April 18, 2021

Trump reverses on face coverings: ‘Get a mask’

After months of the mainstream media hammering Trump on his resistance to wearing a mask, he flipped the script in his first coronavirus task force briefing since April.

In a shocking reversal from his previous position, Trump called on viewers to “get a mask” during the Tuesday briefing. “Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact. They will have an effect and we need everything we can get,” he said.

COVID-19 cases are rising nationwide, and Democrats and the mainstream media have hyperfocused on Trump’s decision to forego wearing a mask in many of his public appearances. The White House has repeatedly explained that Trump is tested for coronavirus daily, and thus could not unknowingly transmit the virus to those around him.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has gleefully taken every opportunity to turn the press’s attention to Trump’s position on masks, and he’s clearly done with the relentless attacks.

“Young adults may often have mild or even no symptoms,” Trump told reporters gathered in the White House briefing. “They won’t even know they’re sick. They won’t have any idea that they have a virus. They won’t have any idea at all. America’s youth will act responsibly and we are asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask.”

President Trump has not reversed his stance against a nationwide mask mandate, leaving decisions about how to encourage mask-wearing up to state and local governments.

According to the Daily Caller, some White House aides have advised Trump to “lead by example” in order to promote CDC guidelines that recommend wearing face coverings when social distancing is not possible.

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71 Responses

  1. When all this craziness about a virus started, wasn’t it Pelosi, that invited everyone in NYC to come to China Town and eat out? I think so!

    1. Yes, it was Pelosi. She said that there was no problem. She was actually inviting more people to come out into crowds so they would help to spread the virus. She and the far left want so badly to destroy the economy, no matter what the cost. To make sure that Trump does not get reelected.
      The democratic mayors and govenors are willing to have their cities destroyed along with peoples businesses to make sure that Trump does not get reelected.
      They are evil. But, God sees what is happening and there will be a price to pay for all these lawless, far left politicans.

      1. NO ONE on the left cares about America. they are doing their BEST to destroy it so the people will Welcome the NWO with open arms. and America will be NO MORE.

    2. it was Chinatown in San Francisco, I believe, not New York! SF is her district and she would have been there rather than on the East Coast!

        1. Makes you wonder really how/why the Corona Virus was released and also what’s has been going on with Democrats and Chinese Communist Regime? Why would Obama, Biden, Clinton’s, Kerry and McCain want
          to undo the current Trump trade agreement and sanctions? You also need to ask the question why would they want to do that after seeing what China, Russia, N. Korea and other hostile countries have done to our country? Vote for Trump so he can keep our country safe and help drain the corrupt Democrat swamp.

      1. Some site had a picture of her, b gates, f fauci, and elton john in china with BIG smiley faces JUST BEFORE we were made aware of the virus! And we are to believe the rats did not know about it? It just got out of hand and proven by piggy not wanting to go back to work! I have NEVER KNOWN such hateful people! I can only remember when the democrats were good, love Americans, and worked for us! My dad was a good Dem and then the unions took over. Down hill ever since dues, right to work……….. RATS suit them now! EVIL disgusting and want complete control! NWO must be really pushing for the take over of OUR Country! What a joke the rats think they will be in charge? PUPPETS

      2. But Trump said that he could outdo her. So he held a “massive” rally and said masks and social distancing weren’t necessary and then his campaign staff removed stickers on seats aimed at providing social distancing and campaign workers came down with the virus. So he definitely outdid her!

        1. Well, we have a surprise for them, don’t we. Sometimes I believe they judge others by their own capabilities. What does that tell us?

    3. Yes, she did! Talk about flip/flop, she and the rest of these elderly (biden) people should go to Chinatown for dinner and shopping! No mask required

    4. Not only that but if you go back and see all of the TV speeches and News Media interview with Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, etc. they rarely wear masks because it is hard to breathe and speak clearly. Trump is the only one that has admitted that fact from day one. However, the Democrats and their fake news try to spin the mask issue for political gain. Also, if you remember the Democrats also criticized Trump for closing travel in/out of our country? They have been trying every evil trick in their Demonrat book to brain wash Americans to vote against Trump so they can put their puppet into the WH. That is the real truth. I hope and pray most Americans wake up to the fact Trump is the first President to stand up to these evil and corrupt Democrats & Rhino’s.
      Let’s stand up and help Trump make us greater than before. The Democrats are afraid that if/when he gets elected they will be held accountable for the many previous crimes and corruption even before Trump took office.
      Proud Veteran & Patriot

  2. Why are the democratic leaders letting anarchists destroy their cities? Do they think most of the voters in their cities are okay with the death and destruction? It is out of control!

