October 3, 2022

Trump smacks down calls to defund the police

As some Democrat leaders cave to the demands of radical leftists, Donald Trump refuses to bow to the mob.

Though Trump has begun the process of meeting with leaders to enact law enforcement reforms, he ended any speculation that he is willing to defund or dismantle the police. 

“We won’t be defunding our police. We won’t be dismantling our police,” Mr. Trump said on Monday. “Sometimes you’ll see some horrible things like we witnessed recently, but 99, I say 99.9, but let’s go with 99% of them are great, great people.”

Trump held a law enforcement round table on Monday to assess possible reforms addressing the long-standing problem of police brutality but made it clear that he stands with the nation’s officers.

Trump continued that despite the hysteria building in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the US’s crime statistics are “among the best numbers we’ve ever had in terms of recorded history.”

“There’s a reason for less crime, it’s because we have great law enforcement. I’m very proud of them,” He said.

Americans tend to agree with Trump that police reforms to amp up accountability and improve training are reasonable actions but that defunding the police is not the answer.

According to a report by the Cato Institue, “few people support calls to abolish or defund the police: 9 in 10 black, white and Hispanic Americans oppose reducing the number of police officers in their community—and a third say their community needs more officers the Cato survey found.”

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