May 6, 2021

Trump signs bill to memorialize fallen journalists despite hostile relationship with news media

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is not a fan of the mainstream media or the many journalists and reporters who make up its ranks.

Trump temporarily reversed his hardline stance against the media by signing off recently on a bill that will allow the construction of a memorial on federal lands that will honor fallen journalists.

The bill, known as H.R. 3465, “authorizes the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation to establish a commemorative work on federal land in commemoration of America’s commitment to a free press as represented by journalists who sacrificed their lives in service to that cause.”

After the bill was signed into law by the president, chairman David Dreier of the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation, wrote in a statement that the bill “will honor the reporters, photojournalists, producers, editors and others who have died while performing their jobs as journalists.”

Dreier went on to talk about the number of journalists who are attacked, imprisoned and killed each year, saying “No matter the circumstances of their deaths, these journalists and their sacrifices deserve to be remembered by a free society that values a free press.”

According to The DC Post, the bill was passed in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in September, with a unanimous Senate vote in early December. It was originally introduced in bipartisan fashion, by Rep. Grace Napolitano (D-CA) and Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK).

One of the most egregious attacks on journalists on American soil took place in 2018 in the Annapolis, Maryland newsroom of the Capital Gazette. Five reporters lost their lives after a Maryland man by the name of Jarrod Ramos entered the newsroom with a firearm and began shooting.

Trump may have his issues with many in the mainstream press, but signing H.R. 3465 into law made it crystal clear that he recognizes the sacrifices made by many in the profession.

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39 Responses

  1. NOT ALL Journalists are Bad……. (God will Decide THAT) .Rush Limbaugh Should Be at the Top of Any Memorial tho…

    1. Amen to that (regarding Rush). However, am wondering if it will OFFEND certain people and they’ll decide to either deface it or tear it down. After all, they’ve done the same to those statues that memorialized the men who helped to shape this nation. Of course, that doesn’t mean they even knew who they were or what they did!!

        1. I agree with you. Hell nowwww……. they did not read the bill! Two ears and one mouth, The Creator knew what he was doing. Show some intelligence, Trust the Presidents decisions.

  2. Nancy the witch said after the impeachment attempt that was going to do what ever it takes to get rid of Trump. She did

      1. God bless you, Diane. Yes, indeed, God will decide if and when Donald J. Trump has completed his mission here. God sent him to help heal this land in 2016, and the job he has done has been magnificent. That job however is not done. There is still China to deal with and those complicit in the attempted theft of this election. The act itself is against God and it will be avenged by God.

  3. Could be as anti America as the demonRats could get. 100 0f million $$$$ going to foreign entities that serve no purpose for American Citizens, you know, the ones e that the it was intended extend relief to, another example of the priorities of the demonRats. There is a chasm between the needs of their consteiunt’s and the dreams and asperation’s of the citizens that they are supposed to be concerned about.

    1. Pisslosi is stupid to think that her crap is going to hurt the best president America has ever had. It is going to be the end of the demonrat party. They are taking themselves down.

  4. Good to hear a memorial will be set up to honor the honest journalists who lost their lives protecting our country. Not all journalists are bad, but a lot in msm are compromised.

  5. I am glad for them, all who give their lives for this country should have some kind of marker. Now that you have that signed Mr. President lets get back to the Covid bill and get the rest of these true Americans that are in need and get the $2000.00 stimulus Bill signed and fix all the other pork taken off and settle that later we need to feed families and keep a place to live in. I know you would like to sign it , so separate that bill from the other stuff and help us now before it is too late.

  6. In the past there were real Journalists who covered wars and who were honest in their reporting but today, during the last 10 years or so most are dishonest and could careless about the truth. NYT, CNN, MSNBC and sometimes even FOX News like Chris Wallace.

  7. I agree with President Trump. Those journalists who lose their lives while covering military or other stories that are to inform Americans and lose their life while covering those stories SHOULD be have a memorial in their honor. Also, now I like Rush like many others do and yes his life will be cut short due to cancer but that doesn’t count as it is from natural causes.

  8. There are some journalists who can still consider themselves journalists, but not many. The ones I had placed upon pedastels have sadly fallen off. But surely Rush Limbaugh is among the very toop. Some who were conservative reporters have been bought by the MSM and liberal idealogy. Still, it is appropriate to honor those who placed themselves in harms’ way in order to bring the news to America and other parts of the world.

  9. Kind of eliminates all members of CNN ,MSNBC, ABC, etc. If they follow any of the criteria mentioned for memorialization of journalists

  10. These so-called journalists who are basically trying to run the country should report news not make it. They are a disgrace to this country and our freedom. I used to believe in them but never again.they are liars and manipulators and I hope they all crash and burn

  11. Rush is one of the greatest journalists ever ! ! ! Remember him from when he came to St. Louis many years ago. He drew a large crowd during his appearance.

  12. Way cool, some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.

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