April 17, 2021

Trump announces plans for New Hampshire campaign rally

Looking to build momentum off of his widely praised South Dakota Independence Day address, Donald Trump moved quickly to announce his next campaign event, this one to be held outdoors in New Hampshire on Saturday.

After Trump’s late-June campaign rally in Tulsa — which many critics have characterized as a disaster — Trump received a major boost from his sensational speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3.

Trump’s campaign announced on Sunday that the next event will also be held outside, a tacit acknowledgment that holding indoor rallies may give too much ground to Democrats and media organizations looking to curtail his campaign activities.

Saturday’s event is scheduled for 8 p.m. at New Hampshire’s Portsmouth International Airport, the Trump campaign revealed in a statement.

“We look forward to so many freedom-loving patriots coming to the rally and celebrating America, the greatest country in the history of the world,” said Trump 2020 national press secretary Hogan Gidley.

In another attempt to avoid the bad press related to coronavirus concerns, the Trump campaign made it clear that wearing face coverings will be strongly encouraged — and provided by event organizers — and that there will be “ample access to hand sanitizer” at the venue as well.

This will be Trump’s first appearance in the battleground state of New Hampshire since February.

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270 Responses

  1. Press on Mr. President , While Sleepy Uncle Joe hides in his basement . Continue to contrast the differences between Biden & yourself . Your vision compared to his !!!

  2. President Trump knocked it a zillion miles out of the park with his July 3rd speech at Mount Rushmore. It was positive, patriotic, and reaffirmed my love and belief in our country; the USA. May God bless and watch over President Trump, his entire family, and America.

  3. His speech stirred in me the pride of an American Patriot. The election of 2016 was divinely ordained.

  4. President Trump gave a wonderful, uplifting speech on the 4th of July! He has been attacked for everything he has done and tried to do, but he is always trying to encourage our citizens and show his love for America. All the Democrats have done nothing but encourage local terrorism and try to tear this Great Country apart and make it a third world country like Venezuela!

  5. I loved his speech. He stands for the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE< God bless HIM and keep him strong.

  6. Thank you Mr. President for your tireless work in trying to bring our country back together (Obama tried to divide it). I loved your Mt. Rushmore speech and was so inspired by your July 4th speech. You had my vote in 2016 and you’ll have it again in 2020. May God bless you and these United States of Americs.

  7. I pray for our President daily. He is doing a wonderful job and the Democratic Party is trying to destroy everything he is doing. Shame on them. God Bless America.

  8. I believe in TRUMP rallies. Since the Fake News Media won’t do any honest delivering of the news, it’s his only way to get the message out. Tweeting alone doesn’t cut it. But i helps delve out his Frustrations with the media.

  9. 2020 TRUMP/PENCE. 🙏 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 The president has done everything to make America lives better. This was a speech of leadership, protector & love of our country.

  10. I love the fact that Mr. Trump is a business man and not a politician. That explains why demo-craps can’t stand his great accomplishments within our country.
    For the ppl who do not like this country, there are 6 more continents for you to find some place you like better. WE the true American Patriots, would rather y’all just go away.

  11. The Secret Service, who screened and counted everyone entering the Tulsa rally, said there were 16,000 people there. That isn’t bad in a stadium that holds 19,000. Thousands of people complained that stadium staff, who were supposed to medically screen people in order for them to get permission to be seated, left their posts and all those people were prevented from going to their seats. So…the arena would have been full if not for partisan stadium staff.

  12. Inspired patriotic speech and I believe it will provide motivation to more Americans to be more devoted to their country and to the flag. About time when the President turned to the flag and the nation for inspiration. We are one nation and one people people inon crisis and we will work it out together.

  13. My heart was filled to overflowing with the pride and joy of hearing our President speak of our great country and his call to unity for all God-loving patriots. The men on Mount Rushmore would have been cheering along with those in the audience. I look forward to more Rallys and stirring speeches from our soon to be re-elected President Trump. Trump,Pence 2020!

  14. i feel that the service at mt. rushmore was by far the best ever. anyone who is american has to be proud.

  15. The President’s speech was great! Only one thing would have made it better. President Trump please wear a mask! Take it off before you speak ,but let the people see what you do. Some Americans won’t wear one because you don’t. They want you to set the example. As crazy as it is many still think that this is a hoax. Wear the mask and take it off before you speak. Before you get off the stage , put the mask back on! The Dems will have nothing to pick on if you do that. Another idea is to have masks made with the MAGA printed on it! People will definitely take notice of that. I pray for you,Mike Pence your families, your cabinet,your pastors, the people whom pray with you and lay hands on you. I pray that they help guide you to what God wants you to do. At all times be humble. I also pray for our great military. We are here, even if you can’t see us. I know that you have
    been treated awful . No president has had to put up with so much HATE. We all see it. I want to call you “TEFLON TRUMP”! What ever they throw at you, falls off! You will be known as the praying President. You are our only chance to keep America .Baby Boomers out there, wake up and speak out. Teach the younger generations of what it was like 30, 40, 50,years ago! You are having a rally this week end, outside, a great choice, Thank you Mr President for loving America.

