August 1, 2021

Trump takes the lead in CPAC 2024 presidential straw poll

Democrats and Never-Trumpers may have thought that former President Trump’s second impeachment was the final nail in the coffin of his political career — but that cannot be further from the truth.

Just hours before Trump launched his first post-presidency public speech at CPAC, a Washington Times/CPAC poll was released which showed that Trump is already taking the lead for the potential 2024 GOP nomination.

The Times reported on Sunday morning:

President Trump is the early leader among conservatives for the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination, according to The Washington Times/CPAC poll released Sunday — but even if he’s not at the top of the ticket, conservatives said the Trump agenda must be continued.

Asked flatly whether they want to see Mr. Trump run again, 68% said “Yes,” making him the clear leader.

And when stacked up against a list of 17 other names in the straw poll, Mr. Trump was the pick of 55%, distantly followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who likely enjoyed a favorite son advantage at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, being held in Orlando.

Even more important than the specific lineup of potential nominees is the striking unity displayed among poll respondents. Many establishment and Never-Trump GOP figures — such as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) — have indicated that they want to leave the Trump agenda behind — but GOP voters aren’t ready for that.

A stunning 95 percent of poll respondents said that the GOP must continue to forge ahead in advancing the Trump agenda, indicating that potential GOP candidates looking to shed Trump’s “America First” philosophy in 2024 won’t get very far.

In regard to the specific presidential prospects as the nation looks toward 2024, the poll presented two options to respondents answering the straw poll: One including Trump’s name on the list and one excluding it.

According to the Times:

When [Trump] was on the list, he got 55% of the vote, Mr. DeSantis got 21%, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem was third with 4%, and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Hayley garnered 3%. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Sen. Ted Cruz followed at 2%, and no other candidate cracked that mark.

Without Mr. Trump, Mr. DeSantis led with 43%, Ms. Noem had 11%, and Donald Trump Jr. — whose name was not on the poll with his father — was third at 8%. Ivanka Trump was ninth.

Other notable names were Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who was eighth in one poll and sixth in another, and former Vice President Mike Pence, who was 10th in the poll with Mr. Trump’s name and didn’t make the top 10 in the poll without.

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61 Responses

  1. WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

    I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

    BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

    1. I only have Democrats representing me in federal and state so the only thing I can do at my age (80) is vote but in all the years I have voted it seems my vote hasn’t mattered especially in the last election.

      1. The last Election exposed it to the world.
        Then Time Magazine published an article with them telling the story of their whole conspiracy to steal a Presidential Election.
        But nothing will happen. We have too many RINO’s & Sheeple in Congress. PRESIDENT Trump named them all at CPAC yesterday. Their knees buckle as soon as McConnell or Pelosi frowns at them. :[

      2. Stop voting for a party that Murders babies that are in agreement together they are Against the Lord thy God, Christ Jesus that they lie at every opportunity, basically when their lips are moving their lying. Stop watching the lying media and tune in to conservative news channels who give the truth who do not cover up the truth no matter what it is. Who Do Not have an underlying agenda!

        1. do we even have a conservative news channel tv? if so tell me where to find it, I may not have it on Direct TV. I don’t have Newsmax or Fox.

    2. That’s all well and good. I agree, however if Biden and Harris are out who do you think is in line????? I’ll give you one guess,,,,,,,it starts with a N and ends with a P….

  2. ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpMcEnany and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  3. Rep. Matt Gaetz has been consistently pro-America too , if Trump decides not to run .
    Last April , Gaetz reported obama & V.P. biden FUNDED these communist’s wuhan virus lab that CREATED the virus , using stolen taxpayer funds to do it !

      1. I had read at one time when Obama Bin Lying was our FAUX president that he wanted some how a way to get rid of the elderly and people who had pre existing health issues. Well it looks like his dream has come true, so yes Stevo, I do believe that this is so true, that the money that Obama Bin Lying & our other FAUX president thatwe have todayChina Joe THE CHILD MOLESTER, we have today, indeed did steal Tax payers funds and along with this QUACK, QUACK, QUACK Dr. FAUKI U and the Chinese invented this COVID FLU BS.

      2. How did they steel it?

        Even Trump appointed judges could not find any evidence.

        Stop believing Trump’s lies, it makes you look like an idiot too.

        This is coming from a life long Republican

        1. Judges refused to look at evidence. They are bunch of weak scared jackrabbits! Just because they were appointed by Trump means nothing when they are afraid to make tough choices.No better example than Kavanaugh!

