July 7, 2022

Trump predicts “massive red wave” in 2022 after huge wins in Virginia and New Jersey

Democrats had a series of election upsets last week. Many think this is a good indication of things to come for them in 2022, including former President Donald Trump.

Trump predicted that a “massive red wave” is coming during the midterm elections, the Washington Examiner reported. He believes the return to Republicans will be more marked than the Tea Party revolution of 2010.

“I stand before you this evening to say that if we do our jobs, and if we stick together, then exactly one year from today, we are going to be watching a massive red wave sweep across this country — and we are going to be celebrating the election of the largest House Republican majority in American history,” he said while speaking in front of the National Republican Congressional Committee in Florida on Monday. Trump touted Republican wins in key elections as a sign of things to come.

Both Virginia and New Jersey were upset losses for the Democrats, though Trump promised they were “just the beginning.” He also highlighted the fact that four races where he endorsed the GOP candidate went red.

The Republicans are hoping to flip the House of Representatives in 2022 as they did in 2010, and they see it as double given President Joe Biden’s abysmal performance. “Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the entire Radical Democrat Party are headed for a political meltdown of unprecedented proportions,” he said of the president and Speaker of the House.

“If Republicans can stick together, we can beat them in deep-blue cities and states, and we can beat them anywhere — but we must stay unified,” Trump insisted. “If we are united, we will end Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all,” he said.

The former president famously claimed the 2020 election was rigged against him, and this time hopes for better security. “We have to make elections un-riggable,” Trump claimed. “Remember, we are not the ones trying to undermine American Democracy — we are the ones trying to save American Democracy.”

It seems the writing is on the wall for Democrats, though much can happen in the next year that can turn the tables once again. However, the safe bet is that Republicans win back the House and outperform expectations — just like they did this year.

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