October 4, 2022

Trump peace deal with Sudan and Israel reverses the three ‘noes’ of Arab rejectionism

Besides starting zero wars during his term, President Donald Trump can take pride in the similarly herculean accomplishment of brokering peace between Israel and three Arab nations.

Breitbart reported that Trump’s latest accomplishment overcame the so-called three “noes” of the Khartoum conference that followed Israel’s 1967 victory in the region — no peace with Israel, no to recognition of Israel and no to negotiations with Israel — and turned them into resounding “yeses.”

On Friday, Sudan joined the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to form the recent trifecta of nations normalizing relations with Israel. Trump touted the momentous diplomatic achievement on Twitter Friday and promised “More will follow!”

The resolution dealing with Israel came out of a conference of eight Arab nations in Sudan’s capital city of Khartoum over a half-century ago, Breitbart reported from the Jewish Virtual Library. Dubbed “The 3 Noes,” the philosophy left no path for peace between the nations.

At the time, Israel had successfully beat back Egypt and Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War, and the conference cemented the retaliatory actions of nations still licking their wounds of defeat. Peace in the region would remain elusive until Trump’s recent foreign policy triumphs.

“This is a new era. An era of true peace. A peace that is expanding with other Arab countries – three of them in recent weeks,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, according to Reuters.

“In Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, the three principles of the Arab League were adopted in 1967: No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel,” Netanyahu said. “Whereas today Khartoum says – yes to peace with Israel, yes to recognition of Israel and to normalization with Israel.”

Peace in the Middle East is often held out as a lofty but decidedly unachievable goal. Trump has demonstrated that not only is it possible, but that it can be done without Israel ceding territory or making unfair concessions to its enemies.

“Peace in the Middle East without blood all over the sand,” is how the president described the feat in his remarks at a Pensacola, Florida rally Friday.

The “Trump: Art of the Deal” author-turned-president is clearly a master at bringing diametrically opposed parties together. It’s outrageous the liberal media will never recognize the great man uniting nations that seemed doomed to eternal conflict.

Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize committee that awarded President Barack Obama the prize less than a year after he was elected will recognize Trump for this momentous achievement at the close of his first presidential term — but don’t hold your breath.


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