        2. They stole it my son who lives in Florida got a Michigan ballot even though he has been living in Florida for over 10 years, many of his friends also got them and they live in Florida. I got a call from an unknown who offered me 100.00 for my blank signed ballot, also the numbers don’t add up there are 133 million legally registered voters in the US Trump got 70 million and Biden got 84 million add them up and keep in mind that not all of the registered voters vote

        3. You’re full of bull pal! You sound more like a Rino than a life long Republican! The evidence is significant and obvious! I saw it with my own eyes, as did millions of others! You are either a fool or lack preception! The judges involved were primary DEMOCRAPS and the real culprit is Chief Justice Roberts! He is incredibly corrupt as he is tied in with Clinton, and Epstein and is a known Trump hater!! He committed Treason by not following the Constitution! So stuff it pal! You need to get properly informed instead of spouting nonsense and defend our great nation instead of putting down the TRUE ELECTED PRESIDENT!!

  4. I wonder if the Hoe is making all these changes…or Obama…What is Obama doing back in the White House…? He sure is a ugly Monkey….

  5. Good For Donald Trump the sooner he is back in office the better because right now under Biden this nation is heading for doom and gloom.

    1. Trump one and done,he has a lot of court charges coming up this year and next,what happens if convicted of a felony charge

      1. Don’t really care what Trump has done – I only care that he takes care of America – He’s done more for America in the first week he was in office than any other President – Joe Biden minding his masters has done more to destroy what Trump did that was good. Anyone with half a brain knows that Biden and Harris are only minding the store for someone else.

        1. President Trump is the best president we have had in many years. I think he is better than the ones we might call best!!! I have a question — where is Pence — I haven’t seen or heard from him for many moons!!!

        1. You’re the foolas he is a Christian that no Democrat can claim with their Agenda like committing murder of Babies.

        2. You’re the fool Vincent..your Democratic party was started by the Klu Klutz Klan.. the party of slavery.. that is pie in your face Fool Vincent!!

          1. Jim Crow & Welfare are also Democrat inventions.
            As Johnson said as he signed it:
            “This’ll have those voting Democrat for 200 years!”
            Was he right?

      2. You are certainly not the brightest bulb in the box. You sound like the people that keep saying this was an honest election because of all the lawsuits that were filed but got nowhere. Just because a judge doesn’t take a case, doesn’t mean there isn’t something there. In this case it means the judge has no spine or doesn’t believe it will help his career. The fact that all of these court cases are being brought by democrats who are deathly afraid of President Trump, should tell you something. If they can get him in court and keep him tied up with their red tape BS, they hope he won’t make an impact. THEY ARE SO WRONG!!! You are as well.

      3. I’ll make this a simple response.

        Please name me the Crime. Not some BS like they pulled TWICE last year, either. Actual REAL “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Tell us ALL the Real Facts. What Crime, what Law was broken, what Proof. Don’t be a Schiff, tho. He’s seen LOTS of experience. All he has to do is close his eyes and he sees lots of evidence. Only problem is he never shows it.

        B4 you respond, remember he underwent 1 Senate, 2 House, FBI, & 2 1/2 years of Mueller Investigations. Result: ZERO! No Crimes. You KNOW if they had managed to dig up Anything that was factual and not a Clinton/CIA/White House Conspiracy Theory, aka “The Steele Dossier”, those “19 Angry Democrats” not to mention all those other Never-Trumper’s, and just those ignorant ones who hate because the FNM told them to, they would have pounced on it like a starving coyote!

        But please tell us the REAL Crime that’s going to put him in Prison!
        Have no fear, tho. I won’t be holding my breath in anticipation.



  6. Trump won the 2020 election by a total LANDSLIDE. The US Supreme Court should have investigates the Fraud instead of denying the American People who voted for Trump that process. Our Supreme Court is a Joke they are in pocket just like the Democrats. I am ashamed of them and the entire Democratic Party as well as some of the Republican Party. A DISGRACE!!!!

    1. Thank you, Greg. Nikki is the next to the last person I would vote for to serve in any office of the USA.

  7. It was so refreshing to Just listen to an up beat Trump. I am so tired of hearing about war monger Mortician Joe. Joe’s motto should be “America Last”. Is there any thing Joe can do that would good for us?

  8. We were not complicit to anything! Yes the election was plainly and obviously STOLEN from our president, all avenues Trump tried to use to get the fake election were fruitless I can almost understand why the DemoRATS would not hear any of the fraud cases, because they would lose the presidency! But the Republican judges turning down the cases are an absolute travesty of justice! As well as low life scum to the Republican Party! The truth is in the Census less than 98 million registered voters live in the USA, How did over 150 million votes get counted? The fraud is very blatant and obvious! Just like the #CoronaSCAM2020 used to steal the election from Trump!

