October 3, 2022

President Trump sets Nancy Pelosi off by vetoing student loan forgiveness legislation

Donald Trump just dealt another devastating blow to Nancy Pelosi’s agenda on Friday evening, vetoing a bill intended to block Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from implementing a new rule regarding student loan forgiveness.

Pelosi is still reeling from Trump’s successful campaign to defeat her FISA reform bill earlier this week, but he didn’t stop there.

Trump opted to drop the hammer on the loan forgiveness measure on Friday because it “sought to reimpose an Obama-era regulation that defined educational fraud so broadly that it threatened to paralyze the nation’s system of higher education.”

Trump explained that DeVos’ rule “strikes a better balance” between “protecting students’ rights to recover from schools that defraud them while foreclosing frivolous lawsuits that undermine higher education and expose taxpayers to needless loss.”

This is Trump’s eighth veto of his presidency, but the first veto of a domestic policy bill. Trump cited the objections of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as the reason he chose to block the legislation. He said that HBCU’s urged him to veto the bill because it “would have irreparably harmed their great institutions.”

“As president, I have been strongly committed to fighting for HBCUs,” Trump continued. “As I have said before, HBCUs have never had a better champion in the White House. My disapproval of this resolution is another marker of that support.”

Trump’s decision infuriated Speaker Pelosi, who responded that the Democrat-controlled House will attempt to overturn the veto. Though 10 Republican Senators crossed the aisle to initially approve the measure, it’s unlikely that the Senate will rally behind Pelosi’s effort to overturn Trump’s decision.

“Is sad that the president rejected the will of the Congress and the country with his veto,” Pelosi sniped after learning of the defeat.“The House will soon vote to overturn this veto, which poses a grave harm to the financial security and futures of America’s students.”

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