April 21, 2021

Trump to release new potential SCOTUS nominee list in the coming days

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed on Tuesday that Donald Trump plans to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees should the opportunity to select a SCOTUS replacement arise.

“I’m optimistic that you’ll see those SCOTUS picks in coming days,” Meadows confirmed when reporters asked him about Trump’s plan. “We’ve been working very closely, the president has, with the White House general counsel, getting input from a number of others.”

Trump first announced his plan to release a new list of potential nominees in June. Trump’s strategy of releasing a similar list before the 2016 election is credited with playing a large part in his victory in that election cycle.

GOP voters were shocked when Justices John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch broke with traditional GOP values in a series of shocking court decisions in June. After the fact, Trump doubled down on his pledge to nominate ever more conservative judges if a vacancy arises.

Rumors that Justice Ruth Ginsburg will be forced to retire due to worsening health have swirled for months as the 87-year-old justice undergoes cancer treatments and suffers repeated hospitalizations.

Justice Stephen Breyer, at the age of 82 is also subject to rumors of retirement. Justice Clarence Thomas, 72, and Justice Samuel Alito, 70, are the next oldest SCOTUS justices, though both have denied speculation that they have any intention of retiring in the near future.

Trump’s 2016 list of potential nominees include several women and people of color, and Trump affirmed in June that some of the names on his forthcoming list will include some from his 2016 list.

Democrat opponent Joe Biden, on the other hand, is also working on a list of potential SCOTUS nominees, though he has promised to only nominate a black female to the court if given the opportunity, significantly narrowing the field of prospective nominees.

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54 Responses

    1. Right on. We need nominees who will rule according to the Constitution, not their political party affiliation. The democrabs all seem to want to rule in a way that maximizes their political clout, even some republican justices seem to be up to the same no good approach. The Constitution is NOT a “living document”. It is a completed document that sets down the parameters for our behavior as citizens of this country.

  1. This country will be less worthly as it is now with the most cases & most deaths from the virus in the whole world.

    It will be a sad day for this country if Trump is re-elected.

    1. Diane, it would be helpful if you posted some of your reasons for your thinking.If President Trump has helped me a lot he must have helped you also, “MOST” of these people that are dying are going to die in any case, that is the way it works.It will be you and I one day also so keep your light shining until yo time.

      1. Hear, hear!!! Dianne Harris you must be listening to the Progressive lie. Listen to Jimmy Tucker and learn about reality!

    2. Trump is awesome the virus is China and all over the world so stupid to blame on one person. He has done everything he can … you may not like him but blaming virus on Trump is beyond stupid … do you think he controls the whole world

    3. And it’ll be much better with Biden right?
      Just what has he ever done in 47 years in government besides make himself and his family rich?

        1. Uneducated “blacks” have traditionally called whites “Honkeys”. At least we are not Donkeys. Har, har, har!

      1. The Obama’s also came out of the White House with quite a bank account. President Trump is giving his salary to charity. He and JFK are the only presidents to do that. I cannot understand the hatred the left feels for this man. I know the media set out to destroy him. I know that has been the Democrat’s agenda from the get go, but is the public blind? Whatever the left accuses him of is something they have done and so him for it. They spout that he lies, but they cannot come up with a lie that he actually told. There are the lies still being repeated, by the Dems that were disproven,. I guess they really are Marxists. They are following old Karl and Saul like good little disciples of Communism.

        1. Those who spend their time in office seeking to enrich themselves, find it impossible to understand someone who serves to provide some benefit to the country. In other words, Trump is not serving as president to enrich himself. His desire is to, as he said, “Make America great again.”

    4. Diane it will be a sad day for this country if Biden is elected the Democratic Party is no longer the party of old what they advocate now would make former presidents like Roosevelt turn over in their graves.

      1. My dear father-in-law was an Irish Catholic Democrat Union man. A very rabid democrat. I don’t think that he would vote the party line today. John Kennedy was his idol. That was in olden days, no more. Unfortunately
        there are many younger democrats who will vote for Biden. All I can say is..”Michael Cronin, RIP”.

    5. Not true! The CDC reported less than 10,000 deaths in the United States. Related to COVID-19. All other deaths in the United States had underlying conditions when they got the cove at 19 flu. They died of the underlying conditions not COVID-19.

    6. Of you think this country will be a terrible place of PRESIDENT TRUMP wins, then I suggest you move to another country. PRESIDENT TRUMP did not cause the virus, and if you believe that, you need to see a shrink, because there is NOTHING any of us can do for you. Have a nice life.

    7. It would be a day that begins living in Hell if Biden is elected lady…You apparently have never been to a communist country.

