October 3, 2022

Trump releases statement highlighting Biden’s border policy failures

Despite repeated denials from members of the Biden administration, the situation at the southern border has indeed reached crisis stage, with a massive influx of migrants seeking entry in recent weeks straining local, state, and federal resources to the breaking point.

In response to the growing disaster, former President Donald Trump just released a statement on Tuesday highlighting the growing tragedy at our southern border and lamenting that the country is being “destroyed” by his successor’s executive actions designed to reverse the profound immigration wins he achieved while in office, as Fox News reported.

Trump’s statement began by asserting that during his tenure that “our Southern border was in great shape – stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before,” adding:

We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers.

The wall, despite horrendous Democrat delays, would have easily been finished by now, and is working magnificently.

Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!

Earlier this month, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas brushed aside claims of a crisis at the border, instead referring to the recent wave of migrants merely as a “challenge” to which the administration would be shifting resources and “managing,” as the Washington Examiner reported.

Mayorkas’ actions this week, however, tell quite a different story, with the secretary himself asking Homeland Security staff to volunteer to assist with what he labeled an “overwhelming” number of migrants reaching the southwest border, as Fox News separately noted.

Further, it was revealed on Wednesday that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would shut three highway checkpoints in Arizona until further notice in an effort to deal with the alarmingly high tally of migrants reaching the border, which includes a tripling in just the last two weeks of the number of children held in federal custody, as Fox also reported.

Trump was not alone in his outrage at the seemingly self-inflicted immigration emergency, with GOP Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Josh Hawley (MO) adding their voices to those criticizing the administration’s conduct.

In response to reports that the closure by CBP of border checkpoints would “severely hamper anti-trafficking efforts,” Cruz incredulously asked how much more it would take “for the Biden administration to admit there is a crisis on the border,” and Hawley decried the fact that the situation is “approaching full-blown crisis, and the Biden Admin’s response is…nothing.”

As facts on the ground continue to worsen, it remains to be seen how much longer the Biden administration will endeavor to deceive the American people by pushing what The Hill’s Joe Concha aptly referred to as its “alternative reality.”


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