March 5, 2021

Watch: Donald Trump officially says ‘goodbye’ to the WHO

President Trump sparked outrage in the media with a bombshell announcement on Friday, revealing that the US will be severing ties with the World Health Organization in order to “protect American security and prosperity.”

Trump announced his decision to terminate the relationship between the US and the WHO at the White House on Friday afternoon.

“Countless lives have been taken and profound economic hardship has been inflicted all around the globe,” Trump said. “We have detailed the reforms that it [the WHO] must make and engage with them directly, but they have refused to act.”

The embattled organization has been accused of running cover for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. In response to the WHO’s mishandling of the coronavirus response, Trump temporarily suspended US funding to the organization in April, warning that the funding freeze would be made permanent if leaders did not enact “major substantive reforms.”

Trump clearly wasn’t bluffing.

The WHO valued loyalty to the CCP over funding from the US government and Trump said that instead of continuing to support the blatant corruption, funds previously earmarked for the organization will be redirected to other international aid efforts.

Watch Trump’s full remarks below: (H/T The Hill)

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55 Responses

    1. Totally absolutely agreed, now the next great thing that should have happened many years ago is dropping the worthless mutts at the U
      N, just another blood & money sucking collection of fools that take our money & spend it on everything & everybody else & then the try to take over control of our country. IMHO

      1. Again, absolutely right. Drop the UN without a cent, then charge them rent on the UN Bldg in NY. Also, make the UN reps obey the traffic laws in NY City.

        1. What you may not know is UN REPS have immunity. I learned that in 1958 on a guided tour.Thank you POTUS FOR DUMPING THE SOROS OWNED WHO.

        2. The UN building belongs to Rockefeller so it would be up to him if he wanted to charge rent, but you can bet your rear that he won’t, as he is on of the top “One Worlders.”

      2. thank God somebody said it. the UN just sucks up our money. when is the last time they ever accomplished anything in the US’s favor?
        that money can help a lot of Americans get back on their feet. many thanks, John, for speaking the truth.

      3. The UN sees themselves as the emerging world Government.
        A year or two, the UN stated that it’s the USA’s responsability to produce food for the 3rd world countries.
        Be aware that when I was elected there were UN observers at some of the polling places around the East coast.

    2. Thank you President Trump. You have removed us from the Global reach of the Democrat Party and their machine of sucking money out of every country that is involved in WHO and their conspirators.

  1. Thank you President Trump for dumping that lame organization called the WHO! Now lets dump the anti American lame organization called The United Nations!

    1. Well, that us an outstanding first step. Now that the WHO has been given their “pink slip”, our next major point should be to tell the United Nations to pack ther duffel and shuffle on out of the USA. Not before telling them that the USA will not be going with them

  2. The UN must go because its loyalty lies with China and is as corrupt as the UN. In the past UN staff members were involved with a human trafficking ring; even protected the ring as well as not even investigating the complaints. The USA has the Pacific alliance and the European alliance they should focus on; especially with missiles, supplies, and equipment. India has a high regard for the USA.

  3. The cost of the Covid in the United States is clearly Trumps fault. How else do you explain 4% of the worlds population but over 30% of the cases and deaths due to Covid? Donald removed the early detection office we had in China. He praised China thru Match for its openness. I disagree and blame much of the outbreak to Vhina but if we had acted properly we would be sitting at hundreds of deaths not over one hundred thousand.

    1. You are an idiot if you think this is Trumps fault. This crap is all on the democrats/communists.

    2. Just another idiot that wants blame everything on Trump. I guess you also think billery was and is not a murderer. Can’t fix stupid.

    3. Get your facts straight Gab. The WHO failed to notify us of the danger and as soon as Trump learned of it he closed the country to China. Either publish truth or get a job with the news media we all know they stretch the truth.

    4. You are clueless and almost funny. The COVID-19 belongs to only the Chinese Communist Party. It may have had help from the USA Democrats in DC like drunk Queen Nancy of Bourbon. But, definitely China. Now, go back to sleep.

    5. False, fake news …LOOK UP THE DATES ..AND SITUATIONS THAT OCCURRED… How about you look up your facts…

  4. we helped China in wwii , but the communist drove the real Chinese to Formosa, which changed its name to Taiwan this the real China not the communist one on the mainland

    1. I see we have someone who does know the real truth about China and not the BOVINE FECES rhetoric of the Liberal Socialistic Democratic party propaganda.


  6. Thank you President Trump for dumping that lame organization called the WHO! Now lets dump the anti American lame organization called The United Nations!

  7. Good to see steps taken. Keep them out and stay away from anything made in China. Check labels everybody.

  8. Thank you President Trump.. You’re the best example of leadership we’ve had in a President since Lincoln.

  9. I am proud of what you have done. But I would like some kind of enforcement on advertising – very seldom can we tell if it is Made in China or not. It needs to be labeled and stated in advertising.

    1. you need to check out the COOL regulation (FDA). originally, beef and pork products had to have where they were raised and where processed. now, after feb 2016, they don’t have to do this. most companies just put where it was “DISTRIBUTED”. Walmart pushed for 5 or 6 years to get this regulation changed so that they wouldn’t have to display it on their beef and pork products. they carry products that have american brands that are now actually owned by china but the chinese retain the well known american names after they bought out american owners. can you imagine how this has hurt american cattle and pork producers????!!!!!!! some of our meat products have been raised in this country, frozen and shipped to china for processing, frozen again and shipped back to us . UGH. look on line for pictures of processing plants in china and you will want to up-chuck.
      China has even gone so far as to use an AMERICAN FLAG on one of the products owned by china.
      please contact your senators and tell them you want this changed IMMEDIATELY.

  10. Way to go I knew you were on this and you were not going to let us down. You have squelched their evil plots yet again. Thank you for all you do for all us and for America! GO GET EM MR. PRESIDENT! TRUMP 2020

  11. Thank you MR.PRESIDENT!!Keep up the good work you are doing for our country!God Bless You Mr.President Trump!

  12. Great to hear! We will be able to use that money for something that benefits our country, and no more rewarding bad behavior! Wonder how many folks would still be here if they had been honest up-front?! So appreciate you “taking the bull by the horns” Mr President! God Bless…..

  13. He did the right thing and it’s time. The WHO is much too close to china and all of the business dealings. President Trump saw this from onset, and dealt with this intelligently. Thank you again for protecting the citizens of the United States.

  14. Great job President Trump, but let’s not forget Bill Gates. He’s a major contributor to the WHO, and stands to make billions on this so called vaccine. As well as his little pocket puppet Fauci!!

  15. Thank you, President Trump. Please stop ALL the other free give-away’s- our country has been doing for years. AMERICA FIRST is the BEST thing that has been done in my lifetime. Keep up the wonderful job you have been doing. May God continue to bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe. God Bless you and the USA.🙏🙏🙏👍👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. no more foreign aid. it’s a joke. we give hundred of millions of dollars to countries who laugh at us and hate our guts.

  16. Thank you Mr. President! You are doing the work necessary to unravel the web of deceit the swamp has been spinning for decades! I’m happy that you have another 4 and 1/2 years to finish the job!

  17. President Trump,
    You made the right decision by ending our ties with WHO.
    They are not a friend to the USA.
    But, they sure liked taking our money.
    We can do better ourselves in our own Country without them.
    Thank you!!

  18. No the buildings belong to the UN itself sad to say due to a treaty. The treaty would have to be nullified before any other steps are taken.

  19. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  20. Way to go President Trump, these people that blame this man for EVERYTHING.If they fart to loud ,its Trumps fault. Geez stop the massive hatred already !!!!!!

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