      1. Pelosi did invite large amounts of people to head to Chinatown for a huge parade in SF! Her narrative was to bash Trump along with Biden calling him xenophobic! Now all of a sudden they issued a stay at home mandate. The reason why the southern states are seeing a rise in cases is because the NE was hit 1ST! It’s heartbreaking to see this violence continue; Libs want this hatred & destruction! Law abiding citizens deserve & pay for protection.

    1. demacrats are backing them hopping it will get them votes which it wont america will now vote red more in november to rid ourselves of evil demacrat rats

    2. the citizens are not okay with it. any way if you are not in a gated community.
      You and I. The governors take the Federal should pay for the damages. My thought???? they should pay the cost of material and labor. They allowed it. and
      they are guilty of any type of damages and gun shots–murders. the mayors also.

    3. I think it is because those democrat “leaders” have already acquiesced enough money to carry them for the rest of their lives; ergo, why worry about others, those who pay you like the imbeciles they must be. No one in their right mind would consider paying those democrat “leaders”.

      1. AND not satisfied with all their accumulated $$, they are using OUR EARNED SS and NOT paying it back!

    4. I agreed with Mary jo. Liberals are evil and corrupt party. They don’t care American citizens and our nation.

    5. Why ?? You’re asking why?? They want power ! Power to control the world -or at least the USA. I’m getting really old, but I’ll fight to my last breath (with fists if necessary) to keep these fools away from their greedy, insane goals!!

  3. Well, it’s nice he has come around but we have been covered for some time, WE can’t get tested daily but it is nice he can. It would break America’s hearts if Our First Lady ever caught this bug. We would spare no expense to get her well….. and the President too. 🙂

    1. NOTHING can STOP the virus but it can be slowed with a mask. I paint cars and planes and some of the paints are deadly, I know a bit about wearing masks. A mask is really for “others” protection, not yours.

      1. Interesting, Dave. You say masks are to protect others and not you? So does that mean when you wear a mask to paint you’re protecting the car? I hope you’re wearing a respirator to spray those deadly chemicals, and not a “mask”. And by the way, I’ve worn both, and each for it’s appropriate use, and in all instances to protect my lungs and health. REAL science tells us that mask wearing for prolonged periods of time CAUSES health problems by reducing oxygen intake and rebreathing carbon dioxide, and if you read the label on a box of those face masks people are walking around wearing, it states that they don’t protect against transmission of viruses. The real reason you are being told to wear masks has nothing to do with health. It’s all about compliance.

        1. You are so right. Its about control . To see how many sheeple they have. Numerous Drs. have videos out stating the dangers of mask. And it says right on the box masks cant prevent you from getting it.
          My daughter in law had an upper respiratory infection in January and February that just wouldn’t go away kept going to the Dr. and they just said it would go away. We now know it was covid, she didn’t wear a mask, she could hardly breath as it was. No one in the family ever came down with it.
          I know of another person, a nurse who was exposed she went home for 2 weeks and her family never came down with it. It apparently effects elderlythe most. Just wondering if its communists way of clearing out the part of the population they consider a burden to the state. Does China have nursing homes? How do they address the problem of dealing with the elderly in their country? I have never seen elderly Chinese people in any of the videos of China. Everything in a communist country is for the benefit of the state. So if you don’t benefit the state or are a burden to the state they get rid of you and sell your organs on the black market.
          Btw, ever see any BLM people in Chinese video? We know what they do to muslims, they are political prisoners and their organs are sold.

    2. I wished they had good smilies on here. LOL. You got it right. and many do not wash the cotton ones. You can even use dish soap to wash them. Dawn takes oil of of bird feathers so why not that.

