September 30, 2022

Trump confirms he will fill any potential SCOTUS vacancy ahead of election

President Trump confirmed on Tuesday that he will attempt to fill a Supreme Court vacancy if he is given the opportunity before the November election.ย 

Conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump during a Tuesday interview if he would nominate a new Supreme Court justice despite it being an election year.

“Absolutely, Iโ€™d do it,” Trump replied. Speculation that the opportunity may present itself sooner rather than later has been at a fever pitch as 87-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to suffer from poor health.

Ginsburg has been in an out of the hospital several times this summer and is receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer — her fourth bout with cancer in just over two decades.

Trump said he would “move quickly” to fill any vacancy that arises, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has vowed to fast-track a SCOTUS confirmation, despite refusing to do the same for then-President Obama in 2016.

Democrats are furious that Trump and McConnell would consider such a move, but Trump appears to be unbothered by the criticisms. “Why not?” he asked. “I mean, they would. The Democrats would if they were in this position.”

Trump added that he already has a candidate in mind, but refused to disclose their name. “I have somebody that I think would be really well-received, would be excellent, highly-respected,” he revealed. “I mean, thatโ€™s subject to change, but somebody that really would be, I think, I think great.”

Justice Ginsburg has insisted that she will remain on the court as long as she is able to fulfill her duties and affirmed in July that her current health issues have not interfered with her ability to do so.


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