June 14, 2021

Trump says he’s ready to sign individual coronavirus relief measures

One of Donald Trump’s first actions after returning to the White House from a brief stay at Walter Reed over the weekend was to halt coronavirus relief negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) due to her refusal to compromise with GOP proposals.

After ending the ongoing talks with Pelosi, President Trump said he would be willing to sign several independent COVID-19 relief measures, including another round of stimulus checks — completely undercutting what leverage Pelosi had left. 

After months of stalling and failed negotiations, Pelosi turned down several deals proposed by the White House that contained smaller price tags that Pelosi’s initial proposals but that still contained concessions to House Democrats.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday evening, Trump warned Pelosi that her time is up and that he won’t wait for her to compromise any longer. “If I am sent a Stand Alone Bill for Stimulus Checks ($1,200), they will go out to our great people IMMEDIATELY. I am ready to sign right now. Are you listening Nancy?” Trump said in one tweet.

“The House & Senate should IMMEDIATELY Approve 25 Billion Dollars for Airline Payroll Support, & 135 Billion Dollars for Paycheck Protection Program for Small Business. Both of these will be fully paid for with unused funds from the Cares Act. Have this money. I will sign now!” He wrote in another tweet.

Pelosi has come under heavy fire from both GOP and Democrat legislators that have prioritized finding a solution for American businesses and families financially affected by the coronavirus crisis.

GOP House candidate Yvette Herrell, who is challenging Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D-NM), blasted Pelosi’s months of stalling on fast coronavirus relief, saying that “Nancy Pelosi just pushes it to the edge every single time, and, sadly, she would rather see the demise of our nation than stand with our president.”

Rep. Max Rose (D-NY), a moderate Democrat, has repeatedly called upon Pelosi and other congressional leaders to put aside political differences and work together to achieve a deal.

Rose declared last week:

It’s no secret that there are some people in my party that are secretly and surreptitiously saying, ‘Oh, let’s not do any deal whatsoever because we don’t want the president to get credit for anything,” he added. “That is as wrong as it gets. People are suffering right now … And we have to be there for them as members of Congress and as patriots, not as partisans.

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92 Responses

  1. Nancy Pelosi needs to go. She only cares about herself . I’d like to see her & her husband investigated for insider trading. How did they really get so wealthy?

    1. Thanks President Trump it would be greatly appreciated for that extra stimuli relief And I hope your feeling better and the first lady.I was glad to read that a Rep.Max Rose & democrat from New York agreed. I hope Pelosi will be voted out soon In Cali.

      1. I pray Nancy Pelosi does get voted OUT. She is nothing but trouble and does not like the Americans or America or she would be acting differently.

      1. I so agree with you Karen and others. This isn’t funny any more. It is a disgrace and time something
        is done to punish them. !! They are doing this on OUR tax dollar.

    2. Puklosi is a total loser!! All she wants is to benefit herself and her “buddies”. She’s damn lucky some patriot
      has not put her out of our misery….Not yet at least!!!1
      Semper Fi

      1. Can’t put misery out out misery. Send her to SF and take her money that she stole from American tax payers. She hasn’t worked for it.

    3. I agree…this vile wicked woman deserves to get her butt booted out of congress..if the American people are so stupid to see through this sham of a congress then they would be smart to vote all of them out..the faster the better..remember we pay their salary and while we are not able to work they are still getting paid and for what?
      They do nothing and get paid..wait….I want their jobs!

    4. Nancy Peloser should have quit 20 years ago! She is a “PRIVELEDGED” woman that thinks that “RULES ARE FOR OTHERS TO FOLLOW,,,I AM ABOVE THAT!!!” Her crumby antics over the past 10 years have been getting worse every year!~ Having her hair colored and combed cost her a lot more than she has EVER PAID!!! And I am GLAD!!!

    5. A couple of years ago she had a vid showing how she made $10,000 after investing $1000.00 from insider trading! WE on the other hand would have been jailed! Though they had made it a law that they could not do insider trading either?

    6. We must put our be Loved USA directly under our love for God! God~ Country~ Family ~ Self ~ neighbor… The building of any society! That is why our President TRUMP is So GOOD! He understands the Hierarchical structure of a society!

