May 14, 2021

Trump slams Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal timeline

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden Sunday for announcing September 11 as the planned date to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan, arguing they should leave earlier.

“Getting out of Afghanistan is a wonderful and positive thing to do. I planned to withdraw on May 1st, and we should keep as close to that schedule as possible,” the former president wrote in a statement.

Trump’s statement came in response to Biden’s announcement last week that U.S. troops would leave Afghanistan by Sept. 11, ending the nation’s longest war. However, the date breaks Trump’s previous plan to leave by May 1.

“We went to Afghanistan because of a horrific attack that happened 20 years ago. That cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021,” Biden said. “We were attacked, we went to war with clear goals,” he added.

“We achieved those objectives. Bin Laden is dead and al-Qaida is degraded in Afghanistan, and it’s time to end this forever war,” Biden continued.

More than 100,000 U.S. troops served in Afghanistan at its peak in 2011. By the start of 2021, only 2,500 Armed Forces personnel remain.

Not all Republicans are happy with Biden’s decision. Some, such as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) called the move dangerous, as the decision was not based on any conditions with the Afghanistan government.

The nation will mark 20 years from the tragedy of 9/11 on Sept. 11 of this year. The U.S. began its invasion of Afghanistan Oct. 20, 2001.

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40 Responses

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  2. Pulling out is great, however, if the Taliban don’t hold up their end, we will need to leave a small force of American troops along with Nato troops until compliance is completed!!!

    1. Hey Robt W.. sound’s great. But having been in the 82nd Airborne Div, how would you like to be a member of that “small” group of troops? Ever seen the movie, “ZULU”? Better idea: Take all the Afghani women out of that hell-hole and divide them up between all the countries that have been involved. Re-educate them. Let the Taliban make love to their goats. Not kill women because they have been educated!

  3. I agree with President Trump, Why are we fighting endless wars!. If we must fight, get mean today, leave the rubble pile to the trash hunters, then come home.

    1. The mindset of these people in middle eastern countries will never change. They’ve been brainwash from birth by Satanic influences to kill anyone who does not think like they do. Every man of that cult believes he is Caesar, or a god, and will fight to the death believing he is a heroic martyr!
      We see similar traits in our own political arena right here in the USA. This is because few want to admit it but, this whole scene is a spiritual battle that began in Heaven eons ago. We’ve been warned about this by our Creator and, again, few want to see the truth
      about WHO the REAL ENEMY is.

  4. More taking credit for plans in place by the previous administration. Is what one does when inept with no credibility of their own, shamelessly steal from another.

    Changing the date to 9-11 permanently marks the withdrawal as a radical Muslim victory.

    Like his former boss Biden is no friend of America, just a user.

  5. Biden is an absolute blithering idiot, his dementia has caused his decisions to be be Anti American. Trump set the date of May 1st to get out of that God forsaken hell hole of a country, crooked Joe Biden should adhere to that date. It’s NOT UP TO HIM, to decide WHEN the troops come home, it should be a concerted effort of conversation with the Military people in charge, Biden doesn’t have CLUE what’s going on in the world today. He is driving us into the sewers with his extreme policies too. God help us make it till when he is either dead of forced out of office. And then impeach Harris for all her crimes to humanity, ie, her paying for the bail for the rioters last year, etc.

      1. The only good part, and I emphasize ONLY, of Pelosi being in charge would be, that she is a wretched old hag with one foot in the grave already and one could only hope that the added pressure would “finish her off”.

    1. obozo joe is just doing what his master (the black muslim and original obozo) wishes! This POS hates America!!

      1. Yes you are right obozo is running everything. Everything Biden has done has been done exactly like obozo did. He is not hiding it very well.

  6. Since Obama through Hillary Biden Harris Polosi, the democrats are an abomination to Americans to the world just as our Canadian Liberals Trudeau the head of the snake.

