April 18, 2021

Trump says impeachment, removal push will come back to bite Biden

Nearly a week after the horrific and deadly protest event that transpired in Washington D.C., President Donald Trump made his first comments on the situation during a trip to Texas to highlight the benefits of the border wall protecting the southern U.S. border.

According to Breitbart, as reporters questioned him about his thoughts on Democrats pushing for his removal via the invocation of the 25th Amendment, Trump suggested that President-elect Biden should be the one worried about the 25th Amendment, adding it will likely come back to haunt the new president. 

“The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” Trump said during his visit to Texas. “As the expression goes, be careful what you wish for.”

Trump was presumably referencing claims he made during the 2020 presidential campaign that Biden would eventually be removed by Congress using that Constitutional mechanism in order for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to take the reigns as president.

“Crazy Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th Amendment in order to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris,” Trump tweeted in September. “The Dems want that to happen fast because Sleepy Joe is out of it!!!”

Trump’s latest comments came just before a House vote in which Democrats attempted to compel Vice President Mike Pence to begin the process of invoking the amendment, which he promptly refused to do, saying that it would only harm American democracy and further the divide in this country.

According to the Associated Press, House Democrats and Republicans convened on Wednesday to debate the articles of impeachment that have already been drafted by House Democrats, with a vote on the matter to take place. Should the vote pass, the articles of impeachment will be transmitted to the U.S. Senate for a trial.

There is growing speculation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) could possibly side with Democrats and vote in favor of a conviction, which would likely open the door for a number of other moderate Republicans to follow suit, leading to the possible removal of Trump shortly before his term expires.


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109 Responses

    1. Ironic, isn’t it??? We have hoards of ‘illegal’ immigrants flooding our borders in an attempt to flee from countries just like what we’re becoming!!! As ‘Mom’ used to say, ‘Out of the frying pan, into the fire’!!! Just think–they’ll feel ‘right at home’!!

      1. yes my mom said the same thing. Biden wants the illegals in and wants them to have instant access to citizenship, because you know who they will vote for. Its my understand he wants to put those same people on medicare which they wouldn’t have paid a nickle for. I cannot understand why he is in such a hurry to bankrupt medicare seems like we were told a few years back it would be bankrupt by 2035.

        1. That’s right. Also Rubio and Pelosi want to cancel out Social Security. Heck they have all STOLEN our hard earned money and are wanting to STEEL what MIGHT still be there for their little projects. Just be sure to check out the priorites of the people you plan to vote for in ANY elections.

    2. If McConnell makes such a terrible move I hope he will forever live to regret it. Hoping that other Republicans will think for them selves and not follow regrettable bad decisions made by others. Republicans need to stand with our President.

      1. Democrats have been “helping” the poor for 70 years. All we’ve gotten are more poor, and more rich democrats (can you say Soros…..sure you can !!!).

        1. what a joke soros runs are gov he owns all the puppets he pulls all the strings pay to play corruption is are gov and justice system they are all American sell out Traitors SOROS FUNDS ALL OF IT HE OWNS THEM ALL WAKE UP ONLY A BLIND FOOL CAN,T SEE THIS

        2. You have heard of moving the funding around… well guess.. the Democrats moved the funding around and funded their own bank account. American citizens will struggle under Biden/Harris.

      2. Such a devastating blow to the USA & the American people Nancy Pelosi tired for 4 years to get Trump out of office because she was afraid to get caught with insider trading on the day of the corona virus meeting she & her husband over 1 million dollars , & the rest of the stealing, she has done. she has caused her own demise , Barry Soeterro , should have never been allowed to use his father’s name to run for president of the united States, living in the American people’s White House when he was a foreign exchange student born in Kenya lied to get into the Illinois State Senate , he used to mooch cigarettes on Roosevelt Rd. years ago. Oprah Winfrey funded him the money because he was never home , only for him to commit perjury , treason, & what about the dead body he found on the property he bought in Hawaii , he never disclosed to the public ,when he used the tax payers money to go back & forth to Hawaii so he could get rid of his personal file , so nobody would find out the truth!!! & his wife Michelle who took many of her girlfriends on trips vacations while Americans had to pay for it. how caring was she , as people were starving getting shot in Illinois. ship George Soros back to Hungary please.

