already there, but in a more uniform way,” Trump told reporters.

Trump indicated that he is encouraging prosecution of vandals to the fullest extent of the law. “We are looking at long-term jail sentences for these vandals and these hoodlums and the anarchists and agitators, and call them whatever you want,” Trump said. “Some people don’t like that language, but that’s what they are. They’re bad people. They don’t love our country. And they’re not taking down our monuments. I just want to make that clear.”

Do you agree with President Trump that these vandals should be jailed? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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Linda (@guest_1012486)
2 years ago

Good; the damage and looting has got to stop and people must be held accountable.

Bonnie (@guest_1012499)
Reply to  Linda
2 years ago


Bessie Ladwig (@guest_1012554)
Reply to  Bonnie
2 years ago

Yes finally my President is taking crap any longer arrest them, I’m 1,000 per cent behind my President thank you Trump

Dayna Demers (@guest_1012528)
Reply to  Linda
2 years ago

Yes I agree the vandalism must stop and those doing prosecuted to the fullest.

Fred Parsons (@guest_1012544)
Reply to  Linda
2 years ago


BOBBY (@guest_1012597)
Reply to  Linda
2 years ago

Hey President Trump and the Feds, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to Prosecute these Vandals and Law Breakers to the Full extent of the law. MAXIUM TIME IN PRISON.

Rodger Shull (@guest_1012488)
2 years ago

yes jail them immediately , and if they see a weapon, SHOOT THEM. Everytime a NATIONAL MONUMENT is torn down or damaged, Then a MLK street sign should come come . TIT for TAT ,

Sharon Overbeek (@guest_1012490)
2 years ago

Absolutely should be punished!!

Judy (@guest_1012491)
2 years ago

Absolutely! If they don’t like our Country and preservation of History they can leave!

John A. Quayle (@guest_1012492)
2 years ago

Outstanding and long overdue! there isn’t a human being alive with a perfectly sanitary background! We have all fallen short of the glory of God. You *CANNOT* erase history. It has already happened. There is no perfect human!

Bill (@guest_1012493)
2 years ago

Arrest Pelosi. She is going after the pictures and Statues in DC. Monkey see, Monkey do.

Gwen Adams (@guest_1012524)
Reply to  Bill
2 years ago


Ginger (@guest_1012494)
2 years ago

Yes, and as far as I’m concerned you can throw away the keys to the jail(s), Sir. Am sick and tired of all these ignorant, abusive, self-righteous thugs!

breaker 19 (@guest_1012543)
Reply to  Ginger
2 years ago

It’s not just the thugs, it’s the Mayors, and Governors of these states that are allowing this to happen. What good is a law, if you don’t enforce It? Worthless.

Lillie (@guest_1012495)
2 years ago

Absolutely, has nothing to do with racism, it is just an excuse to vandalize

LBrown (@guest_1012496)
2 years ago

Absolutely agree with President TRUMP!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1012497)
2 years ago

its TIME to do it! Put them in Jail. They asre TERRORISTS of the worst kind: BOLSHEVIKS!
We ant PEACE, Prosperity , JOBS, Good SCHOOLS FOR ALL! These THuGS want DESTRUCTION, ARSON; <LOOTING, and ENSLAVEMENT for all except them.!

Dolores Siciliano (@guest_1012498)
2 years ago

Yes, I agree with President Trump. These agitators must be stopped now! Severe punishment is definitely required!

Marlene (@guest_1012500)
2 years ago

It’s time to start enforcing all the other laws that are being broken as well. Protesting is walking, standing, carrying a sign.
All those and more are CRIMES and it’s time to enforce them to the fullest extent of the law.


Michael Black (@guest_1012502)
2 years ago

It’s about time he should have done it a long time ago I agree totally those people are not thinking about our country whatsoever more like terrorism then it is protesting thank you mr. President

Diane (@guest_1012503)
2 years ago

History…is just that…history. It belongs in the past where it came from! We are not responsible for what our ancestors did. We can only choose to do better! We cannot stay moving forward if people are always bringing their past into their present and their future.

Richard (@guest_1012504)
2 years ago

Yes lock them up 100% This is America and we will not tolerate this.

Sharon (@guest_1012505)
2 years ago

Yes, Absolutely!! Thank you Mr. President❤❤❤

Irene cairo (@guest_1012506)
2 years ago

Put them all in jail because all of us do not want these peoples running around in vandalizing our homes And stores they don’t care about Black people is mostly white people out there so please Mr. President get rid of these people and off our streets if they’re homeless they need to go to a shelter but they’re the ones causing disease

stuart nolting (@guest_1012507)
2 years ago

About time, maximum sentence! You vandals also have your photo’s on record now. Antifa and radical BLM protesters will get prison time!