    8. Boo boo
      Go feel sad for yourself
      There is a Great movement called LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
      This country is God’s country The people’s country LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT…

    9. I think you got it all wrong!!! America will be in a confused state of mind if Biden is our president 🎊🎈🎉🎉🎈 Trump 2020

    10. Woman !! Don’t know where you live , and don’t really care !! But you must be from another country!! I am neither A ,D or an R, but I do care about my family , your family,!! And the future of this country !! So, for you to be So, un intelligent !! I guess that’s trying to be polite , ! Is beyond belief!! I just hope for All our sakes , there are “NOT”!! A whole lot of ya’s out there !!! There is most definitely something gone wrong with your ability to reason !! I will keep you in my prayers!! And trust God will help you to see the light 🙏🏻👍😃!!!!!!

    11. Then Diane I recommend you pack your things and move now to China, North Korea, Cuba or Venezuela. We don’t need you in the greatest nation ever to grace the planet Earth.

    12. Such a sad case. You would give up your country because of hate for one person. Open your eyes to President Trump’s accomplishments. Words are nothing without action.

    13. NO, you are incorrect. Don’t you read the news? The CDC JUST last week revised the numbers. Deaths from Covid-19 are NOT 160K as they have been saying, but approx. 9200. The rest all had other comorbidities which were the ACTUAL causes of death. Stop drinking the FlavrAid from MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN…

  2. Think about American people Biden hasn’t done anything that’s very memorable for the American people, he earned one and a half billion dollars for his son and family, he put his brother up for billions of dollars of construction in Iraq never even was into construction Biden is out for Biden… He will pull that race card every time he said he was going to hire a woman of color for his vice president and she’s not even real black she’s a Jamaican… American people need to wake up… Either you vote right or you get left…

  3. We have been so lucky to have President Trump after 8 years of Obama and the tearing down of our country and endangering us by giving Iran the keys to nuclear capability. Obama was and is treasonous. Trump is a true patriot who loves this country and is looking out for the people first.

  4. Biden is a mental mess and the very thought he is the only person the DEMS can put up shows how the DEMs are all LOSERS. All they know is lying, stealing, cheating and name calling. I just wish there is a graveyard empty enough to put all the lowlife DEMS in. The headstones should read ” here lies the ones who give only service to Satan and the Devil.

  5. Biden is a mental mess and the very thought he is the only person the DEMS can put up shows how the DEMs are all LOSERS. All they know is lying, stealing, cheating and name calling. I just wish there is a graveyard empty enough to put all the lowlife DEMS in. The headstones should read ” here lies the ones who give only service to Satan and the Devil.

  6. Putting a black women in the Supreme Court like he put harris in as VP he didn’t chose harris and he won’t choose a court judge Nazi would choose for him if bribe em could win it would be crooked #1 but we all know Nazi pissloosley would be Queen

  7. Either a graveyard or JAIL for lowlife Dems…Gitmo is ready for them!
    Trump is not perfect…neither am I nor anyone else on this planet!
    But he’s accomplished so much more than he promised….just think if China hadn’t given us this virus.
    We’d be on top of the world right now. Don’t the Dems realize that this wonderful country of ours would be a hell-hole that THEY would also have to live in? There certainly are some stupid people out there who can’t see the forest for the trees! Now if we can get past the mail-in voting fraud, we’ll be able to continue making our country greater than ever before. TRUMP 2020! God bless the USA.

    1. The Dems are NOT interested in our wonderful country. They are interested in POWER !!! Power over everyone and everything……..just like Communist China !

  8. Vote Totally RED! I don’t care to suffer what the nin-come-poops have been drinking in their Dum- o- crappp kool aide.

  9. When Nasty recently called Republicans “Enemies of the State,” our life expectancy dropps significantly, if Democrat Communist Fascists win or cheat their way to get the presidency.

  10. Personally I will be so glad when all the Lying Political ads are done! I guess the old Law of “truth in advertising” doesn’t exist for Politicians. They all need a good old fashioned “gibbs slap’ to the back and front of their heads!! People won’t vote these idiots out of office, so please strongly push for term limits with clause that states once out, they must stay out of ANY political arena for life!

  11. No matter what else happens this year, please, please VOTE REPUBLICAN !!! Democrats are liars and Communists, we can’t allow them to control anything else in our country, PLEASE, VOTE REPUBLICAN, PLEASE !!!

  12. Timothy Baldwin a Constitutional lawyer, and Chuck Baldwin’s son. You won’t find anyone more conservative than him (not anyone who has a snowballs chance in hell anyway).

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