        1. Good idea but the Democrats aren’t going to send Soros back to Hungry… he funnels too much money to them. Money talks, bull crap walks. I do believe money is being stolen by hard working Americans by the Democrats, Large Banks, etc and they should be punished.

        2. I agree with what you said, Anna. Also, I wish there was a way to ship Soros out of this country. He is just trying to tear it apart and no one can see that.

    1. I say my prayers daily that these anti-Constitution types and their big tech followers must suffer ruin and misfortune all the days of their lives, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the Lord….

      1. It is written God does not move the righteous and the wicked will not unbothered land. Amen which means SO BE IT!!!!!

    2. It should have been spelled ‘piece’ message!!! They just want their ‘piece’ of American pie, or, to be more accurate–‘most’ of the pie. There will be no ‘peace or unity’ now. They thrive on wars and terrorism. Very profitable to the ‘Elite’!!

    1. The jails across the country couldn’t handle that many political prisoners. DC for one has over 10k, many from across this nation. Look at Ca, Oh, Mi, Pa, Me, and various other states where the damnocraps are in control. Corruption is all they know.

        1. They can be sent to the federal prison in Louisiana where all will be accepted by the swamps and marshes surrounding it . Gators , water moccasins and all the nasty creatures need food to survive . I pray that the new food does not infect the animals and kill them . Most democrats are infected and that is where one problem may be for our prized animals .

    2. to answer that questrion! because no republicans have the courage to support our President.they prefer to sit on their butts and draw undeserved pay for doing nothing.

      1. the republicans that are not standing with our president are the biggest disgrace. America is gone we are no better than China, Iran, Russia and all of our enemies. But the most evil and corrupt are the democrats their politicians and sadly every one of their voters. We have half of our country that I will describe as enemies of our country. Biden the biggest security risk to America ill be in the white house where he can do more damage to all of us. The witch from California is a immoral woman that is disliked even in her own state my millions of us here in CA where we have suffered by the evilness of her and her fellow democrats. Biden Harris are not my president and VP and they should all be in prison. Obama was the most corrupt and had the most corrupt administration and we should make sure they all go to jail.

        1. Prison is too good for them they all should be hung and thrown in the swamps to be meals for the snakes and gators never to be seen again !!!!!!!!

          1. no no no!!!!!! the whole bunch needs to be round up and taken to ALCATRAZ!!!!!!!!!! DUMPED OFF with seeds to farm and cultivate! They can TRY to swim back to shore. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!

    3. Joe Biden is sworn in and takes office, his son Hunter who has received millions of dollars from China, the Ukrainian government along with his daddies millions of dollars will never be investigated. Joe will grant amnesty to Hunter and his brother. He will also grant amnesty to obama and the clintons. How many democrats have you ever been being sent to prison. The election was rigged and the fix is in. Good old democratic party. Trump has the scoop on the poop, but Trump likes living better. When ever someone was going to testify before Congress against the crooks, they usually would shoot themselves in the back of the head 4 or 5 times committing suiside. FACT

    4. BECAUSE THEYSTOLE THE ELECTIONS THEY NEEDED TO TAKE OVER.. Now they are drunk with power, and they will not let our Constitution nor any of our laws get in their way.

    5. Americans, time to stock up on your ammo supplies and ready your guns. Lock & load.
      I’m sick and tired of all the Pelosi/Democrat lies and Bull$hit. How much more damage will we allow them to do to our country before we stand up and say ENOUGH??!??

    6. Because the news media would never tell the truth on the Biden’s. They are all biased for Democrats Even Fox News.President Trump is the best President we have ever had. He did everything he promised with Python Nancy wrapped around his neck. The Democrats are pure evil Four more years with President Trump would have MAGA

  1. Attack on the Capital done by Antifa, enabled by McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and the Mayor to make Trump supporters look bad.

    Several Special Operations being ran all at the same time.
    Guys with heavy military gear were the white hats. Seized multiple pieces of evidence, including Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

    Comey sold the top secret programme, Hammer and Scorecard, to the Chinese. Software used to overturn 2020 election.

    Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine

    1. Excellent description of the current situation.
      Antifa & BLM paid by satan Soros were the ones creating the destruction.
      High time our true Americans, and proud boys stand up for our president.

