October 2, 2022

Trump calls on Pelosi to approve COVID-19 relief as pressure grows from all sides

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been stalling on COVID-19 economic relief measures for months, refusing to concede most of her pet projects included in the original HEROES act passed by the House in May.

However, the pressure is growing on Pelosi to actually approve a compromise with the White House, and President Trump ordered Pelosi on Saturday to “work together and get it done” because the US “wants and needs stimulus.”

Pelosi has repeatedly rejected offers from the GOP-led Senate and the White House for quick economic stimulus as the US reels from the effects of longterm COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Speaker has been dangling economic relief in front of the nation for months, insisting that it is of the utmost importance and declaring that she will stay in D.C. until the deal is done. Despite her promises that she’s working hard to achieve a deal, even House Democrats are getting antsy.

“We canโ€˜t wait around forever for the proposal we think is the perfect proposal and that obviously won’t be helpful to anybody. Time is of the essence here,” said Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) in September.

His dissatisfaction with Democrat leadership is shared by other moderate Democrats including Rep. Max Rose (D-NY), who said in September that, “Every member of the leadership team, Democrats and Republicans, have messed up. Everyone is accountable. Get something done. Get something done!”

Pelosi again said on Sunday that progress is being made in securing a deal with the White House, telling CBS News that “we’re making progress,” but again putting the onus on GOP leaders toย “agree on what we need to do to crush the virus.”

After Pelosi rejected the White House’s offer last week, American and United Airlines announced they will begin the process of furloughing thousands of employees due to the lack of relief. Pelosi attempted to placate the airlines on Sunday, telling them: “don’t fire people. You know that relief is on the way.”

Despite her apparent optimism, there is no indication that Pelosi is actually near a real compromise with the White House.


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