  16. On one of the Fox programs, someone suggested President Trump pass out “MAKE AMERICA GREAT
    AGAIN or just MAGA” face masks to all attendees. Just think how this would frost the Dems and fake News. I’m sure he could use these at ALL of his rallies, and people could and would use them just in their everyday living. Great Adveriser!!! Let’s pass this around!

  17. President Trump’s Mount Rushmore speach was very patriotic and inspiring. Wake up America.

  18. The idea of red masks with MAGA on the front is genius. I don’t like wearing a mask but I would wear this one everywear. Come on designer, let’s get this going and on the market at a reasonable amt very soon.

  19. How did we get so lucky…a president who prays with us and for us, loves our country, loves each and every one of us, THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!! Love you and pray for you!

  20. Dear Mr. President, I think you are doing a great job against all odds. I am so proud of you for standing for regular Americans. Please protect our gun rights, don’t let the anti fascist destroy everything. Come to Southwestern Va. I pray for you and my country every night. My father was a WW11 and my husband was a Vietnam vet and both would turn over in their graves to see how our country is being treated. God Bless you

  21. I believe God has put this man in charge of our Country to save us. The evil radical left (not even Democrats anymore) are trying to take us down with Soros, Clintons and the Pelosi gang of relatives. I love our President Trump, he is like a breath of clean fresh air for a wonderful change from the past. The “Swamp”
    is scared out of its dirty pants, along now with the Jeffrey Epstein continuation. They all need to go down
    where they belong in Prisons. I believe more prisons will have to be built to accommodate them. Perhaps we should ask, who is NOT part of the Swamp?

  22. With this speech, Pres. Trump became the American Orator. Greatest speech! He was wonderful without campaigning.

    1. I agree. His delivery was tone perfect, hit all the right issues and was strong unlike the ones before him,with no bells! Hes a great COMMANDER in CHIEF wanting EVERY legal citizen to prosper and achieve their dreams. But, with these destroyers, he must, MUST take action and put a stop to them. I know its the states who are responsible for the mayhem. But something must be done. TRUMP 2020 MAGA! AGAIN!

  23. I thought the President’s Independent Day Speech was inspiring and wonderful. His speech should be made mandatory in our classrooms where the children of this nation might learn a little bit about our History. That’s part of the problem in this nation – schools no longer teach American History and how those who came before us struggle to make this nation great. The talent these pioneers had is outstanding and the children of this nation should know that. President Trump is truly a man of vision and honor. He loves this nation and only wants the best for all the citizens within. I thank God for giving us this President and truly prays HE chooses him again in 2020.

  24. Your July 4th speech really hit home.We all need to realize how to help our fellow patriots to believe in our great nation again.WE ARE THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. No where else can we live and have our freedoms: of speech, of religion, the right to carry a gun and so much more.So why is it so hard for us to praise our President TRUMP for all the great work he is doing for All. AMERICANS. I do not think we could have a better president. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .

  25. I am in sink with all of your wonderful and deserved comments!! Let’s re elect
    our GREAT President!! Make sure to get out and Vote! He has worked very hard in the face of socialism being led by our awful Left wing media! The NBC ABC and CBS coverages are so despicable and Blatantly false! They have overtook CNN!! You know the least watched on TV!! Liberals and socialist are really showing themselves to be what they are Deplorable Loosers!!!!

  26. Wanda, your comments are some of the BEST that this 80 year old man has read in a long time.

  27. My wife and I as well as our family and friends thought it was awesome and we support President Trump is doing an great job as Commander and Chef of America, we will be praying for him and his family as well as his staff, God has his back and he will win in 2020 4 more years! Praise a God He put Trump in the White House and will be there til God is done with His mandate for President Trump!
    He will not leave until God is finished with His work, reguardless of what the Democrats try to do! God is in control of this election Aand President Trump has God’s favor on him!

  28. PROUD OF MY PRESIDENT…..TRUMP 2020🇺🇸❤ What a wonderful speech,but I do wish you’d move a little faster on the thugs out destoying,looting, rioting. & doing what ever they want…..tired of the video’s I see where there beating the crap out of someone….PLEASE PUT AN END TO END TO IT


  30. I thought President Trump’s speech was awesome and inspiring. The is the right man for the job. I pray for him daily. And will certainly be voting for him again in November.

  31. Wonderful speech. Bringing unity to our country. You always try to help all Americans what ever their Race, nationality, religion or sex. The democratic’s And media are jealous with all your supporters and are trying in every way to divide our country. They’re not going to win. America is better together.
    Be strong on those who are destroying our statues and our states.

  32. Mr.President, 3 people in this house love, admire, and respect you and your family soooooo much! Your speech was so powerful with the backdrop of Presidential heads…..we were extremely proud to be Americans and grateful that The Almighty God we know and serve, saw fit to call and prepare you, Sir, to lead these United States of America at this time in history! We pray for you daily, and are confident you hear His Voice, because He said “My sheep hear My voice and another they will NOT hearken to”. Thank you, Sir, for your faithfulness and remarkable love for our country and Her people….ALL of them!

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