  9. Biden was put in to office by sorros so that he could be replaced by Harris. Not even the dumbo rats want him to have the nuclear codes. Her own party didn’t want to see her in the Oval Office. But she must owe George Sorros

    After the midterms we need to impeach all of them and let our speaker become president with Trump’s guidance until the election in 2024.

  10. It’s totally obvious to anyone with a brain that the election was a totally obvious farce based on the total count of available voters. Communists paid everyone to hide the truth or make the impossible possible. Soros must be located and publicly executed for the world to see, then we need to remove the CCP from China, take over WHO then erase Iran. After that we would have world peace!!

  11. Sean Duffy made a comment after
    President Trump’s speech this evening;
    he said: “I, always, feel good after a
    Trump rally”. I agree. After his speech
    this evening, I, also, felt great! This is the
    first time, since January 6th, I see a light
    at the end of the tunnel. He gave me/us
    hope that will help us cope during the
    next four years. Especially, if Donald J.
    Trump is on the ballot for Republican
    President in 2024 !!

  12. The continuous destruction of a once by the many sought wonderful country is afoot , unless matters are taken into PROPER hands. I fear that Mr. Biden exemplifies the prognostication that the (famous or infamous) whichever you might want to hail him as : (i.e.) Wyatt Earp – when Marshall Earp stated that the man who was to replace him in Dodge City was a good Marshall but unfortunately (AFFABLE) ! As a matter of fact : according to the legendary story the Marshall who replaced Wyatt Earp at bequest of the Mayor in Dodge City was indeed (GUNNED DOWN AND MURDERED DUE TO HIS BEING : ” TOO AFFABLE” !!!! I most certainly wish Mr. Biden good health and long life and (DO NOT) wish such a tragedy upon him. None the less it is quite obvious that Mr. Biden’s so called victory was NOT due to his popularity but indeed to the LOATHSOME SPITEFULNESS against Mr. Trump . It has been my modest experience to seek what would be best – NOT only for myself but indeed for the benefit of the United States of America with the sincere hope of enterprising a justifiable momentum of peace with the many nations of the world. I confess that I have at times voted for both Republican and also Democratic candidates . This with respect to the person who was running for the High office of President of this hopefully still greatest nation in the world. It is my modest and personal feeling that whether Democrat or Republican and were I to choose a Democratic candidate as opposed to the Republican candidate I would definitely prefer Mr. OBAMA rather than the probably quite intelligent but (QUITE AFFABLE MR. BIDEN) . To bear in mind that my thoughts have NO BEARING as to summit of intellectual capabilities or party. These are purely my personal thoughts from the many years of modest experiences in this short voyage on this earth. God Bless America and also those who were cited as the Peacemakers in the Good Book.

  13. You’re the fool Vincent..your Democratic party was started by the Klu Klutz Klan.. the party of slavery.. that is pie in your face Fool Vincent!!

  14. You’ll never hear Conservative Media proposing the arrests, forced indoctrinations, enslavement and murders of 80 Million American Citizens like the Demoncrats are doing everyday in National Media. . . .800 “FEMA” death camps. 2400 “extremely large heating units (what they call crematoriums in FEMA camps) and 4 Million “FEMA” coffins that can hold thousands of remains of Conservatives after cremation. . . .now you know where “Carbon sequestration” came from. . . a cremated corpse is a vast majority of ash. . .corbonized bodies. . .buried securely in a Government controlled nuclear waste dump to ensure that proof od their American GENOCIDE neer reaches the light of day. . . .I doubt any Politician would need 50,000 foreign mercenaries to enforce their dictatorship. . . .IF THEY REALLY WON THE ELECTION.

  15. The Terminator, Donald J. Trump, I WILL BE BACK!!!!!! He is the ONE! I trust Him!!! He made money before he run, the rest stole or get the money from China or from us the taxpayer!

  16. This Website is full of very Ignorant people.
    Donald Trump, like Adolph Hitler, prays on the gullible and weak minded.

    Watch the history Channels biography of Adolph Hitler, and you will see similarities.

    We need to save our democracy.

  17. Edward, Do your own investigating before making a final decision. The courts would not hear the case for the evidence to be disclosed. Watch this from Mike Lindell, Mary Fanning, and Brannon Howse Present the Docu-movie : “Absolute Proof”

    Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Then draw your conclusion. This is coming from a life long Republican

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