    3. And I have avoided them ever since I quit working in the operating room at hospitals. Masks may do SOMETHING, but I don’t believe they do a darned thing re a virus. These little bugs can escape any mask that is not sucked onto the skin all around. In my constant view, there is no proof that masks do a lot of good re viruses….there are other purposes for masks, like in surgery where the best protection for the patient that any doctor or nurse can provide, given they are close, breathing, having to talk from time to time, and it has been working well for decades. Normal people in town are NOT in surgery, not being breathed onto, not sick, etc. Our nation is FAR BELOW THE ATTACKS OF THIS VIRUS IN OTHER COUNTRIES. And all who make lists of numbers of the disease are not particularly honest….all of us know that. I will be content to wear a mask as soon as it is PROVEN that they serve a purpose when shopping….how many sick people are in the grocery stores? I want to know and there is not a living soul who can honestly answer that question.

  4. I believe our President has a marvelous, mischievous sense of humor…could he just be yanking Nancy’s chain? I sure hope so! A little humor is good for the soul…especially mine.

    1. You have that right. He is always thinking ahead to get things done. A business man not a groomed politician. You notice, he does not read speeches well but can speak out right from the heart and yes, he pulls her chains some times if not all the time. LOL

  5. I believe TRUMP is going along with their charade about wearing of masks. If you notice he is not going to enact a nation wide mandate to wear them! He is going to let people figure out for themselves how much B. S. this whole mask thing is!

  6. I know that President Trump resisted the masks for a long time because he didn’t have enough data to be able to advise wearing them and because so many Macho Americans rebelled and abused him for supporting lock downs and masks. But now he has been collecting huge amounts of data through legitimate testing, and he can clearly see that we have to wear masks if we are to survive. The virus was confusing because I think it probably retreated and mutated during the summer, but, it isn’t gone, and we have to be careful. I am glad we’re all on the same page now, but I’d be willing to bet that the Democrats suddenly don’t want to wear masks just because that will make more trouble. They’re like naughty, ignorant children. I just pray the people can clearly see that. And I hope we find a way to vote that isn’t able to be corrupted by these uncivilized little brats!

  7. Great !!!! Now if we can get some kind of LAW that will PUNISH Congressmen Congresswomen and Senators plus all aides that lye to the general public and
    know that they are not telling the truth. Most if not all will lye to reporters during
    Speaker of the House is the worst along with many other Democrats. When they see
    a microphone it is “Katy bar the Door”.

  8. Yup, I agree with Trump’s colors and humor. and he enjoys pulling chains, which most dems and libs go nuts over.
    However in this case, he is showing that what the experts are leaking out is about as nuts as the fake news is on a daily basis. The science doesn’t have any answers as yet. They can’t even give a good estimate on who has it from one day to the next, they can’t find out if a person is dead and from what, depending on political influence and what a specific answer may gain their party, and what a right answer may lead to further budgets and stip funds and of course votes.

  9. I said this once and I will say it again I really feel polosi and the rest of her cronies knew the virus was in china town they the democratic’s brought it over here but they never thought it would get so out of control but it did, they tried everything to get Trump out so hey they wanted to really hurt the economy cause Trump was making it work! Thus this was their strategy ! Now all of the poor older people in nursing homes got it cause that’s were the idiot democratic governor’s placed them remember ?????? They did this people no one can prove me different !!

    1. And do not remember who said it but before the virus it was stated that there were to many old people and the numbers needed to be DECREASED!

  10. Looks like the man simply changed his mind. We Conservatives do change our minds when we feel we may not be totally right, and I would guess a few Democrat/Socialists, at lesst those who managed to avoid the “extra starch” when their brains were being washed also do this occasionally !

  11. I agreed with Mary jo. Liberals are evil and corrupt party. They don’t care American citizens and our nation.


  13. Mr. Trump doesn’t do anything that would lead to harms way for the American People. He’s been working to fix and reverse the damages by the Democrats and industrial corperate executives. This president is by far the hardest working president this country has ever seen. And isn’t a treat to watch him work. Intelligence is a good thing to have leading the country. Biden isn’t have the ethical and moral man Mr. Trump is. Hell, Biden doesn’t have any morals and as far as ethics goes he couldn’t decipher the difference between apples and oranges. If you say President Trump isn’t a strong and courageous leader, you’re not seeing the fact he’s stood up to the political attacks time and time again by the Democrats and his continuos work to shut the CCP and the spread of Communism down. Not to mention each and every day he’s standing up for the United States, give a daily briefing and continues to expose the Democrats for crimes against us that they’ve been committing. So, in short, we got very lucky to have this President and we are going to have him for four more years. I respect and love Me. Trump. Trump & Pence 2020!

