May 6, 2021

Trump orders the military to withdraw thousands of troops from Germany

In a move that’s been years in the making, the Pentagon has announced that the U.S. is withdrawing thousands of soldiers from Germany.

It’s a gesture that President Trump has threatened repeatedly as Germany and other NATO allies refuse to meet their spending commitments to the alliance. For years, Germany has happily allowed US taxpayers to foot the bill for their defense while criticizing America’s role on the global stage.

President Trump has made it very clear that he’s not willing to play that game anymore:

Trump has indicated in the past that troops withdrawn from Germany may go to Poland and other Eastern European allies that have expressed pro-American sentiments and need the help to combat Russian hegemony.

Of course, liberal media outlets that usually squawk about the dangers of “American militarism” are supposedly “horrified” by the news. Their motives are transparent: if Trump did it, they’re against it.

Read the full story here.

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57 Responses

  1. It’s about time. The way the world is now against the US who know if they will be attacking us sooner or later.

    1. No kidding! The world is ALL about what the good old USA can DO for THEM!! The minute they are called out, they act like two year olds!!

  2. How long have we been in Afghanistan? Almost 20 friggin years and for what?
    Let the Europeans fend for themselves and get our troops home now.

    1. We went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan during George W Bush’s reign. All because George wanted to get rid of Hussein which his father couldn’t do. How dumb. Both wars were usless.

      1. I totally agree because the history of these two countries has proven it useless to try and change the way we wanted them to be. Both still live in the dark age and there will always be wars between the religious factions there.

      1. Amen. About time we stopped protecting those who refuse to do anything for themselves and expect us to provide for them.

  3. We need to bring our troops home from all over the world. America is the worlds defense system. AH NO!!! We have military in place from WWII. They need to come home and let the countries fend for themselves. The military is needed in America more than spread out all over the world. What do we get in return? Not a darn thing.

    1. We get criticized for being there and when we leave. We are not responsible for taking care of other countries.

  4. It’s about time! If Germany does want to pay their fair share, they can do without! Since German leadership as well as French president macron hold such hatred and disdain for America, we don’t need our military there. Just as the Afghan leadership doesn’t really want us there, either! America needs to stop being to world’s babysitters and let these people take care of themselves! If they don’t want to have rights that they will fight for like we did, let them live as they want to!

    1. Germany is the strongest economy in Europe they could well pay their fair share but avoid to. Enough being taken to the cleaners with nothing in return except CRITICISMS towards us. They can now fend for themselves. Let Russia feed them all the gas they need since they didnt even want to purchase it from the US! after we liberated their country from the nazis.! Ungrateful human beings.

  5. Yes it is about time and we may need our troops to be present against domestic terrorists

    1. Good thought, very relevant too, thanks to our governors and mayors who want to “brown-nose” Antifa

  6. He should remove all troops from Germany as we pay a fortune to keep them there. Also we have to hire X amount of people to work on the bases.

    1. I agree.Not only that the personal spend a lot of money they enjoy taking +what the government pays them.

  7. I want something done about the press. They are lying to the American people on all fronts relating to the President. That is not how things are supposed to go. They are supposed to provide insight on things happening in America but when they voice their opinion, it’s supposed to be an editorial. All the so called news is nothing more than editorials against the President. Many Americans aren’t understanding that and need to be told so they can form their own opinions rather than have it formed for you by lying media outlets. We have Pravda right here in America instead of an unbiased press. This has to stop if this county is to grow and prosper. The press is too powerful and that is not good for this country in the long run.

    1. ABSOLUTELY, Len! and please add Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon to that list of Anti-American thugs who would love to have us speaking Chinese ASAP. And Binden and son are just the crooks to help them! Wasn’t bad enough we elected a Muslim who did his best to ruin our once great nation with his creation of Black Lives Matter and handing over $150 BILLION+ to Iran, our worst enemy, undercover of night on palettes stacked with CASH so they could develop nuclear weapons (yeah, they’re lying about not doing so!) and his (UN)Affordable care act that had to be passed before we could know what was in it according to Nancy Pelosi and a nearly 3 year farce of an investigation of his duly elected successor and on and on!
      But what these Leftist socialists want for our wonderful country should they win by mail in ballots in this upcoming election should make every true American tremble with terror! They’re being sent to dead cats, etc. and others coming from foreign countries should be revealing as to the number of these crooked ballots being sent out! The left knows they have no chance of winning sans cheating!
      Don’t know about you, but these are not the people I want in charge of my life, how about you?

    2. Len Barend., I always thought yellow journalism in any form was illegal. How dare they do this to the american people. Lie after lie after lie. How do they sleep at night? I am so ashamed of the american “fake news” they have no honor. How do they look themselves in the mirror everyday or even look their children, spouses, parents in the face knowing what they are doing to the USA? Shame on them they should be put in prison! Rant over.

      1. Obummy signed an executive order allowing the media to LIE in 2015 with the help of the CIA. It was illegal to lie prior.

  8. I am in favor of bringing home ALL OF OUR TROOPS. Thanks to the political leftoids we Americans need our soldiers more than foreign countries need them. How many countries help America with their troops?

  9. America has been paying the bill while others don’t. It is time for everyone’here and overseas stand on their on and support themselves. I back President
    his decision to pull the troops out.

    1. I wish President Trump who pays 4% and these other countries pay less than 2%, would only pay 2% which is what the U.S. should pay, and then let the other countries pay what they owe!!