  2. Walking away from the spineless Republican Party – today they showed the American ppl they r doing what they do BEST – caving to the corrupt Dems!
    Careful what u wish for all u RHINOS out there – u will be losing many of our votes!!’

  3. Despite their plan for creation of a new virus in order to guarantee mail-in voting in 2022 the Democratic Party just pulled off the most serious crime in United States history and THINK they will get away with it by force but everyone in this country and the world finally know who they are – pure criminals. They are finished as are EACH of the Rhinos who thought they would temporarily on their side. They will always be locked together.

    1. I agree the voters of the democratic party are the worse kind of people and they brainwashing the liberals have done has worked. It will destroy America and we can blame the democrats. Democrats are godless, evil and the most untruthful bunch of low lives.

  4. If we know that everything was done illegally votes and all why has Biden and Kamala not in jail and trump still in whitehouse what the hell is wrong with this country

  5. Attack on the Capitol done by Antifa, enabled by McConnell, Schumer , Pelosi, and Mayor of D.C. to make Trump supporters look bad.

    Several Special Operations being ran all at the same time
    Guys with heavy military gear were the white hats. Seized multiple pieces of evidence, including Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

    Comey sold the top secret programme, Hammer and Scorecard, to the Chinese. Software used to overturn 2020 election.

    Delta Force raids Biden compound in Ukraine.

  6. It’s amazing that liberal supported BLM and Antifa were able to get away with riots, looting, burning down businesses, taking over police stations, beating people up and murder (even of african americans) for about a year with no consequences. Now a republican protest, turns deadly but Trump never once incited these people to riot. He asked for peaceful protests. But who cares about all the damage an deaths from Libs. Libs get away with everything. Libs who elected this group are just as bad as they are.

  7. To all you RINOS & so-called “conservatives” out there- You had better step up to the plate now, because by this time next year, it will be far too late! There will be nowhere to hide, so grow a spine NOW! This Criminalocracy must cease immediately!

    1. Problem is the Deep Swamp is too deep & the RHINOS R PLENTIFUL – don’t want to lose their backing of lobbyists & special interest groups- walking away from Republican Party – we the ppl NO LONGER HAVE A PARTY!!!

    2. By this time next year? Its already to late. Unless our President steps up and does what he needs to do now!!!!

    3. All these rats care about keeping their lazy jobs where they work only a few days a year and rake in large salaries and outrageous benefits. Every time they turn around they are on vacation or off somewhere to do nothing. They are ripping us off and spend our tax dollars with abandon. This country needs to be torn down and freed from the most corrupt party known as the democrats who are the most evil in any free society. We are being sold out to mostly China and many other countries that hate us. I myself hate each and every democrat to me they the worse kind of people ever. If we were smart we would have already started impeachment of Biden he is compromised and corrupt to the bone.

      1. and things are only going to get worse for us.
        May need to start looking for a new country to call home… somewhere where those in leadership positions have common sense.

  8. Any Republican in the Senate that votes to impeach Trump, should hence forth be designated a RINO and shuned by the Patriotic Republicans. If any Republican Senators vote for the impeachment of Trump, in light of all the good things Trump accomplished that no other President tried or could even do, they should be shunned and even required by way of “party treason” to resign as ANY kind of spokesperson representing TRUE American values and The Constitution. They, like the Democrats should be tested as to their ability to read and especially comprehend The Constitution & The Bill of Rights! What is happening now is not only UnConstitutional, it is totally disgusting! To be called any names like Nazi, Treasons, or Communists by Demorats is a call to action, especially when it was said as they were clearly looking in a mirror!

  9. My fellow Americans, we must all act together to insure that our GREAT POTUS TRUMP remains in the White House for the next four years while we all continue to work together to make America GREAT again. KAG!! We must stop the steal, stop the corruption, stop the lying, stop the Democrats and Pelosi, stop the fraud, stop the fake votes, stop the fake media, and end the destruction of the USA. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

    1. No we can’t the evilness of the democrats is much worse than I ever thought possible. The democrats should all be thrown in jail because the are the biggest danger to our union. Joe China has sold s ut to all the foreign countries that he and his family received billions of dollars. It is unbelievable that a crook like that got elected.