Carol Kowalewski (@guest_1012508)
2 years ago


Julius Pfalzgraf (@guest_1012509)
2 years ago

Make the so-called “protestors or, better yet, their America-hating financier, George Soros, pay for the statues’ repair and, if necessary or possible, replacement!

cheyenne delamater (@guest_1012510)
2 years ago

that’s right Trump this is America love it or leave it.

Gayle C Fisher (@guest_1012511)
2 years ago

It’s about time. Lers see if your order will be honored. Who will make them arrest the anarchists?

Alan Talbott (@guest_1012512)
2 years ago

You Bet, zero tolerance for vandals anywhere. if they can’t protest peacefully then jail them to protect our history and statues and make it long enough that they have plenty of time to think about what got them jailed in the first place.

Debbie Brock-Blume (@guest_1012513)
2 years ago

Thank You President TRUMP!!!

Diane Sandler (@guest_1012514)
2 years ago

I ABSOLUTELY agree w/harsh, swift punishment for both statue destroyers & looters. I wouldn’t have a problem w/those caught actively destroying our monuments being shot on site. They’re murdering our history, just as if they were murdering a live victim!! Freedom does NOT give them that right!

Nancy Cook (@guest_1012515)
2 years ago

Thank you My President for continuing to stand up for American values and our history. We have needed your influence a long time. I praise God for bringing you into the position of our President. I pray for you and your family’s welfare and safekeeping through these difficult times during which you are taking a firm stand For what is right. May God Bless you richly as you continue to do His work here in these United States.

Fred Smith (@guest_1012516)
2 years ago

Yes and burning of the Flag same scenario maybe then they will understand are a Country of law and order.

LBrown (@guest_1012517)
2 years ago

Absolutely Pelosi too. She is taking pictures, statues etc in Washington.

Lynn (@guest_1012521)
2 years ago

It’s so ridiculous to destroy statues. Statues have nothing to do with racism. They r history!
Violence does not solve anything! These ppl r thugs, ANTIFA or anything u want to call them , that’s what they r! All they want to do is destroy everything they can, just for the hell of it! Because they know POLICE & DEMS will do nothing about it!!!
It’s time Trump took over!!

Helen Baker (@guest_1012522)
2 years ago

Yes I agree, they are destroying everything from our fathers and fathers before them. They are not about race they are out to take over our world and turn everything communistic.
The had hurt people, killed people, vandalized and stole, and they think it is okay. Well I say it is not. And seems the governor’s, and leaders if our country are afraid of them so they bow down and give in.

Ellen Hooker (@guest_1012523)
2 years ago

Yes indeed!! These people do not know or care about American history. Guess that isn’t taught in schools any more either.

Norleen Brinson (@guest_1012525)
2 years ago

Absolutely, They should be in prison and work to pay for all the damage they have done to others property! No special privileges ! They are criminals and should be treated likewise.

Mag (@guest_1012526)
2 years ago

FINALLY!!! Put them all in jail. They hate America and are trying their hardest to ruin it. The Democrats don’t seem to mind. The Democratic mayors and governors almost encourage it. “They’ll have a summer of love”, Seattle’s Mayor. She should be replaced immediately as should the governor who didn’t even know what was going on in his own state. A DISGRACE!!
America better wake up and see what’s happening. Just interesting that it’s happening in Democratically controled states!!

Teresa McCullough (@guest_1012527)
2 years ago

Put them all in jail. Clean up Seattle!!!!!!

- Awoke - (@guest_1012529)
2 years ago

Of course, they should be held accountable. The destruction of property is wrong. Damage to businesses and looting has to stop. All this destruction and violence needs to end. We need to stand strong together and demand accountability, lock them up!!! Let’s get on with fixing things again.
– TRUMP 2020 –

DONNIE SCHNYDERS (@guest_1012530)
2 years ago

Arrest Peloski for taking down pictures,arrest that old bag

Michael McCormack (@guest_1012531)
2 years ago

Jail with no bail. Minimum sentence 1 year hard time.

Thomas Stocks (@guest_1012533)
2 years ago

What took so long I’m all for Trump but he should have done this weeks ago

Alan Talbott (@guest_1012534)
2 years ago

Absolutely, Jail them and deport any that are not Americans.

Bill Monteith (@guest_1012535)
2 years ago

We have to stop these vicious protesters who are looting stores, defacing and removing historical statutes. Give them a serious jail time, restoration fines and, when their jail time is completed, deport them. They do not love this country so get rid of them. Give the cops the authority to shot them without fear of prosecution.

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