August 1, 2021

Trump calls on Pelosi to approve COVID-19 relief as pressure grows from all sides

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been stalling on COVID-19 economic relief measures for months, refusing to concede most of her pet projects included in the original HEROES act passed by the House in May.

However, the pressure is growing on Pelosi to actually approve a compromise with the White House, and President Trump ordered Pelosi on Saturday to “work together and get it done” because the US “wants and needs stimulus.”

Pelosi has repeatedly rejected offers from the GOP-led Senate and the White House for quick economic stimulus as the US reels from the effects of longterm COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Speaker has been dangling economic relief in front of the nation for months, insisting that it is of the utmost importance and declaring that she will stay in D.C. until the deal is done. Despite her promises that she’s working hard to achieve a deal, even House Democrats are getting antsy.

“We can‘t wait around forever for the proposal we think is the perfect proposal and that obviously won’t be helpful to anybody. Time is of the essence here,” said Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) in September.

His dissatisfaction with Democrat leadership is shared by other moderate Democrats including Rep. Max Rose (D-NY), who said in September that, “Every member of the leadership team, Democrats and Republicans, have messed up. Everyone is accountable. Get something done. Get something done!”

Pelosi again said on Sunday that progress is being made in securing a deal with the White House, telling CBS News that “we’re making progress,” but again putting the onus on GOP leaders to “agree on what we need to do to crush the virus.”

After Pelosi rejected the White House’s offer last week, American and United Airlines announced they will begin the process of furloughing thousands of employees due to the lack of relief. Pelosi attempted to placate the airlines on Sunday, telling them: “don’t fire people. You know that relief is on the way.”

Despite her apparent optimism, there is no indication that Pelosi is actually near a real compromise with the White House.

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106 Responses

  1. To bad she does not read these comments. I do not think our Country has ever had a Congress like this ruled with a mean, hateful fist. She is not long for this great office she has so little respect for.
    I know this is a great wake up call for our Country. everyone needs to get out and vote and wear our hats, pins, and t-shirts. Hear our voices and soon hear our ROAR in November..

    1. Hey fellow Americans ! I have a wonderful movie for you to watch. HILLARY’S AMERICA. ALSO, look for the X22 Report/s . Awesome !
      Go Patriots !

    2. No Ms Antoinette Pelosi will never hear us, the people
      Only her little world like her designer drapes she had made by taxpayers dollars
      Like Scrooge when gone it will be left for the raffle pile

    3. Pelosi wouldn’t care about reading anything the American people have to say or been saying. She only cares about herself n bailing her state out. Vile human if she really is human!

    4. Yes the first week in November needs to be Trump week. Put your hats,shirts etc. The silent majority needs to speak!

  2. DemonRAT party for prison and military trials for treason against America and the American people hung by the neck until DEAD then wipe out the Chinese Communist Party

    1. Only if we the people truly vote, voice our voices and really put in backbone
      After all did not Biden call the military a bunch of stupid B-st-rd?

  3. Wish there was a like button on here as many have expressed my sentiments exactly Nancy Pelosi et al are what is bad for the US of A!

  4. Americans got what they deserved for letting Nancy Pelosy, Chuck Schumer and Naddler in congress to make decisions for them. We will nevet be free or move ahead with these rats in power. The worse mistake that Trump made and the Republicans is to let these evil people run the show in the house. When are we going to learn? Have we noticed how Trillions of dollars get to spend every time they need to extend the government?Nothing gets done right without the influence and saying of the Democrats. If we don’t put an end to the Dems, we will perish and our country will become another China or Russia. This is our best time ever to get all the Dems out of position of power. Time to vote them out of the government and every state, city and wherever they are. Vote Trump 2020 and Republican forever if we want to take our country back and save our families and children. God bless America and God bless president Trump.

    1. thank you for saying what you did we all need to vote and keep the Republicans in office but they have to vote Shumer and Pelosie out or nothing will get done

      1. You need to learn more about how the government is run. The Republicans in office have nothing to do with putting or keeping Pelosie or Shumer in office. It is the desire of their home base that elected them and they are the only ones that can remove them.

