June 19, 2021

Trump promotes COVID-19 vaccination to supporters

Former President Donald Trump decided this week to use his significant platform to encourage Americans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when eligible, even to those who do not want it.

“I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it, and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday during a Fox News interview.

“But again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by them and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine and it is something that works,” Trump added.

Dr. Fauci had recently spoken out to ask the former president to issue a strong recommendation for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“If he came out and said, ‘Go and get vaccinated. It’s really important for your health, the health of your family and the health of the country,’ it seems absolutely inevitable that the vast majority of people who are his close followers would listen to him,” Fauci told “Fox News Sunday.”

Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump received the vaccine at the White House in January. The report was made public later by a Trump adviser.

Both Trump and the former first lady tested positive for COVID-19 in September 2020.

The former president previously encouraged Americans to receive the COVID-19 vaccination during his remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “So, everybody, go get your shot.”

Trump clearly supports Americans taking the vaccine. His leadership and comments on the issue after leaving office indicate his influence continues to impact the American people.

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85 Responses

  1. Sorry but we have chosen not to receive the vaccine. We support President Trump in every other way.

    1. If Trump was not pro vaccine he would not had it developed because he knew some people “needed” to feel secure. Great, it was helpful to them and he met their need. I am not interested in a vaccine.

    2. Exactly! I won’t take it. Fauchi convinced Trump to take it because he is trying to kill him. Trump needs to be ware of fauchi. He cannot be trusted. There are too many people dying of the vaccine and getting their DNA mutated. They can be controlled by a computer. You don’t know what they might have put in the vaccine they gave trump. I hope he will be oK. God help us all! These wicked democommie/satanists are SO evil and want to destroy our country and the republicans. illegals are now priority in our country.

      1. You are an idiot. But then what should one expect from an UnAmerican Digest/Putin’Trump sycophant.

        1. Altburger, Linda is out there on Saturn but your comment is typical of a leftist (and a leftist is different than a liberal or democrat). Rather than having a common sense conversation you choose to let your emotion get the best of you and you start throwing mud hoping something will stick. Linda, come back to earth.
          The reason for not taking the vaccine is to watch and see if there is widespread problems with it in the long run, not because we will be taken over by computers. The FDA normally takes years to approve a vaccine and this one was rushed. People, use common sense, (something our government hasn’t used during this pandemic). If you are older, have underlying conditions that make you especially at risk of dying of this virus then you should seriously look at receiving the vaccine. DO YOUR RESEARCH and don’t use emotion to make a decision. Follow the facts people!!!!

    3. Thank you for information. As always will vote Trump. I got my first shot, waiting on my 28 days for second.

    4. I’m surprised at you President Trump! I thought that you were pushing this control substance when you were in office due to pressure from not wanting to offend the mindless controlled sheeple. I still support you, but am very disappointed in this announcement. First they make us wear the Mask of The Beast, and now they want to force us into carrying the Sign of The Beast. (proof of vaccinations) I thought perhaps that President Trump would now be a bit more honest.
      I fear that Satan has won……..for now.

    1. My husband and I choose to not be vaccinated. We’re in our 60’s and exceptionally active and healthy. I’ll continue to use my vitamins and eat a healthy diet. I’m a DES daughter and cancer survivor, so I’m very wary of the vaccine.

      1. Good for you Lauri. My husband and I feel the same, and it’s so sad to know that some of our friends and a couple of relatives have capitulated to this insanity. We also take a lot of good vitamins and herbs. Do I dare say CHINESE herbs? There, I said it, and I’m glad because they work! May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy…….

    1. Think it over, please, and consider the motivation that President Trump might have had while saying “I recommend it”. He just had to hold on to the narrative to end this fake “pandemic”. Please think it over again before you make this decision!

      1. Wasnt phizer going bankrupt before the so called pandemic. Im sure this vaccine has put them back in business

  2. Sorry, it’s a new vaccine I’ll wait a few years to get one or until I catch COVID-19 the FDA only approved this vaccine for emergency use only, now there giving this shot to everyone that’s crazy.

    1. Right Marc. I want to see how many of the “cattle” survive, and what kinds of side effects they’re going to get from this experiment. Of course, many of us know that Bill “Vaccine” Gates and his cohorts desperately want to thin out the population in order to make it easier to control us. That, is the driving force behind the Wuhan Lab virus, and the vaccine for it. BTW, I read that Gates has an interest in the Moderna Company, and that the Moderna shot changes the victim’s DNA.

    2. Everything I’ve read, one won’t see many side effects until fall and winter when the Covid mutates. Then it can become deadly. It’s a bioweapon for depopulation. This will mark u so Chinese and US can mark u.
      They will know your every move. Working toward mind control. Is this what you people who won’t investigate and research want. If u have taken, you are in the governments control.