  14. If anyone is a white supremacist it is Nancy Pelosi, which is why it’s hilarious that these liberalists support her as their mascot. The hypocrisy is unreal!

  15. This is a good move on the part of the President. I also, think he should lead by example; and, despite being tested daily, he should also wear a mask whenever practicable. As an officer with nearly 25 years in the Armed Forces, I found that when you (figuratively help the troops dig the foxholes, they will respect you all the more.

  16. If the idea that ‘anything that helps’ is sufficient reason for pursuing a certain course of action, then we have just played right into the hands of the Anarchists/Socialists/Communists who have no scruples when it comes to implementing whatever means are believed necessary to achieve their desired ends. This is a complete fallacy. The Ends will NEVER justify the means.

    We are not dealing with East versus West, Left versus Right, Conservative versus Liberals, even Rule of Law versus Anarchy. All of these are costumes being worn by actors who do not understand exactly who is the producer/directed of the play.

    We are dealing with essentials: Right versus Wrong, Good Versus Evil, Heaven versus Hell; God versus the Adversary, Satan. I will conceded that the last two oppositions tend to have Religious denotations, as well as connotations. But we need to move beyond the concepts of the ‘Religious’. In this Nietzsche was quite right, but only insofar as Religion tends to ignore the fact of Relationship. Our existence is dependent on our relationship with each other, the world, the universe, and most importantly, the Creator. We need to consider, evaluate, analyze, understand and accept the fact that we are either products of a random force called Evolution or the results of a planned Creation with all that such might entail.

    For the former, Evolution, there is really nothing we need embrace. Things will simply evolve, and we have no input in any way, morally, socially or empirically. Whatever we do will simply be a part of an impersonal equation.

    If, however, we are dealing with a Creator, then there comes into play a sense of accountability regarding that Creator. And as it now seems that accountability is the current ‘hot topic’ concerning racism, social equality human rights, etc, we have to address whether our responses should be directed towards an implacable, impersonal force with which there is no chance of negotiation or with a Person Who has shown Himself to be quite willing to work with whatever we are willing to give Him.

    It should also be noted that Evolution plays only into the hands of those persons/entities that wish to secure for themselves powers that might otherwise be denied them. If there is no Creator to whom they are accountable, then anything goes. And that would include personal rights, choices, desires, ambitions, betterment, peace and security. But if there is a Creator that ensures all the above rights, then we need only to work matters out on a personal level.

    Most people would consider this a ‘Religious’ issue. In fact, it is simply a personal issue that has all too often been usurped and redirected as to obscure the aspect of a personal relationship. It is interesting to note that law, itself, deals mainly with how the facts of a situation relate to the concept or perspective of the situation. Television has enough ‘crime dramas’ to teach us all that perspectives have to take second place to the actual facts of any alleged crime.

    In science, Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is typically the correct one. I tend to agree with this, and would, therefore, say that we should be wary of any solution that uses the ends to justify the means.

  17. Obama, Biden and Pelosi are all a bunch of crooks and if they are ever investigated this Country will find out the ‘truth.

  18. Fu*k BLM, I AM SO SICK OF THIS SHI* Salute the BLM flag and not the American flag, drop dead you communists, Corrupt democrats. Leave this country we don’t want your kind. Democrats need to go to hell as they will. Why not all this crap when Obama was in office (what a joke) where was the pandemic when he was in office and the virus of 2009 was up on us. This is all a Corrupt democratic sick way to try to win the election.
    So be sure to vote by mail you sick democratic sheep. Republicans are way to smart for your corruption, You still won’t win against President Trump with GOD on his side

  19. I can see wearing a mask if you are sick, but well people wearing one just doesn’t jibe. Plus, wearing one when you are exercising or alone makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! I believe that this “wear a mask” mandate is simply a way to get sheeple to “conform” to being ruled. If the demosocialist baby-killers win the election, life as we have known it in America will cease, OR there will be another civil war. I say.. BRING IT ON! NO WAY will I, or any of my family allow the communist regime to take away all our possessions, and make slaves out of us!

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