    2. I agree 100% But, there are too many damn people who think the Demonrats walk on water! I just don’t understand how people just don’t see how damn crooked the Demonrats are!

    3. Vote Vote Vote. If there is a way to get Pelosi out if there let’s do it. She should have retired years ago. Cannot stand her.

  5. Don’t believe a word this demon spews! Get rid of her before she ruins our country! Impeach her or better yet let her get covid. Just get rid of her now! NO NANCY, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BE PRESIDENT!

    1. Just vote her out of office in November! She’ll be gone in January. her term is up and she is too nasty and vindictive to remain in her position.

      1. And let’s her be taxed for the fire episodes, riots, burning down business…guess she’ll flee California with her lovely gang and party?


  7. Pelosi is tired of flying on her small plane because they need to stop to refuel.So she has ordered a large plane that does not have be refueled.It’s so big it can seat 200. People.The cost to fuel the plane is $60,000. All of this is on our tax payer money. She can do this for her self,but she will not do any thing to help people who have paid taxes. and now need help. She needs to go. if she had a regular job she would have been fired years ago. Nancy is not only crazy but also EVIL. Let’s all vote GOP all the way. We need to get rid of all the DEMORATS.

    1. What happened to the Ms. Antoinette in France?
      Will Ms Antoinette Pelosi be another example?
      Isn’t vignette of Antoinette DNA’s?

  8. as long as Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house nothing will ever be done. she will hold up everything because the house is in charge of the money and she doesnt give a hoot about the little people. she think she is so far above everyone else and none of the laws are for her and her elite group. we definitely need to take back the house and keep the senate so they cant steam roll over us. need to vote RED.

  9. Well pisloski you and your demoncrats scheme to give the President covid didnt work You cant keep a good man down All your fears? that he wouldnt make it are gone and your dreams of being president have vanished you poor thing i almost feel sorry for you. you are a misleaded soul Happy Trails to you

  10. She doesn’t give a damn about anybody. This is her revenge to all Trumpers. She is truly an EVIL WOMAN. For the past 4 years and even before ” WHAT SHE’S DONE FOR THE PEOPLE ” ?????????????

  11. Pelosi & all the rest of democrat , communist / NWO agenda criminals WANT the U.S. economy to fail , per their NWO globalist agenda goals . ( look it up ! ) They hate Trump for his success in the economy , which is why they released the 2015 obama-funded communist chinese created COVID ; timed for the election year . THEIR lab doesn’t keep creating such dangerous viruses for no reason !

  12. My wife and I left California 15 years ago and California is contacting her , they want to send a mail in ballot to her ! Isn’t that fraud california probably isn’t the only state to do this . Judicial watch sued California and north Carolina for fraudulent votes million each was settled .

  13. what the hell does the airlines have to do with covid relief if thats the case bail out everybody pelosi is evil to the core

  14. She says she wants to crush the virus. Why does she not allow for testing on the Hill. She flat out rejected the idea of having testing done on the House and the Senate. Only one question how can she crush something that she will not allow to be tested for?

  15. NANCY ‘NO MIND’ PELOSI is … plainly NO F**KING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. NANCY ‘NO MIND’ PELOSI is … plainly NO F**KING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND ….. I haven’t already said this……either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. She is not worthy of our comments. She doesn’t belong in a position of power. Dems needed an idiot in that position and she fit it perfectly. Her , Obama, Schumer, Schoff, et al should be in jail and never able to have any govt position as they are crooked, anti- American and SOros funded. Sudden death would not be soon enough.

  18. ALL people, especially Californians, need to remember all her anti American tactics come Election Day! Vote the old hag OUT, along with all the rest of the demonrat scum in government offices from the city level, state level, and national level. If you want to leave your children a safe, free country, this MUST be done! VOTE REPUBLICAN across the ballot, MAGA. KAG!!!!!!

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