August 1, 2021

Trump rules out starting competing political party to GOP

Former President Donald Trump appeared before a supportive crowd Sunday at CPAC, ruling out the “fake news” of starting a new political party that would divide conservatives.

The former president blasted mainstream media, referring to reports for the formation of a new Patriot Party as misinformation. His words clearly noted his plan to instead unite the Republican party.

We have the Republican Party. It’s going to unite and be stronger than ever before. I am not starting a new party.

Trump also noted his problem with forming a new political party. In his words:

Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Let’s start a new party and let’s divide our vote, so that you can never win. No, we’re not interested in that.

Instead, Trump is forming a new Super PAC that will allow him to help support conservative candidates. This will include funding new Republican candidates in districts and states where Republicans voted to impeach Trump during his second impeachment trial.

Along with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Trump hopes to win back the House in 2020. Republicans are currently only five seats from achieving this goal after gains during the 2020 election cycle.

The Senate remains locked at 50-50 following the special January Georgia Senate runoff that added two Democrats. Some important Senate races will be up for grabs in 2022, including those with Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

The speech marked the former president’s first major outing since leaving the White House. Since his impeachment acquittal, many have looked to Trump for a sign regarding his intention of whether to run again for president.

Trump refused, however, to announce whether he will run again for president in 2024. He instead hinted at a run, including a slam against election fraud with the words, “Who knows? I might even decide to beat them [the Democrats] for a third time.”

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47 Responses

    1. He is mine also . If we don’t remove most of the GOP party members of Congress and replace them with people dedicated to the Constitution and Rule of Law our Conservative beliefs THEN we can vote for any Party that fields Candidates.. Just look at the voting records and positions these GOP members and review the entire members of the GOP when President Trump took office in 2016. EX. Funding for the Border Wall = $ O.00 . To be able to STOP the actions & direction of the Democrats ,we MUST first clean out the current GOP members & replace them with people that will follow the will of the voters and NOT Party Leaders .>>List the agenda of the “Biden C.E.” and every Confessional District should be in play .

  1. I don’t know if President Trump should run again? I definitely think it feeds his soul. I believe He LOVES this country, and his people, like we have not seen before! But, he deserves better!! He was treated so badly, it exposed the amount of corruption in the government! They are not on the side of the people. That is what became very clear to me. It is time we get our house in order. Clean out the evil and corrupt. If we don’t ? We will never see freedom of any kind again. The Elite in this country will piss on their slaves. Have we learned NOTHING from the NAZI’S!? Instead of lambasting Trump? Realize these swamp dwellers have been planning this long before he interrupted them with a win. Time to take your blinders off!! Look at who is getting filthy rich as public servants!! It is all about GREED, CONTROL, POWER, AND PURE EVIL! Trump can better serve us running the party! Following the laws of the land under God and the constitution!!

      1. Yes ! For the Congress & the Supreme Court >>>Publish ALL tax returns for the members of the 3 branches of Government . (Congress /Supreme Court &President & VP ..>> No more “censure ” these members of the 3 Branches …(If you did the Crime -you do the time ). If the French South Korea 7 others can indict and convict a former President then we can too !!

    1. I hope he dose a better job of reuniting the Republican Party then he’s done in the last 4 years. He’s lost the house in 2018. And the senate and the presidency in 2020 and almost every business he ever had

      1. I do not agree with you Bo! He hasn’t had a chance to unite the Republican because all of the Democrats are always slandering, lying, impeaching, and criticize, and the Republicans are not backing him at all! Look at what Mitch McConnell did to him! Because Trump knows the 2020 election was rigged as all of his 70million people who voted for him and stand behind him, but does his party? NO which is why he hasn’t had the time to get together and discuss the issues. TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRESIDENT! HE HAS DONE MORE FOR THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN YEARS. NOW LOOK AT THE IDIOT THAT WE HAVE NOW IN THE WHITE HOUSE! HE IS RUINING THIS COUNTRY BY CANCELLING EVERYTHING THAT WAS RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY. NOW 11 MILLION ILLEGALS ARE COMING BY DROVES, KEYSTONE CANCELED SO EMPLOYEES WHO WERE WORKING HAVE NO JOBS! HE IS LISTENING TO OBAMA BY HIS RULES AS JOE CAN’T THINK FOR HIMSELF. BRING BACK TRUMP!

        1. The big lie has been rejected by over 60 courts the majority of America knows Trump lost in a free fair election. He has become a loser for the Republican party and will continue too in 2022 and 2024

          1. That’s incorrect! The court refused to look at evidence! And denied review ! That’s different then no evidence??? The courts are not abiding by constitutional law! So we need to vote out these court judges!