    7. There are some “laws” about insider trading that does not allow our senators or house members to be indicted like the general public can be. I wish I could remember the magazine I read the article in, but not coming back to me. It’s complete and utter bull**** that they can basically get away with it, and the Pelosi’s are not the only!

  2. Pelosi should not receive any pay until an agreement is made. In fact all of Congress should not see a pay
    check until they begin to compromise and work together. The whole lot of them should be canned !!

    1. AGREE COMPLETELY……….If they worked out here in the “real world” they could not get away with all the crap they pull while under the “protection” of elected office! They should be told to DO THEIR JOB OR PACK UP & GO HOME!!!!!!

      1. I forgot to add…..Pelosi would have to fly regular commercial in the back of the plane and NOT take her “chaffeured” military planes like she does now!!!!

        1. Don’t forget her huge supply of booze that required to be on the plane-“disgusting ole bag”!

  3. I hope the American electorate realizes Pelosi is Biden’s kind of girl. If he is elected, he will APPROVE all the budget busting proposals she wants !!

  4. I have never seen such a dispicable group of people as Pelosi and her gang, Schumer, Nadler, gov of CA, and the rest of her relatives. I never thought I would want Harry Reid back but he would be refreshing after this bunch of liars and cheaters.


    2. Harry Reid was just another scumbag slug from the swamp. It’s refreshing that he is not revelent anymore with his hate.

  5. All the deplorables should not get a paycheck. Piglosi made sure the government didn’t shutdown so her paycheck was banked. After taking millions that American people needed. As well as the rich n famous did. Disgusting to call them humans. So happy to hear our President is doing this for us. The only one that can put piglosi in her place. Let’s do it n vote her out now.

  6. Pelosi and HR Clinton should make very good cell mates. All of the garbage that has come out of the democrats little bag of tricks should make for good reading at night before someone yells, “lights out” to the both of them!!!

  7. Pelosi is the most disgusting member of Congress. As long as she has money and a job to hell with Americans.

  8. Pelosi is really loosing her corrupt money took over as the rest of the CROOKEd demoncrats SMERZiCA WAKe Up. We will not have a word to say or manage our own money. Plus do you understand what SOCAILISM Is We will be WORSE than RUSSUA wAS. Dt o you understand BIDEN is working with CHINA yo take UdA over

  9. ….Pelosi and the house of democrats drag their feet to take action just to show hate to Our president ….and unwillingness to recognize the evidence of actions he has done and is doing for the better of all citizens….if our president concentrates on his debate to show all the facts/evidence as he did at the NRC he will gain more people

  10. She Pelosi should retire before she gets caught doing what shes been doing you name t shres done it all against the american people

  11. If Biden wins Pelosi will have him deemed unfit in 6 months. Look at everything she’s tried to do to Trump. She wants the Presidency at any cost . TRUMP 2020!!

  12. Pelosi thinks she runs the government and trump works for her..she cant even run san Francisco. City of the homeless as far as u can see ..disgusting. but she dont care.

  13. and by the way…Hillary should of been in jail a long time ago…………………………………another CROOK

    1. Donna ,Along with bill and chelsea if it’s true she used four million of the clinton foundation’s money to pay for her wedding ! And I am sure there are a lot more who should be in jail , like biden , and , Schumer and on and on . I find it hard to believe that the dems keep voting these scums of the earth back in year after year . We need to vote for people who love our country and Constitution not for democrats who hate everything about America and are doing their damnedest to totally destroy us . How do democrats not as this when it’s right in their faces 24/7?

  14. It’s not finished until Pelosi has packed her bags and sent home or to the penitentiary, which ever comes first and the most pressing.

  15. I have always wonder how do these POLITICAN get RICH FAST? Can only think of a few things that they do to receive a million dollars. We ALREADY knew Elijah Cummings was STEALING
    FEDERAL FUNDS MONEY FOR BALTIMORE! That one reason! Two they are in the BACK POCKET OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD who they seem to put on all the STIMULUS MONEY! We also know they are in the BIG TEACHER UNION POCKET! Screwing our school education system! Even the USPS IS PART OF THEIR MONEY HARBOR! We can see for fifty years these DEMOCRAT DIDN’T TRY TO FIX THE USPS! JUST USE THEM FOR MILLION OF DOLLARS TO THEIR BANK ACCOUNT!

