August 1, 2021

Trump supporters crash Biden ‘rally,’ chanting ‘four more years’

Democrat nominee Joe Biden doesn’t leave his basement often, and when he does, it’s usually to make a short-lived, tightly-controlled appearance with only a few supporters in attendance.

On Saturday, however, Biden held a drive-in “rally” in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The rally was well-attended — Not by Biden supporters, but Trump supporters that crashed the rally, infuriating the Democratic candidate.ย 

170 cars reportedly showed up to the event, but CNN political correspondent MJ Lee characterized the event as “practically a Trump drive-in rally” as Trump supporters swarmed the area, chanting “Four more years!”

Biden didn’t take the opposition well, calling the Trump supporters “chumps” multiple times while simultaneously call ingfor Americans to vote for him in order to “unify” the nation.

“By the way, we don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone are doing, the Trump guys,” Biden said. “Look, we’ve got to come together.”

“I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps at the microphone out there,” Biden continued. “That’s the job of a president, the duty to care for everyone. The duty to heal.”

Watch Biden’s reaction to the party-crashers below:

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16 Responses

  1. Bidens just a crooked lying politician and after 47 year willing to sell the country out to the communist left ,hoping to win to stay out of prison..

  2. The difference between the two parties…Republicans just shout their message, make noise, and have fun doing it.
    democrats riot, destroy, vandalize and murder their opposition.

  3. I a love it n hope they’ll continue. Biden has no supporters at his rallies to speak of. Trump’s supporters aren’t rioting just note that. Way to go Trump supporters.

  4. Appreciate writing this. I love the world wide web because you can learn something new every day. I’ll share this with my friends, thank you!

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