  3. Only because President Trump ask that we get the shot. Had already made up my mind I wasn’t going to get it. One because I’m in good health. Two, When statement was made by the Biden Administration that they were going to make it mandatory in July, that tic me off big time. I will not be told what I can and cannot do about medication. And if Biden was so concern about our health, he would not had open our Border. I have absolutely nothing for Biden or his Deranged Administration.

      1. God bless your husbands sou. I lost my brother-in-law & a cousin. My husband & I are in our late 70’s & early 80’s [how did that happen ?] As a retired nurse I am very leary about however I am that way about all meds. I did take the vaccine as we both have health issues.

      1. Healthy people don’t die from COVID. The shot interferes with your immune system . You may be fine now but time will tell .

      2. You are right Janelle my brother-in-law who died was 80 & had health issues however my cousin was 70 good health still did search & rescue & walk racing. & he died also. Bottom line you have to do what you feel is best for you.

        1. I am choosing to trust in God and his “Will be done”. I consider Him a much safer place to put my faith in. I am not in good health and they have no idea what the results of this so called vaccine would have on me. So far I have received no positive signs from anyone or anywhere that I should get it.

    1. No mandatory in July, but a vaccine requirement will come out for travel ,air ,cruising are all ready been made by several companys

      1. It’s communism RB, and it reminds me of the Biblical warning about The Sign of The Beast: proof of vaccinations in order to be able to do anything social. The Mask of the Beast enabled us to buy, sell and get medical treatment, which we would not have been “allowed” to do without it. Sound familiar????

      2. I think all of then will need proof of testing, but at the border its coming over the ones turned loss in American bring us Covid I fill Biden invited them he should go to the border and see the disgrace he has cause, he has lost his mind

  4. Getting the Vaccine is the only way that we can get rid of the Cova-19 once and for all. This also includes a lot of prayer and trust in God.

    1. Many of you don’t remember how many people were infected with polio during the summer months each year, but most, or at least many, people suffered life long after effects of that horrible disease , but I do! When that vaccine came out, there were skeptics then as well .Thank the Good Lord, that we had a strong, effective president when this pandemic showed up. And he pushed American companies into the “warp speed”. THANK YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

      1. Polio was real. The Covid Flu is 98% survivable. My wife and I both had it. I got over it in 2.5 weeks. My wife took longer to recover, 5 weeks for complete recovery.

          1. I am 72 as well. During my 30 years in the Marine Corps, I got hundreds of shots. When I switched over to Medicare my new doctor saw my shot record and said, “They sure shot the hell out of you.” I got my two shots with no after affects. When I go places now I feel very comfortable not wearing a mask– which I hate.

      2. Then I don’t suppose you remember when they made a big mistake in some of the polio shots and gave many children a live dose of polio. Many were crippled for life and some even died. I don’t trust this rushed experiment, and I say to the people who have deliberately degraded us into cattle by the term “herd immunity” that I trust God, not you…..

        1. all six of us got that shot and I am sure some have reaction to this also but I suppose you have to have the shots to stop wearing a mask

  5. He said also we have freedom not to get Wuhan Bio Weapon Jab. Pence sat on Board of Pepfar w/Fauci & /Brix. I Never heard President & First Lady themself say they took the Jab. God Bless USA.

    1. Deb, it wouldn’t surprise me if the politicians who took the jab actually took a placebo. Who in their right mind would want to take such as risk!!!!!!

  6. He said: “I would recommend it” [the vaccine], because he knows very well that most of us, his supporters, know the truth about the “pandemic”, and that no matter how strongly he would “recommend” it, we would never take it!!
    The “vaccines” were only needed to create the right narrative to end this fake “pandemic”.

    1. Dr. Faux-ci still says even if we are immune because we have had Covid and/or we have received the vaccine, we still must keep social distance and wear TWO masks. Rand Paul, bless him, gave him what for. Dr. Faux-ci is a bureaucratic quack and after I get both shots he can stuff his darned masks where the sun doesn’t shine – if he can get them past his head.

      1. Jay Jay I agree with you about faux I do believe from what I have read you are only immune for a short time before you get the shot [ after you have had the china virus ] you have to be tested to see if you still have the anti bodies.

  7. I agree with many of you and for the reasons not to take it, but I also don’t think President Trump, again should be not taken for face value on his feelings on this, because people have a right at times to flip-flop with our feelings, we are all human, however, I also heard him mincing his feelings which leads me to believe, with a breath of relief, he definitely BELIEVES so truly in ALL our freedoms!

  8. I agonized over whether or not to get the shot. I registered, but still dithered on whether or not to go through with it. There is a group of people here in Austin that will help you find a place where the vaccine is available and provide transportation if you need it. I was given the number and I didn’t call.
    Finally I prayed about it and the next day I got a call from ARC that it was available for me if I wanted it. So I got the first one today.
    Time will tell. My husband still refuses to get it, but he also refuses to get a regular flu shot.