  16. I hope the people in CA can see what an IDIOT she really is and don’t elect her again. Maybe the people in the house need to vote her OUT as speaker, she will never do what’s right for our country

  17. Its time to go for Mrs. Pelosi. A much more qualified professional person is waiting in line to do a better job. She is out of touch and so self absorbed that she forgot she is being paid by public money. Please do yourself a favor and retire you are just wasting government’s time and money and doing a disservice to the American people. Its time for you
    now to be happy and not bitter. Be gracious and a little sincere smile would do nicely.

  18. For those older people Carol Burnett played a person by the name of Nora Desmomd. Nancy Pelosi is a spitting image of her both looks and actions. CRAZY, STRANGE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, NUTTY AS A FRUIT CAKE, OLD WRINKLED HAS BEEN THAT NEEDS TO GO. I do believe she is a mental case, there is something wrong with her. Plus she hates America and truly hates real American people. Believes and support all this violence from terrorist groups, we all know their names, thats all we see now days from the far left media outlets, they act and feel the same (DON’T FORGET TO LOOK UP NORA DESMOND). Wouldn’t if be nice for a change to hear and see positive news, that makes people feel good?????

    1. Paul that was definitely a laugh out loud moment when I read the first 3 sentences !!! I am still chuckling . Thank you so much for that , I just finished watching the debate and needed to get the taste of kamala out of my mouth . My poor dog must have thought I had gone crazy as I was telling at the screen so much . She is as bad , no, worse than biden . The way she kept repeating the same old same old lies about Trump , just thinking about again is raising my BP so on that note I will call it a night . Hope I don’t have kamala nightmares !!! Shudder .

  19. Piglosi’s plan is to bankrupt this country, and become president! Ask her about all the money she made through insider trading, and all the money her husband got for his “ business” through the cares act! They are multi millionaires on our backs! Time for her to be ousted for dereliction of duty, holding hurting Americans hostage so she can fund “ her pet projects”, planned parenthood, stimulus checks to illegals, etc. none of these projects apply to the covid relief we all need! Kevin McCarthy, get that old bag out, take her gavel and whack her in the head with it! She MUST GO NOW, before the election, and do NOT let Ocasio-Cortez take her place, she is crazier than Piglosi! People, vote RED across the ballot, get shiff, nadless nadler, Schumer and the squad out! Californians need to oust gruesome newsom as well!

  20. God~ Country~ Family ~ Self ~ neighbor… this is the foundation of building any society! That is why our President TRUMP is So GOOD! He understands the Nature of BEING! It is not TO USE ANYONE, but is FIRST, the Building of the SELF by living in and with the LOVE from God, for God and self, to family, to neighbors, to the country, then, to the world! This is practiced by our Most Wonderful and Loving President TRUMP! He is the expression of this CHAIN OF PRACTICE in LIFE with LOVE! What one thing that he has done since the Day HE entered the Whites house is not GOD FOCUSED? What is GOOD often causes ENVY! God bless us all, especially toward those who are Envious of our President Trump! We must united under LOVE and BY LOVE and with LOVE for ALL, as our President is doing! Love truly makes the World goes around in the GOOD DIRECTION!

  21. Of course Pelosi has been holding out to affect the election if she could. But don’t forget for a minute that SHE is NOT alone. She has the support of those who are constantly sucking up to her. Every one of them should be removed from the system by voters .

  22. Even Moderate DEMS, a marginalized group in the party now after the RADICAL TAKEOVER, see the very EVIDENT game Pelosi always plays. In trying to be the party of the Blacks, the RADICAL PROGRESSIVES and the moderates, the DEMS will find many more leaving their ranks as there is NO SCIENTIFIC STUDIES backing the new “social engineering experiments” that they want to impose on America. I think there is sufficient evidence that their plans will mean the destruction of our way of life. Even when discussing how Biden would respond to the inevitable job losses we would experience if he was elected, his response is that people would be hired BY THE STATE, TO WORK ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS! Communism pure and simple. Aside from the inevitable disaster such a program would lead to, it would establish the GOVERNMENT as our largest employer! Historically, putting programs under the direction of political appointees and strict “Affirmative Action” policies with no consideration of merit or skills, only political affiliation and race, is at worst a complete failure and at best institutionalized mediocrity. Welcome to the DEMS BRAVE NEW WORLD.

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