          2. You are full of bull RB! Pay attention and quit being a troll! The facts are clear, obvious, and evident! The corrupt gutless judges refused to uphold the CONSTITUTION which is their DUTY! President Trump will continue to win and lead the party! So go suck up to you’re baby murdering FRAUDS IN THE WHITEHOUSE! They are nothing but TRAITORS AND COMMUNIST!

  2. In the states that have disgraceful Republicans that voted for impeachment lets defeat these traitors
    Amy one that doesn’t see what the Democrats are trying to do are total morons that listen to the lies of our corrupted media.

    1. You’re obviously one of the ones that condoned the cheating. Before you talk about we Repubs & our president clean up your own “yard”.

      1. There was no cheating there was no rigging that was all lies so trump could steal a fair and honest election the same way dictators do. We don’t know how close America came to becoming a dictatorship ruled by a tyrant

    2. You must be talking about obozo the clown and his 250,000 lies. Your boy in the White House before President Trump and now after President Trump are both liars and can not tell the truth.

      1. This troll Bo couldn’t count to ten without lying, or murdering a couple of babies, or maybe even burn down a couple of government buildings or people’s businesses!!

        1. How about trumps supporters staging an insurrection to overthrow the government of the United States of America and brutally beating 147 police officers and murdering one Sounds like a communist insurrection like they have in third world countries this is America trump and the people who support him are not wanted here in America Real patriots don’t try to destroy our government to carry out the lies of a want to be dictator

  3. This is one time I disagree with President Trump. If we don’t get a 3rd party things in Washington will never be fixed. Republicans don’t trust the party leaders and Most Democrats won’t go Republican. A 3rd party for the moderates and conservatives will wipe out both parties.

  4. Trump was never treated fairly. I hope and I pray if he runs the swamp gets drained big time this time.

  5. We love our President Trump, he won the election and we ALL know it. Biden will never be America’s president.

  6. President Trump should, certainly, run again !
    If he doesn’t, I believe he, and we 75 millions who voted for him, will, always, be dissatisfied, unless a wrong has, finally, been righted; when he wins a third time !

    1. I hope trump will run again so he will be totally humiliated this time and go away for good and let America heal from his 4 years of havoc hate racism and lies

      1. Bo you obviously have a screw loose! You’re cognitive abilities are in question, you have been buying into fake news and apparently have a tremendous case of TDS! If you can honestly say that Joe and the Ho are right for this country and WERE ACTUALLY LEGALLY ELECTED, THEN YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD! This business of being a cult is absolutely and totally ridiculous and even sounds moronic! If you knew how stupid and foolish you sound you would just sit down and shut up!

  7. Trump is America’s president and my president. No one has ever come close to doing what he did to save America and had the best yet to come. He spoke truth did not keep his pay check except for one dollar every three month, that is like 33 cents per month. No one else has ever worked for nothing. Trump cares about the American needed and gave his checks to charity.

    Something Biden will never do because other presidents are money hungry. They do many things wrong, use our tax dollars for pork, like throwing our tax dollar down the drain instead of cutting taxes from Americans to help the economy with more money to spend. This will elevate our economy. However they willingly give it to other countries so they can live better and leave us with hardly nothing. Other countries’ people go on vacations and we do not. Think we are Americans left with hardly nothing to live on while they indulged their pockets to live like kings and queens how dirty of them to do us this way, think about slavery in these days, it is bad. We need Trump leading our country forever if it is the right thing to do. Why do we need to support other countries and high power people when they can support themselves. America does not need other countries rulers they can rule their own ! NOT OUR COUNTRY ! WE HAVE OUR OWN COUNTRY WE RULE IN AMERICA AND THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN PEOPLE ONLY ! IF WE DESIRE TO GIVE OR DONATE TO THE POOR IN OTHER COUNTRIES IT IS UP TO US NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA. AND THAT’S MY TAKE.

  8. I believe your headlines are right on the edge of being clickbait. Your headlines are like !!!!!!!!!! and then turns out to be little more than something that has already been posted by other online news. I wouldn’t mind read your post but am tired of seeing the big headlines and find not so much in your post.

  9. He never mentioned the year 2024 and I knew he wouldn’t. People made it up and are spreading fake news about him running for president. He must know that in 2024 there wouldn’t be America the way you know it. The U.S. Constitution would be replaced by Marxist rules, including elections.

  10. Bo you must of went to collage and had your common sense sucked out and been brain washed by some dumb collage professor. God bless you. Some day you will get your brain back!!!!

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