April 18, 2021

Trump slams mail-in voting ‘scam’, says it will lead to ‘greatest rigged election in history’

President Trump ramped up his attacks on mail-in voting schemes that are being pushed by the Democrats, exposing the plan to turn the 2020 election into the “greatest rigged election in history.”

Democrat leaders have signaled that they won’t back down on cheat-by-mail plans proposed in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) lates coronavirus stimulus package.

Multiple Democrat governors across the US have also invoked their executive power to order ballots or absentee voting applications to be mailed to voters in their states.

Trump tweeted on Sunday that “The United States cannot have all Mail In Ballots. It will be the greatest Rigged Election in history.”

“People grab them from mailboxes, print thousands of forgeries and “force” people to sign,” he continued. “Also, forge names. Some absentee OK, when necessary. Trying to use Covid for this Scam!”

Democrats have attempted to frame voting by mail as a matter of life or death due to the coronavirus crisis, completely ignoring what the data actually shows in regard to the safety of in-person voting.

Breitbart reported last week:

Recent data has not shown a compelling public health justification for vote-by-mail. Wisconsin is one of the only U.S. states that held its primary election with in-person voting after the nation’s coronavirus lockdowns began. Only a few dozen people at maximum were confirmed to have contracted the virus after participating either as voters or poll workers, and none of those cases were fatal. Out of the 413,000 participants, that equals an infection rate below two-hundredths of one percent. Just days later, South Korea held national elections which did not result in any new coronavirus cases.

Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding from Nevada and Michigan due to their plans to open up absentee voting to all voters throughout the states.

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26 Responses

  1. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.

  3. Thank you ever so for you article post.

  4. What about all the American voters who getting to vote through the mail how many how you going to stop the elderly whom have the right to do that and have been for awhile

    1. I’m 80 years old and have bee to Kroger, Walmart, Foodsmart, Harps, and Beltone without a mask. My husband is 82 and has been to the same places. Neither of us have gotten sick. This virus is mostly a scam to get rid of President Trump and make our country a Socialist country. If that happens, the elderly will be standing in bread lines like the do in Venezuela.

    2. My father age 91 got a mail in ballot in the state of Florida. My father was a democrat. He asked me (a republican) to fill out the ballot. I filled it out the way I wanted. My father without reading the ballot signed it. It was mailed in to the state of Florida. Do you think my Father voted the way he wanted to because he signed the ballot.

  5. The ones who have to vote at home need to drive by vote and show license and voter registration card

  6. mail in only supposed to b for the sick or elderly…Democrats are scaming AGAIN…..its every 5 seconds…dam

    1. Mail in were started years ago for the infirm and folks who could not get to the polls. It had to be done in advance. You had to request and prove why you needed it and prove who you were! It has gotten out of hand! WE still need ID s to vote and unlike the fraudsters in CA, NO ILLEGALS Should ever be allowed to vote. Here they harvest votes, pay the homeless and provide a ride if needed. 1 Mail in address had over 30 mail in ballots, all with different names and was a single family home! SOOOO if that s the case for more fraud cuz of the VIRUS? DELAY all voting till the virus has a vaccination! President Trump STOP the RATS games. Vote in person after the vaccine is found. Let them yell, scream, and tear their hair out! Let them call you a dictator, or what ever! This BS by the RATS must stop! We the People are behind you. (except the rats) And the court order to clean the polls has never been done and made public!

  7. I’m holding you to it , promises made and promises kept ! I have to mail in because I live 2 1/2 hours from town , but travel through 6 other towns to get there . I should be able to go to the nearest one . Each city or town should be responsible for it’s own ballot counting with a Republican and a Democrat observers .

  8. Mexico, believe it or not, has a well and sound voter ID system in place where it is impossible to cheat. They created it after so many years of stealing ballots, changing them, disappearing them, etc. Really! Cheat proof.! Of all places.

  9. Withhold ALL funding from states that go against the President, Period. The only way Dummycraps pay attention is if they are hit in the pocket. If there is a way to cheat or corrupt something the Dummycrap Party will do it, and mail in voting is one.

  10. I hope President Trump DOES hold moneys ALL states that push this vote by mail crap! I know EXACTLY why democrats push so hard for this look how many times they tried to discredit President Trump. How many times did they succeed? In 2016 they had everything figured out.Trump won fairly! Now their last chance to take over, not just the government but everyone’s life as well. I don’t want to be the servant to a corrupt government which is what will happen if democrats get control again

    1. Hell it’s about time the people that work and raise their families wake up to those that want to run their lives , by those that are put in power in all countries , and not just are country alone , as those types of people we are seeing and hearing of today in our country , has been going on since the first Kings and Queens became known of ,on this planet we live on today , and how dose one think or fell how they gotten so wealthy that gave them their power from , could it not be like what we are seeing taking place in our country since the Government was put in place in the free world less then three hundred ago or back , and now we are seeing the types of people that where on the way of taking over our lives and our country , and all this crap we keep hearing of , is for what they can not overcome , are get what they wanted , and who does one think gave those types of people their wealth and their power , could their power of wealth not come out of the wages one had worked for , and the wage earners tax money that those types of people been getting their hands on, as free money , And those types of people that been put in power four many decades , know all the tricks in their books to keep in power , and become wealthy off of the stupid people that vote and keep such types of people in power , and Joe Biden is a good example of a person who made his life in politics along with his wealth , like most of those in the Democratic party have , and will keep fooling those types of people that vote for them in many ways just to get their votes and stay in power , and what we are seeing is a wake up call , before those types of people take over our lives and country , that will not be fit for animals , that would be your young children and not counting those that are not yet born , to all those to be born in the future , and the working people of our country along with all others must not let those types of people take over our country by getting and staying in power , as most belong in jails to start with , let alone run our country and or lives ,and when that takes place their evil chain will be broken , and we will see our country become GREAT AGAIN , As TRUMP has told us from the beginning ,as only he can do it with the right people with him in power.

  11. Withhold funds from Indianapolis, In as Democrat Mayor has implemented
    mail in voting! Dems always try to cheat at the polls and there is no end to
    what they will do with this new “trick”!!!!

  12. It is an awful outlook for true Americans and Patriots if the democrats are allowed to
    A presidential election vote by mail. People all people Republican and Democrat. Your rights as citizens and Americans would instantly disappear. Your children would grow up without your guidance or religious
    Freedom. The democratic congress supports socialism. They’re kind of socialism is truly less than just one step to communism. This is Memorial Day weekend we should never forget our soldiers who gave their lives to remain a free nation. It would strip their heroic actions during war and peace to Nothing. Stand up for our Country, for your family and friends who gave their lives for us, for their generation and all the generations to come. Don’t go to vote because your a democrat or Republican. Go to the polls to vote because you are an AMERICAN.

  13. I agree with William Rook, very sad. Many people don’t know how to react to vote by mail, they’re confused and thought everything are organizing, but some of us, we know, democratic party are corrupt, are in control. The Best an accurate need ID Vote, unfortunately, no one got. I do not trust on mail vote, but already I did, so, I’m waiting for a miracle. People vote RED for our the best , for our Country and our President. Trump/Pence 💯 💯 💯

  14. Vote by mail is a scam, B.S., and a political joke. When people drive to the store for lottery tickets, booze, or a soda they don’t need a mail in ballot. If you chase a ball all day on a golf course, or go fishing from a boat or pier, you don’t need a mail in ballot. If you joy ride in an atv or go for long hikes in the woods, you don’t need to vote by mail. I am 71 years old and I take myself and other seniors and those who need a ride to vote. Voting in person is the only honest way to vote. .

  15. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article posted at this web site is in fact pleasant.

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