  7. I hope the USA will give political asylum to all the Afghans who will be in mortal danger in their country once the Americans will finally depart. We should not forget what the Vietcong did to their countrymen who cooperated with us Americans.

      1. Afghans who worked with and supported the American cause did so because they wanted to help us win the war there. What kind of people are we if we desert them now – leaving them to certain torture and death? If the war could have been won, they would stay and help the new government. However, since that is not the case, I believe we owe some loyalty to them. Especially knowing what their fate would be. Heck, if we can absorb thousands of illegal aliens coming through our southern border like locusts, then we surely can help loyal friends and supporters that served with us in Afghanistan!

      1. Terry Bell: Reading your two posts, it appears that you can’t tell the difference between those who have served loyally with our military and those who have not. Afghans that have served with our troops (and many times saved the life of one of ours) are quite different than unknown illegals and children being transported to our southern border by the thousands using criminal cartels. One is a loyalty to comrades in arms; the other is a travesty that should never have been allowed. You can personally thank Biden and Harris for the mess at the border!

  8. I liked Trump when he was president because he never gave the enemy exact dates in the future for withdrawal in order for the enemy to kill more of our military prior to their leaving. Sane decisions were much more prevalent when he was our leader.

    1. I agree with you Ruth. Both with your choice for President (Trump), and that it would be foolhardy to give the enemy our planned departure timeframe!

  9. Unfortunately if all troops are withdrawn, we’ll be giving up an air base we have there. If/when the Taliban starts building & pulling terrorist crap again, we will have no base to deal with them from and we’ll have to dispatch aircraft carrier(s) to the region which will be much further to fly to take appropriate actions and the carrier(s) will then be targets by other hostile countries. We should maintain a presence there, if for no other reason than to have our mere presents will be a detrimental to the Taliban efforts to rebuild.

    1. Sounds logical, but possibilities and history has shown that in wars that’s more probable as this has shown in any fight. Be that even on our own streets in usa one gang member gets removed and another gang moves in. But we just can’t participate there indefinitely because of this good point either.
      No matter what in war there is ALWAYS a price. Does the means outweigh the cost? It’s a very difficult decision but our troops deserve to come home to their families too. Sounds like in your opinion that you served, so if I’m correct, thank you for your service. Suggestion is to write to the president and reach out to the senators too. Maybe start a petition

    1. I agree with you Phil. The Democrats are very foolish to use such an ill prepared individual in the role of President. It just shows that they don’t have the capacity in their ranks to provide someone better, or they purposefully did it because they want our country to fail on the world stage! In either case, they are undermining our history and eliminating trust in our future. The American people deserve so much better than that!

  10. Blacks attacking whites with approval of democrats
    Nazi democrats want war!!!!!!!!
    Remember who started it!!!!!!!

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  12. OOPS!!! I forgot and used that word that starts with a “s” and ends with a “t” when describing our present administration. But I repeat. They want to use Sept. 11 because it will cause more disharmony and riots in the U.S. It is all a game to them, but I say, STOP THE GAMES. STOP HURTING OUR SOLDIERS AND OUR NATION. QUIT USING SEPT.11 FOR YOUR OWN SILLY PURPOSES. GET OUR MEN OUT NOW.

  13. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate
    Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

  14. We are there and we need to stay there with a small military force. Just look at the boards. Look back in history. Midway, Okinawa and the Solomon Island. All these battle have one thing in common. A jump off point to hit the enemy hard and keep them from getting to close to the United States of America. So Afghans people need us to stay and help them maintain the Peace. If we do not do this. It will open up the door for China or/an Russia along with the Taliban to bring the war to the United States. As for what i say. Is not great. War is Hell. I know been there. Vietnam 1968 to1969, Desert Storm 1990. retired in 1994 with a total 31 yrs plus 10 yrs fleet reserves. I think i have said enough, but if the war come here. I will be ready for it. For you young ones out there are thinking that i have an arsenal. BIG NO. Just my boots and Three other item. Then you will wish you never ran in to this MGySgt.

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