April 16, 2021

Trump praises CNN for coverage of Republican National Convention

Donald Trump is notoriously hard on CNN for their highly-biased coverage of his every move.

However, in a shocking reversal from his usual attacks on the liberal network, Trump praised CNN for covering most of the Republican National Convention, saying it’s “good for the country.”

“Very appreciative that @CNN covered the vast majority of the Republican Convention last night. That was really good for CNN, while at the same time being good for our Country,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “Thank you!”

Trump’s tone in this tweet is a marked departure from just a day earlier when he ripped the network for cutting away from a roll call vote that confirms his official renomination for president.

President Trump’s contentious relationship with CNN has made headlines throughout his presidency. His interactions with CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, have been especially firey over the years, culminating in the White House even revoking Acosta’s press pass briefly in 2018.

President Trump frequently attacks CNN as “unwatchable,” singling out network anchors such as Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper for hosting “unwatchable” shows with “really bad ratings.”

What do you think of CNN’s coverage of the RNC? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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92 Responses

      1. Trump, in my opinion, has always given accolades when they are due. One does not get to be a top business negotiator any other way. He also holds people accountable for their actions when necessary. That’s why hard workers, diligent parents, and “called” educators respect him more than career politicians who yada yada praises & promises that are totally meaningless!

        1. Well stated and true. The Liberal press has never acknowledged anything that President Trump has done for America. They don’t have to like him, but no other President has been treated with such hate. The great thing about President Trump, is that he still has focused on his promises to the American people that he made in 2016 and he will do the same when he’s elected for his second term. Biden focuses on hate and refuses to answer questions from the press, as harris is now following his lead, for now.

      2. cnn should say good things about our president and what he has done for are country. cnn always slams trump no matter what he says or does.cnn wake up and join the rest of us and respect our president trump and his family. i think were in the same country.?we had to respect obama even if i didnt like him but we had to respect him he was the president.

    1. They broadcast it alright, putting all of their notes together so they could condemn Our President after it was over. I hope the people viewing noticed that! They like to Bash President Trump. I’m proud of President for thanking them anyway, as they did show it to their viewers!

  1. I believe CNN has finally come to their senses and realize who the American people want for their PRESIDENT. And believe what TRUMP wants for AMERICA IS THE RIGHT THING.

    1. I want to say one thing about the interview
      with Comey. Please Predident Trump just
      say you want waste your time responding
      to what Comey had to say on CNN. Let him
      talk and everyone will know what an IDIOT
      he really is.
      Please Ignore him!!!!
      Thanks Brenda

    2. Not really, they bashed him afterwards and will continue to do so right through his next 4 years as President of the United States of America. President Trump hasn’t and never will, let them distract from keeping his promises to the citizens of America and her Country.

  2. It was nice of CNN to cover the Republic Convention, we hardly ever watch CNN because of the backlash afterwords, (picking apart every little detail) we the citizens of the USA heard what was said, we don’t need it picked apart for us. We are smarter than you give us credit for!! To hear good news from CNN, is great news!

    1. No one should be giving CNN so much praise for doing what every other press should be doing. They bashed him completely, just like they and their ilk have been doing for the last 4 years. So please, let’s stop with all this undo praise, it’s not warranted. President Trump deserves the praise for giving credit where credit is due, but they haven’t and never will.

  3. I really think this nonsense has to stop…we MUST get Pres. Trump back into the White House
    our beautiful Country will not survive under Dems Leadership….
    Christa Owens….Republican

    1. TRUE…..if you dont’ believe it, just look at the DEMOCRAT ruled cities and their destruction and murdering

  4. More flies with honey than vinegar. Now that he’s ripped most of their viewer away, he’s giving them a taste of honey.
    Will they start to be less bias?
    Will they need another dose of vinegar?

  5. I will not watch cnn. Terrible news. Always negative about trump. Changing stories. Lying about things all the time. How can they cnn. sleep at night? It’s like the devil. Democrats are demon-crafts. Hope President Trump wins in a landslide!!!

  6. I am pleased with this story. It shows me that Trump is not the small minded nasty leader the MSM and Dems have painted him to be. CNN needs to be called out when they are stupid, as do the other networks, of course, but also need to be thanked when they get it right! Perhaps they will try to get it right more often. He calls out Fox News when they are boneheads, as he did with Chris Wallace’s uneven interview with the Dem and Republican on Sunday. Trump is not the hateful awful evil person some try to paint him.

  7. Democrats who watch only CNN, MSNBC and other biased Democratic channels never hear the Republican side of the story. All they hear are stories, not facts, of how racial President Trump is, how much harm he has done to America & it’s citizens, how he’s leading America towards war,etc. when just the opposite is true. People need to hear both sides and then make up their own minds. That’s what America is all about, the freedom of choice instead of hearing only what the left wants you to believe. I commend CNN for allowing their audience to view the Republican Convention.

  8. they did it to save their viewership and to obtain things they can lie about on trump. a leopard rarely changes its spots. i dont trust sucker.

