May 23, 2022

Trump PAC raises $51 million in second half of 2021

Former President Donald Trump’s political action committees raised an impressive $51 million during the second half of 2021, giving the former president more than $122 million cash. 

According to Fox News, Trump’s Save America PAC announced on Monday that they had garnered the impressive sum, seeming to indicate that the president could be sitting in a good position if he attempts to become president again in 2024. 

“President Trump’s continued and unprecedented pace of fundraising shows that the future of the Republican Party in 2022 and beyond remains, perhaps, the strongest in our Country’s history — the MAGA movement is here to stay!” the announcement read.

This impressive sum does not include the hundreds of millions that other campaigns have raised through their campaign plans of running on Trump’s platform and using his likeness and/or endorsement.

“President Donald J. Trump has built a political organization that continues to capture and define the future of the Republican Party, Trump’s communications director Taylor Budowich said in a statement.

“President Trump is incredibly well-positioned to look beyond November as the need for his leadership has never been more important,” Budowich added.

While it’s no doubt a hefty sum, it’s a considerable step down from the $82 million the former president hauled in during the first half of the year.

Trump hasn’t announced that he’ll be running for president again, but he has seemed to tease that he might be running again in 2024. However, footage resurfaced last week where he said he would be “the 45th and 47th” president of the United States during an event in Conroe, Texas.


The former president also indicated that if he did win the presidency again, he would pardon those involved in the Capitol Hill riot of Jan. 6, 2021: “If I run and if I win, we will treat those people from Jan. 6 fairly,” Trump said of the rioters, many of whom remain imprisoned in Washington, D.C. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons,” he added. “Because they are being treated so unfairly.”


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