October 6, 2022

Trump says additional security requested for Jan 6 was denied by Pelosi

Former President Donald Trump just charged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with turning down his request for an additional 10,000 national guard troops ahead of the January 6th election certification voteย — throwing a major wrench in Pelosi’s narrative about the event.

During a Fox News interview with Steven Hilton, the former president noted,

I said that I think you should have 10,000…. I definitely gave the number of 10,000 National Guardsmen.

They took that number, from what I understand, they gave it to people at the Capitol, which is controlled by [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, and I heard they rejected it, because ‘it didn’t look good’. So, you know, that was a big mistake.

Trump also added he did not and does not support violent riots, including the January 6 riot at the US Capitol building. He called the incident “terrible” and quickly noted violent Antifa activities in liberal cities like Seattle and Portland.

Calling out the left’s double standard on violent riots, Trump stated “all these other places burning with Antifa and the radical left, nothing seems to happen; nobody seems to be bothered by that. And I hate to see that difference.”

The news comes as Speaker Pelosi faces increased calls for an explanation regarding her security plans for the January 6 electoral vote certification. Pelosi continues to deflect criticisms, blaming Trump and his supporters for violence, without taking responsibility for the lack of advance safety measures.

According to the interview, Pelosi did not like the “optics” of 10,000 National Guard troops at the U.S. Capitol. If true, she certainly changed her mind after the event.

The days following the January 6 riots and the Biden inauguration included far more than 10,000 National Guard troops. The city looked more like Baghdad, including various zones and checkpoints for anyone near the center of DC.

It’s clear Trump is sending a message to Pelosi and others in his latest revelation about the National Guard. He’s not going away; he’s on a comeback.

The greatest fear of Democrats will be a 2024 presidential run by Donald Trump. Not even National Guard troops will be enough to stop the former president and his supporters if he chooses to run to Make America Great Again.


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