April 18, 2021

Trump says he’s considering pardoning Edward Snowden

President Trump revealed on Saturday that he’s considering a pardon for National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, a shocking reversal from his previous statements about Snowden. 

Trump called Snowden a “traitor” during the 2016 election cycle, but appears to have modified his opinion of Snowden since then.

“I’ve seen people that are very conservative and very liberal and they agree. They agree both ways,” Trump said during his Saturday coronavirus briefing. “I’m going to take a look at that very strongly, Edward Snowden.”

Snowden fled the US in 2013 and sought asylum in Russia after leaking thousands of documents exposing the NSA’s surveillance of the American people.

“I guess the DOJ is looking to extradite him right now? … It’s certainly something I could look at,” Trump said. “Many people are on his side, I will say that. I don’t know him, never met him. But many people are on his side.”

Democrats appear to be having difficulties processing Trump’s unusual position. Some leftist Twitter blue-checks gave Trump rare applause over the matter. Others, like recently eliminated vice-presidential contender Susan Rice, pooh-poohed the announcement, tweeting “I. Just. Can’t. Congratulations GOP. This is who you are now.”

Do you think Trump should pardon Snowden? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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24 Responses

  1. I agree that Snowden should be pardoned; especially since we are now aware of the SWAMP, the Deep State, and the attempted Coup De’Tat by Marxist Democrats in the House of Representatives. It is evident that Snowden was well ahead of his time in realizing that the SWAMP and the Deep State was in violation of of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States as well as Federal and State Laws.

      1. He should be pardoned now.We have learned much from his revealing our Nation’s Administrations were
        spying on us common people.This led to The Others and the Obama Administration Spying and formulating
        a plan, using and criminalizing our C.I.A, and F.B.I.-to take down a candidate and future President.This “PLAN”
        By former president B.Obama et al, was treasonous.Against our Constitutional Laws.Bring him home.Thank Him For Helping Americans To Know What Was Being Swept Under The Rug And Being Used Against Us.Thank you
        Mr. President for the pardon.

    1. Yes. I agree Snowden should be pardoned by President Trump.

      Thank you President Trump for all your support for the American people.
      Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. I believe I would not prosecute but I would make him a man without a country, at least not our country.
    Q I. WWG1WGA !!!

  3. I would pardon him. He exposed the deep state for the monsters that they are. The deep state are the ones that need to prosecuted, for TREASON.!

  4. POTUS Trump, has the right&ability to decide Snowden’s future, but can’t denie how truth’s can be seen in the light,maybe a reckoning to witness reality, what ever the out come what ever side ur on thing’s r bound to be reveled to ur understanding.

  5. I’ve been praying that our President would be informed of what Edward Snowden did so that he would indeed see the TRUTH of what he was trying to show the people. Unfortunately and obviously Edward did not realize that the whole TOP officials of our gov’t, including the former Obama Admin., was involved in these treasoness acts.

    It is time President Donald J. Trump bring Edward Snowden home and PARDON HIM so we, the people can know the TRUTH.

    I praise GOD, Almighty and our LORD JESUS for bringing this to a head.

  6. Yes. I agree Snowden should be pardoned by President Trump.

    Thank you President Trump for all your support for the American people.
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Yes, because he could expose a lot of info.about the communists that are in the FBI and about the most corrupt administration this country has every seen….the obo administration. Obo is a communist and a traitor andshould be hung for it.

  8. Ed Snowden helped all of Americans who believe in America and what our founders understood a bout corruption and treason by high ranking government deep state operatives. Ed exposed the treason done by Obama and the otherzClinton’s . Now if pardoned , more people just might come forward to expose the other traitors in the deep state. It could just SAVE our country.
    Z, into a,

  9. We need more true Patriots. Deception is so deep we need people to come forward with the truth. Pardon Snowden but then supply protection for him.

    1. He helped bring out some truths about the Deep State, our enemies. Pardon him & let him convey all his information about our inside government enemies so they can be removed & prosecuted.

  10. I honestly don’t know. Of course we, out here, only have general information. But the president does have the whole story and the things we don’t know could bring a direct decision. After the smoke clears I’m sure we will get “the rest of the story”.

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