  10. President Trump is a man of action, he gets things done ! Hopefully the so called “democrats” have dug a big enough hole for all of their likes to fit into, never to be heard from again. Thank God for President Trump & may God Bless America.

  11. Now the French and Germans will have to cooperate a bit more. And maybe the Germans and Poles.

  12. Global allies are important and will continue to be so, however, those that haven’t and don’t contribute their appropriate support need to fend for themselves. America first! Especially now!

  13. This should have been done 30 years ago! Merkel seems to be more of a Russian ally. Germany has become VERY dependent on them for all kinds of resources especially fuels.

  14. Thanx Mr. President …. finally a Prez that backs up his words with action unlike the previous how many???? We the regular folks want our men and women back on home soil where they belong ….. they mite be needed to defend the Democratic cities around the country that have failed Dem leadership that just can’t seem to own up to what has to be done…….. God help us all …..

  15. Good job Mr. President! It is time to down size the military in countries like Germany! They aren’t keeping their side of the agreement and can do some of their security! Bring troops home.

  16. Amen, pull all of our troops from all over the world and also bring home every nut, bolt and tent stake with them.

  17. Yes! Bring our troops home and have them wipe up the terrorist called BLM and ANTIFA. They are nothing less than terrorist. Looting, burning, murdering and beating innocent people under the guise of police brutality. Holding white people on edge because white men owned slaves 200 years ago. Did these people with great great great grand fathers ever work on a plantation? No…and i didn’t own any slaves. These blacks also know nothing about history. If they did they would realize that their ancestors weren’t the only slaves of that time. Ever hear of the Barbary Coast Slave traders? From 1300 to 1880s black Africans and Muslims captured, kidnapped white European (mostly women) and sold them off to other African nations. It is estimated that nearly a million if not more, white Europeans were sold as slaves by blacks to blacks. Talking about reperations? Being I have ancestors from Europe, somebody black owes me money!

    1. They should count their blessings that they are now in the USA and not raised or live in their home countries.

  18. I’m for it but as an old military “weenie” I’d like to see the military take volunteers out first. some have been there for a long time, at their own desire, and it will create a hardship on others.

  19. Bring them all home. Let Europe figure out how to clean up the mess they’ve made of Europe and Germany needs to deal with it’s own disaster. After all they elected a radical and they got what they ask for.

  20. About time. These socialist governments have been using out military for years and using the money they save on defense to prop up their cradle to grave socialism. Now let’s see how their Ponzi scheme works when they have to pay for their defense. We rebuilt their country after THEY started a World War and we finished it. Now they criticize us and spit in our faces. Buckle up Germany see how it goes without our military to protect you.

  21. Bring them all home. Put enough of them down on the southern border to stop ALL illegals from coming into the US. No one has the right nor should they be here in this country illegally. There is a legal way and if they don’t want to come that way, let them stay where they are. We don’t need them, and we don’t want them.

  22. America should never be responsible for another countries defense. How many times in the history of our country have other countries turned on us. No pay, no play.

  23. Bring them home and let Europe learn why we stayed there. We are disliked in most of Europe anyway. I am tired of supporting those that don’t like us.

  24. I don’t have a problem pulling troops out of Europe. One of the reasons Europeans have turned against us , is the migration of thousands of muslims to Europe. Many have been taught to hate US and Israel. The middle east is entirely different, we have to have some troops there or the jihad will bring shira law to all the countries. . I wish the world was different, we could worship the God of our choice, but the Koran states that the world will be under Islamic rule, if not , the bible is right and the Koran wrong

  25. its good that the President is telling Germany to step up to the plate and pay or loose money for her country – it will hurt her economy i believe we about 39000 troops there plus there families how many live off base?now you see what Trump is getting at –i make my move now the ball is in court. Besides its going to be hard to find housing for all those families when or if he does i think the biggest base is Army – so my friends only time will tell.

  26. Great move President Trump, for there are other nations that are in need of our help to defer Russian aggression against their countries.

  27. Thank you, President Trump!
    Hey guys, I’ve read all your comments and agree wholeheartedly! Let’s “Keep The Faith” – TRUMP 2020!
    Brenda S.

  28. Thank you, President Trump!
    Hey guys, I’ve read all your comments and agree wholeheartedly! Let’s “Keep The Faith” – TRUMP 2020!
    Brenda S.

  29. Good for President Trump. I’m sick and tired of paying taxes to bail out lousy foreigners who hate us and then steal from us. Bring back the American GIs and send them in force to clean up these lousy BLM/Antifa terrorists who are destroying so many big cities.

  30. Bring Our Troops home to eradicate the domestic terrorists BLM and Antifa like they would ISIS.
    Have them go after the backers, financiers and supporters of these criminal organizations too; political and civilian. No one is above the law !
    They’ve clearly stated their objective: to kill all law enforcement officers, and kill every White person in this Country. It’s very apparent too that they are trying to overthrow our government, and they will destroy our country to achieve this objective. These are terrorist threats, and treason; for which the penalty is death.

  31. It is about time, we have protected the world for years and now it is time to let them protect themselves, bring our military home, we have enough problems here

  32. It’s about time that our country did something to protect American Workers from the onslaught of foreign countries, especially China! We, meaning America, are not the saviors of the world, we are just Americans that want other nations to take care of themselves and their people!

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