  9. I’m getting it tomorrow afternoon. I’ve had no symptoms & I have not been around anyone who has had it but
    I called my doctor today & he told me to stick to it. He already had his.

  10. President Trump does not owe this scum bag anything and I am not taking the Vaccine and I will always support the President but not that I am 74 and I have been told that since I had the H1N1 flu that i might not even get it and now I have been told that because of the breathing meds I take that will also help to keep me safe.

  11. Dear Mr. President: I’ve had both my shots of the Moderna Vaccine in January and February. I took these shots at my local VA Clinic. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for bringing out these vaccines via your Operation Warp Speed. I also want to thank you for beefing up the VA services for veterans. I noticed the vast improvement in the services instantly. I benefited from your Presidency in two ways: Your Operation Warp Speed and your directive to improve VA services for us Veterans. Thank you so much for being our President.
    Most sincerely and respectfully, Bruce Z Hollmann, a grateful Veteran

    1. Thank you, Bruce, for remembering President Trump’s support for all of our very important veterans!

    2. me also if this flares up again because biden open the border it will be a mess, biden is the reason my son won’t take the shots

  12. Tell me why. If you take it you still Wear masks, social distance, nothing but nothing changes. So why takebit…NO way will I take that shot.

  13. Sorry but i won’t be taking it. No spline to filter it and I’ve seen really fit people get knocked down. Also people have died from taking it.

  14. I will not take the shot, this is a free country, seems to be a double standard. I still believe this is a plannedemic and the truth is being twisted for the benefit of the Dumocrats. Never had a flu shot, never had the flu. So why should I start now.

  15. My goodness, another indication that the deluded Left thinks all Trump supporters art blind, dumb sheep following their Guru. That Conservative voters came before the candidate they put in office is beyond them. People who think for themselves, evaluate data, weigh risks, don’t let the government dictate to them, and make their own decisions is THE defining criteria for a Trump supporter. Dems can’t get their donkey heads around that.

  16. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in Pres. Trump advising people to take this shot. I have done much research on it and it is recommended by every doctor and article that I have read…not to get the shot. It is not a vaccine…it is a shot and has not been approved by the FDA~ Once you have gotten the shot it stays in your body the rest of your life!!!! It is dangerous. Fauci is a phoney…the first day I saw him I said “he looks like a con-artist and that is what he is. I love President Trump and would vote for him again…he was the best president we have ever had!!! May God bless all who are deciding whether to take the shot…or not take it.

  17. I have had both Moderna shots with no after effects other than a sore arm for one day. I didn’t get it through the VA, though I am a veteran. I also want to thank you for initiating Operation Warp Speed and for improving VA services for us Veterans. Thank you for being our President. We really miss you. The bungling empty suit in the oval office today is wrecking this country. I hope there will be something left to repair once these Democrats are kicked to the curb. I’m ashamed to say I used to be a Democrat myself years ago, back when they cared about America. They are not the same party of the past.

  18. What’s really funny they state that they don’t even know if that vaccine will work for three months six months or a year they have no idea how long that will protect you if it really doesbutch says:

    What’s really funny they state that they don’t even know if that vaccine will work for three months six months or a year they have no idea how long that will protect you if it really does

  19. Not interested in the vaccine. If I happen to get to China flu, I’ll take hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and get plenty of vitamin D sunshine!

  20. Can anyone tell me why dr.faucie isnt telling biden to close the borders. Because of covid19 being brought into our country by illegal immigrants. Were is the double masks 6ft apart and testing. If it’s not going to stop at our border. Then why should we stay locked down

  21. Yet, if you truly truly trusted in God you would let Him protect you as “He promised”.
    You should be listening to God and not what people say is truth…
    God heal our nation and your followers.. I Jesus’ name…Amen

  22. I also will not take the vaccine.Too much unsureness of its quality and
    extent on how it will affect all of us.

  23. That is part of being an American. We have choice. Unfortunately, we also had choice to obey the government or not on the covid-19 B/S, but most chose the government over freedom!?
    You have to remember, and for you who haven’t been taught, the government is suppose to be working for us! Pres. Trump’s admin. did, but joe’s has chosen corruption. “We the People”have dot received redress of our grievances from the corrupt election yet either. So this government is rogue and governing w/o the consent of the people! I believe that is tyranny! And Thomas Jefferson said of tyranny, “The strongest reason the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    By the way, no vaccine for me either.

  24. Why is Biden bringing in them from Mexico, did they have the Vaccine if not then he should BE CHARGED with the death of them who contracted Coved knowing coved is real? plus they all could have COVED so they will infect many AMERICANS who are Free of the COVED, GOD will allow and has for the TRUTH to be known there are LIARS in our MIST I CALL THEM TRAITORS, BROTHER LEONARS.

  25. Why Aren’t they checking and giving the vaccine to the people at the border if they want to come in to the United States, Because they know they have the virus and wants The people in America to die , so they can take over The United States and become a communists country. The Democrats have been trying to take over America for decades.

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