October 26, 2020

Poll: Trump takes the lead in major national poll

As election day draws ever closer, a new poll reveals that Donald Trump has finally taken the lead from Joe Biden in a significant national poll.

Sundayย Express/Democracy Institute Poll released on Sunday found that President Trump has edged out Joe Biden by one point — 46 to 45 percent.

While Trump’s lead is well within the poll’s margin of error, this is the first major poll showing Trump leading Biden — terrible news for Biden as the election heads into its final days.

Additionally, despite the universal negative media coverage of the first Presidential debate last week, this poll reflects a slight bump in voter opinion of Trump.

Breitbart reported:

The poll of 1,500 likely voters was conducted between September 30 and October 2 and has a margin of error of 2.5 percent, which means the results indicate a statistical tie between Trump and Biden. The poll surveyed voters in the wake the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden on September 29.

Other polls released within the last week show Biden holding slim leads on Trump — a Zogby poll released on Saturday shows Biden holding a two-point advantage over Trump, and an IBD/TIPP Poll showed a three-point lead for Biden.

Perhaps the most disturbing news for the Biden campaign, however, comes from the Democracy Institute poll, which noted that 18 percent of black voters — as opposed to eight percent in 2016 — support Trump.

“To beat Trump, Biden needs nine in 10 Black votes, and lots of Black voters to cast ballots. Currently, heโ€™s positioned to win only eight in ten, with two out of ten Black voters ready to support Trump, and overall Black turnout looking to be flat, at best,โ€ Democracy Institute director Pat Basham explained.

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35 Responses

  1. The Minorities know who has them in their best interests. I know that most Republicans, and it looks like a lot of walk away Democrats are going to bring a RED tidal wave to the Country. We need to Vote in Person, we need to vote red down the entire ticket. Its important. If there is a statistical tie in the electors, the house will be the ones to cast the vote. 1 From each state. Right now we have 26, they have 24, we need to keep it that way. Continue down the ballet and vote RED for Senators and Congress, please, its like you life depends upon it, because life as we know it in this Great Country does indeed depend upon it.

    1. 100% right Jeanne. we have to support the republican senators so they can keep the seats. vote out democrats from the house and senate so there will be unity. All Republicans! Turn red each state…Trump/Pence 2020. Trump went to the white house, not to become rich as he’s already there, compared to those who’re career politicians in Congress and most of them they are Democrats; taking advantage of every tax payers money. Media are also helping democrats, one way or another. Trump knows there was a corruption and he’d like to help the American people. takes $1 each quarter from his salary and donate it instead to different agencies, and non-profit organizations. He didn’t wanna brag it but his staffs know about it. He’s a true patriot, love our country to benefit the American people.

      1. Please i have a question: if we vote straight ticket (& we all know, there are some rhinos left in there to create more problems) isnt that still going to continue some of our problems?

        1. Becky, yes there are some RINOS, but we need all Republicans to vote RED all the way down their ballots so we can get the majority in the House and keep the majority in the Senate (we need to get 5 more Republicans winning in the Senate too). If the Democrats keep control of the House, they will impeach Trump again. If the Republicans get control of the House, the Democrats won’t be able to impeach the President. If the Democrats get control of the Senate and keep the House, the Democrats will impeach the President in both Houses and they will kick Trump out of office as President. Do to these reasons, we must vote RED all the way down the ballots!!!

  2. If a Polltaker walked up to me and asked “Who are you voting for?” I would answer Biden when I AM voting for Trump. Who needs to risk being beaten or shamed by the Fruitloops that roam today. Play it safe no one knows who you vote for when you go in the Polling Both or mail in your vote. My advise get your mask wear you gloves and vote in person. They are going to screw with the mail ins.

    1. I agree with you 100%. So does my wife when I tell her I’m gonna wear my Trump 2020 hat to the store! ๐Ÿ™‚ She said you can vote Trump but with so many “fruitloops” out there she didn’t want me to get shot!

    2. that isnโ€™t true. we postal workers are caring, considerate hard working individuals. you have seen this when you come into the post office. we treat you and your mail with great respect. the rumors about us throwing mail and ballots away are just rumors. there has never been any proof of that. give us a fair chance to prove ourselves to you all.

      1. I have seen mail thrown in the garage by postal workers I worked in the garage industry for years and seen a few postal workers throw ballots and other mail in the garbage

  3. Go in person to the polls wearing a mask n gloves. They ask me for whom I’m voting for they get the same answer. My right to vote not yours to know. Red all the way through!!

  4. After the stunning display of the misfit Biden and the gopher at the carney Wallace, it leaves no other choice but to vote for the best president this country has produced. How anyone would vote for a party that is hell bent on destroying this country from within is beyond me. We fought the last world war against this type of tyranny and how soon a lot of aging Americans have no clue that the denseocrat party has been hijacked for this very purpose.

  5. I agree. Never been asked, will not give a straight answer. No one to take care of me if the mob hits me.
    We had absentee ballots stolen out of our unsecured mail boxes in 18. Now we are being targeted.
    Go Mr Trump, thank you for your willingness to serve..

    1. that isnโ€™t true. we postal workers are caring, considerate hard working individuals. you have seen this when you come into the post office. we treat you and your mail with great respect. the rumors about us throwing mail and ballots away are just rumors. there has never been any proof of that. give us a fair chance to prove ourselves to you all.

  6. Agree. That’s how we voted in the primaries, masks and gloves. Vote RED up and down the ticket in all states. #REDTSUNAMI2020

    1. there will be no change. Kamala will take over on day one. listen to Fox News, conservative channel. OAN or Newsmax for American People. the truth is out there. there’s an ongoing investigation from the previous administration Obama-Biden, FBI, CIA, liberal media is covering it up. All corruptions!

    2. Hey Verne, you still making them funny movies? Wait you died. I guess you can still vote though if it is for the dims?

  7. I have been an “Independent” since Regan…People are making a mistake thinking they are voting for Biden…it will be “Harris” that will take charge….and America will change before our eyes!! Yes, “change” from a free United States to a Nazi-type Nation…and there will be “NO” going back!! God Bless America!!

  8. …. somebody please tell me what is “great” about what is happening in the United States of America under the Trump Administration? Please tell me ….

  9. According to Lying NBC, ABC, and CBS News, Trump has already lost this election!

    NBC has Trump down by 14 points, CBS has him down by 12 points, and warped twisted ABC, has him down 16 points!

    If you listened to these Liars, Biden has already won the election, so there’s no point in anybody showing up to vote!

    These Networks are as big a Disgrace as CNN and MS NBC, and wouldn’t know the truth, if their lives depended on it!

  10. I am new to this country. I came in last week. Who do I vote for? Can I mail in and go to poll place? I want become American some day please.

  11. Ruth gator ginsu:
    She single handed murdered more babies than any woman in history. It is like she killed them with her bare hands and reveled in their blood! Many were poor black and latino babies, such a shame. She is burning for all eternity now.

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