    1. And FOX didn’t cover the convention because they knew it would be outrageous so they wanted to save their viewership!

  9. Maybe CNN is looking at what’s going on around them. If they really want to get back there Ratings they should get rid of Jim Acosta, he is just taking up space in the press room. Put someone that cares about what your audience is concerned about.

  10. Did George Soros run out of money??? Maybe that’s it???? If so….the reports will be unbiased as professional journalists are.

    1. One America News and Newsmax are great. Only the real news with great host. Really disappointing not to watch any sports including NASCAR. Certainly no ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., etc. FAKE NEWS. May God protect Pres. Trump and our Nation from the swamp rats and, as Don Jr. calls Biden, the Loc Ness Monster. Pres. Trump 2020!!!

  11. Chris Cuomo and Don Lemmon were still criticizing the RNC convention speakers yesterday! They will NEVER say anything positive about President Trump, his administration and supporters!!!

  12. I would have preferred they not have the criticism by liberal progressives, obviously scrounging around, looking for something negative about the speakers. The only speech they did not have anything negative to say was FLOTUS called the President Donald a few times, instead of saying, “my husband.” They also kept saying nobody was mentioning the Coronavirus, which was not true. The first night they talked a lot about it.

  13. I would have preferred they not have the criticism by liberal progressives, obviously scrounging around, looking for something negative about the speakers. The only speech they did not have anything negative to say was FLOTUS called the President Donald a few times, instead of saying, “my husband.” They also kept saying nobody was mentioning the Coronavirus, which was not true. The first night they talked a lot about it.

  14. I noticed the coverage and certainly was surprised. However, I think that the coverage was very appropriate as it was important news and very entertaining. It did take a great deal of courage on their part to follow this event. I am not a fan of CNN but did notice their broadcasting this. I hope to see more of this kind of patriotism from them.

  15. I agree that CNN actually let us viewers see the speeches rather than having us hear commentators talk about them, which FOX News did. However, the CNN commentators were very negative, as always.

  16. Don’t TRUST CNN – they will do anything to take a shot at the Pres Trump. Just mark my word, they will do anything to support Biden – the weakest candidate EVER – even worse than Lying Hillary – and that’s saying something.

  17. Thank goodness more people are seeing that our President is equitable and fair in his dealings. He is right to call out the media because most of the time they do get it wrong and are not fair to him. However, this time CNN stepped up to the plate. Thank you.

  18. I think it was great CNN was showing the GOP convention. This is probably the only way the liberal democrats will see the good our President does. I don’t mind their negative rhetoric, it shows how ignorant they are.

  19. Well now, I personally didn’t watch it (fell asleep ) however I would’ve since it sounds like they got back to the “official” CNN like they were back when I was deployed to retrieve Marines from Lebanon in 83.

  20. LOL…. his ratings and viewing numbers are down. So he praises CNN in the hopes of drawing more viewers in…. it won’t work. VOTE BLUE!

  21. CNN might have covered the Republican Convention last night but one of the station cut off Melania Trump’s speech right in the middle and put on some garbage they got paid more for and take orders from the dems and soros money. It is time that the commissioner of the airwaves starts doing his job or kick him out. No more political correctness. If he thinks he has power over what is right and what he is supposed to do, he is not long for his job.

  22. You always gives credit where credit is due. He does not have a problem with that. But you can believe that they only did it to help themselves. They did not do it for the country Just maybe to get some customers back Or Have everything available to launch a future attack within A-day or so.

  23. Lately news is just another drama show for $.¢

    POLITICS is definitely just for $$$ lately too.

    That’s why I’m glad we don’t have a political president.

    GO Don Sr. All the way! Reelect Donald J. Trump. Thanks for the flyover by the way.

  24. Let’s see: California fires, A major hurricane after another, Covid-19 and Electioneering.

    What else besides November do we have to look forward to?

  25. I watched some of CNN last evening They stated their critiques nicely, BUT they had to end up with “but”, which sucked. Why do news media people have to do ugly comments. Just say the nice part and afterward just shut-up, because no one enjoys the ugly comments and that just show how utterly stupid they have been over the years. Just leave the “but” out and shortly thereafter the “but” I turned my TV off..

  26. GLad to hear CNN is finally doing the right thing but I’ve started watching OAN One America News. Great News Network.

  27. I hardly ever watch any of the news stations, they are all bought off by the Democrats, CNN must not have gotten their payoff lately

  28. I think it is great they showed the convention. Maybe it enlightened people with tunnel vision only watching the liberal stations.

  29. You all would have heard and seen a much better vision of the Republican convention had you tuned in to NEWSmax Chanel. You would have seen and heard the speeches of those “not” covered on main media Chanels.

  30. In my opinion, president Trump was merely baiting CNN. Easy to confuse and stun the stupid opinionators at CNN. Acosta is proof that you do not need any brains to work there.

  31. I think we owe all of those Communists News Channel a minute of our time on social networks, so here goes!!! (CNN) Communist News Network, (MSNBC) Mainly SH:T, Nothing But Communist, (CBS) Communist Broadcasting Network, (ABC) Always Beeb Communist and Lets not forget the Rainbow that really stands in for all of them (NBC) Nothing but communist which Tom Probably watches as much as he does FOX NEWS the best.

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