July 23, 2021

Trump praises CNN for coverage of Republican National Convention

Donald Trump is notoriously hard on CNN for their highly-biased coverage of his every move.

However, in a shocking reversal from his usual attacks on the liberal network, Trump praised CNN for covering most of the Republican National Convention, saying it’s “good for the country.”

“Very appreciative that @CNN covered the vast majority of the Republican Convention last night. That was really good for CNN, while at the same time being good for our Country,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “Thank you!”

Trump’s tone in this tweet is a marked departure from just a day earlier when he ripped the network for cutting away from a roll call vote that confirms his official renomination for president.

President Trump’s contentious relationship with CNN has made headlines throughout his presidency. His interactions with CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, have been especially firey over the years, culminating in the White House even revoking Acosta’s press pass briefly in 2018.

President Trump frequently attacks CNN as “unwatchable,” singling out network anchors such as Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper for hosting “unwatchable” shows with “really bad ratings.”

What do you think of CNN’s coverage of the RNC? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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96 Responses

  1. That doesn’t mean that CNN viewer didn’t demonstrate a bias and change channels not caring to see both sides of an issue or swear never to again support CNN for doing so. As per the “Cancel Culture”.

  2. I don’t watch CNN …, FOX isno prize either …. they are getting more and more like CNN with a see through veneer if sincerity … which is as FAKE as it can be!!!!! So I have to stop watching them too…. and perhaps watch BBC who are not pretenderers!!!!

  3. Another item no one is talking about….perhaps it isn’t NEWSWORTHY!!! President thinking to end SOCIAL SECURITY if he stops payroll taxes…. is that on the TOP OF HIS AGENDA for second term…. AARP members are petitioning him for a positive answer as millions of Older Citizens Have SSI as their only source of income…. now that to me fellow citizens is quite a chunk of votes!!!! Perhaps we should ask our respective Senators/Congressional Member for an immediate answer as well….

    1. Stop listening to AARP. They are intentionally misleading you. Any social security funds shorted from the payroll tax deferment plan will be replenished from the general fund. Btw, Obama did it in 2011 and 2012.

    2. He is not getting rid of Social Security. He spoke of strengthening Social Security and Medicare. He said a temporary halt to Federal Income taxes.

  4. I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC and other networks since the start of the Russia collusion narratives that end up flat and dead. Now FOX News is starting to be liberals this days. Just watching OAN which cover truth and realistic views.

  5. I was pleased that CNN covered it as I was able to switch from Fox when they interrupted speakers to comment. I was glad the CNN gave me an option to hear the speeches without interruptions.

    1. I did the same thing. Right in the middle of a speach they would go to the people to disect it! I also put CNN to see it all. Actually i was surprised they were airing it. FOX news talk TO MUCH.

  6. The announcers immediately went for the throat before and during the speakers and what they were saying. It was obviously a bias representation.

  7. I tried to watch cnn as I did Tuesday but all I mostly got was just talking heads bad mouthing everything on the RNC I switched to newsmax much better coverage

  8. cnn and all those other news stations will never give true and honest news reports, because they are all f****** democrats out to make a name for themselves. But you don’t make a name for yourself by sending out all your damn lies. Send out the truth, and let the people decide for themselves if what you are saying deserves to be heard. IKNOW THE TRUTH HURTS, but the people deserve to here the truth, not the writings of some jerky news reporter .

  9. Ever since the kid took over Fox hired Paul Ryan that Brazil b**** I can’t stand seeing her every time I see her on TV I want to throw up I have to turn the channel I’m serious I’m sorry she just disgust me. I think the first question the kid asked when he got in position to run the company is the old Democratic question how can I ruin this company well you’re seeing it happen I watch O A N I don’t even turn on Fox except for the Ingraham angle Hannity and Tucker Carlson couple of more

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