    2. Yes we can ..stay strong fellow Republicans..we need to unite and fight for our freedoms like our forefathers,they wouldn’t just lie down and take it and neither should we..

  10. McConnell. You know that Donald was elected president. You have turned out to be a democrat. A swamped not a trumper .We are sooo ashamed of what your doing. I hope the republicans can see thru you Do not vote to impeach trump. It will come back to you bad. I guess you don’t. This is your last term. Thank God


  12. Just like Government…….to Impeach a president who is already impeached? Hey Government, didn’t you already do this? Just like Government, if at first you don’t succeed, waste more money!!! BEST PRESIDENT FORE THE PEOPLE EVER! That’s why government hates him. He isn’t a politician, and he is trying to play Government games. Sorry Don, you are OVERMATCHED! I wish him the best, he has done right by the People.

    1. Trump was the best president for us the people and from the minute Trump announced he would run they plodded against him. For 4 years they obstructed and vilified him and his family. The democrats and all their voters are evil and yes you stole the election because Trump did win and is was a landslide until you played your filthy dirty games. Democrats you are the devils work and that is a reputation you well deserve. When they invoke God and the Constitution and love for the union I just have to laugh. They hate us and they hate this country and all they care about is power and money. Every democrat is evil and should be expelled from our once great country.

  13. Senile biden and freaking skeleton pelosi, i HATE BOTH LIKE HELL .try to destroy the beautiful USA with everything they stand for, And THAT senile becomes a potus, the world JOKER, who takes him serious , besides the chinese, they try to take over everything thnx to covid. I HOPE AND PRAY FOR , OUR WW POTUS DJTRUMP. SIMPLY THE BEST. Grts from a DUTCH TRUMPSTER.

    1. McConnell and his wife are in the Chinese shipping business. I believe that her family has a China shipping line and her daughter and hubby are tied into it.

  14. I wonder how the leaders of Antifa or BLM or any of the lefty groups feel about being called Trump Supporters…..

    1. they would be horrified because they really are the supporters of all the democrats. The democrats support and protect them and they are the democrats hit men. Evil people in step with the most evil party. The fallout from this impeachment scam will destroy us.

  15. The Dem’s (Pelosi etc ) they are just Haters! and are jealous of peoples personalities! they look to spend their lives fighting others who don’t agree with them and do not get much done!

  16. We are simple Americans…yet most of us knew this was going to happen…what happened to the FBI what did they just stick their heads in the sand and pretend that voter fraud WASN’T going to happen…makes you ask why do we even have a FBI…they have lost all integrity and respect…The FBI has done a poor job of protecting this country.
    ..are they just as corrupt and willing to sell our country

    1. Obama turned all the agencies into his tools for his criminal workings. Obama is the Satan of America and sadly he and his henchmen are walking around free and constantly spewing hatred and revision. Obama with his administration should have been locked up in Gitmo to stop the poisoning of their evil work. Now we are stuck with Obama’s criminal VP to further destroy this country. Biden and his family need to be locked up.

  17. watch what is getting ready to hit…….when the capitol got hit sarah paylin said she and her friends recognized antifa.maybe pelosy and kamila sent them there , well the secret service took all the laptops and some of them are going to jail i hear they said in about 5-2o days they are getting them all andthe election was fixed and i know where and why and they have afidavids from the paople who did it. we will egt the dems for treason ! i will laugh so hard when she gets handcuffed, her and her crooked but!

  18. Patriots must stand up and stand up now. Too many Politicians have turned on the man who has helped them have a job. Republicans have certainly shown what they are made of and it isn’t good. Actually it is called no backbone and money. Has everyone forgotten that you have the positions because “We the People” voted to have you in office. The Republicans have hurt themselves and the people will not forget. You spineless twits work for us. You have the law on your side so do something about the left. Pelosi is a nightmare and easily is the number 1 most disrespected and disliked woman in the US and you do have done nothing. Trump Supporters are not the ones who should be punished. The ones who should be punished are Pelosi, Obama, Schumer and Soros because they released these goons to cause what happened at the Capitol. You people think the public is stupid and below you; however you degenerates, I’m afraid will be sorry. You cannot not piss off most of America and not expect repercussions. You dirty and corrupt politicians just can’t seem to grasp the concept that you have a job because of “We the People” and your sure as hell aren’t doing your job. The House, Senate and Congress have caused the unrest in this country not our President. President Trump did not say to raid the Capitol. The Capitol was a set up and BLM and ANTIFA were the protesters.

  19. There is no doubt that the democrats instigated the capitol attack. I also believe that China and Democrats worked together to realize the virus. Enemies of America are the democrats and than China.

  20. The Democrats are acting like the Bolsheviks they rounded up the royal Romanoff family and killed them and buried their bones and some pit starting communism in the Soviet union by Karl Marx déjà vu people oh Mr. Biden I’d be very leery of your aristocratic party they will invoke the 25th amendment on you when you start acting like a blithering idiotAnd toss your side like a piece of trash that will be Karma!!

  21. How could any rational Democrat not comprehend what just happened? The lying, cheating, thieving, corrupt, traitors were allowed to take control of the most beautiful country in the world, The United States of America. What is even worse we are now under the Dictatorship of the evilest, corrupt, lying, cheating, thieving, pedophile, traitor, and most dangerous, human being ever living in the United States of America, JOE BIDEN! Any sane adult , regardless of your political party affiliation has to be able to comprehend what is taking place. The vast majority of the entire United States Government is corrupt! Donald Trump was a Diamond on top of a very large pile of coal. I honestly believe the American people are going to find out very soon that I am right,

  22. I agree with most everything said here, but we are not putting enough blame on who it needs to go to. The MEDIA… they have lied, muslead Americans. And the most Rich in this country… Its time we take back our country from the rich who think they are above the law. They can be gotten too. The media can be gotten too. We the people need to do.our patriotic duty and make them pay for there crimes.

  23. Remember Waters on tv saying, if you see someone from this administration get in there faces, yell we don’t want you here. Well its time to turn there own words back on them.

  24. I agree with Trump about the impeachment coming back to bite biden, and I hope it bites him hard, and Trump needs to be back in asap, despite democrats, they need to be locked up for hacking, and I don’t care if you tell Peloci I said that, because it’s the truth!

  25. Everyone knows this to be true. This is the only way a loser like CAMELAH could ever become president. She couldn’t even make the first primary vote. How pathetic we must look to the world, a president elect that cannot remember his own name half the time, and a Vice President elect chosen for her skin color, and lack of intelligence.

  26. So, my countrymen, what do you think that we should do about this attack on our Republic? We’re facing liars, cheaters, thieves and traitors taking over control of our nation. So, I have to ask again, what do you think that we should do? So far, all that I’ve seen and heard is talk, without no action! So, “home of the brave and land of the free”, when are we going to live up to our heritage?

  27. The democrats have three problems.
    One is a dry run on the 25 amendment so they know how to get rid of Pres elect Biden.
    The other is what to do , as they do not have a clue . Apparently , any rally that gets too enthusiastic can now be seen as as an “INSURRECTION,” that will have to include disruption of House and Senate hearings . THE AMERICAN PUBLIC KNOW THIS ELECTION WAS STOLEN ; JUST LIKE SOME CLEVER CROOK SWINDLED YOUR DODDERING PARENT OUT OF THEIR HOUSE. You do not want to accept it, nor do you have to accept it .More and more evidence of this theft will come out as time goes forward. Impeachment wasps god an idea as they could come up with until they complete a review of their entire list of WACKO ideas to fnd the least obnoxious one .
    The third and last problem , is they need ten or twenty thousand troops in D.C, so there are some people attending Pres elect Biden’s inauguration .

  28. America;

    Sick of the blame game. A riot at the capital with a guy in horns , and face painted
    Never ever met a Christian, who wears war paint and horns , definitely staged riot
    to discredit peaceful march. Dems don’t need to know they already know who did it,
    How desperate do you have to be to get rid of a President who is on the way out the door?
    It stinks of guilt and where do we turn for justice? I say hit them in their pocket book
    collectively we are stronger than we know. God be for us and against those who hate us!

  29. If Mitch and Republicans do not support President Trump in the fake/stupid impeachment case we will get new conservatives to take your place. You need to prosecute Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton and political leaders in the cities that were destroyed by democrats and BLM!!

    THERE IS :
    gangs & mobs

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