August 12, 2022

Trump orders GOP to stop using his name for fundraising

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer sent letters to three prominent Republican fundraising organizations ordering them to end their practice of using his name and likeness to solicit donations.

The letters were sent to the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The move followed an email from the Republican National Committee last week for supporters to sign a thank you card for Trump.

While committed to the conservative values of the Republican Party, Trump no longer wants Republican organizations to use his name or likeness without his explicit consent. The action may serve as a safeguard following his second impeachment battle following the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

The former president previously rejected the rumors of starting his own Patriot Party. In his recent Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) speech, Trump declared,

“We’re not starting new parties. You know, they kept saying, ‘He’s gonna start a brand new party.’ We have the Republican Party. It’s going to unite and be stronger than ever before. I am not starting a new party.”

The legal action may also serve as part of the former president’s updated fundraising strategy. In his CPAC speech, Trump also encouraged supporters to donate to his Save America PAC.

Further, Trump has also declared his plans to primary weak Republicans, particularly those who voted against him during his second impeachment. This included 10 Republicans in the House and seven in the Senate.

His effort may include a strong focus on controlling the flow of support within the Republican Party. Trump has already provided his list of Republicans he plans to target in the 2022 midterms.

Among those include Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, who voted against Trump during his recent impeachment. Trump has even noted he would gladly travel the 5,000-miles to campaign against her.

One thing is certain: Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party. His cease-and-desist letters show he wants to control his leadership more closely as he makes future plans, including a potential 2024 presidential run.

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CarRepublican (@guest_1167325)
1 year ago

I agree, I have been sending notices back to solicitations for donations that I will NOT donate if the money is being allocated to RINOs or other individuals not following the goals and principles of the party.

Tina (@guest_1167349)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

I do the same thing!!! So many used him to get donations ,then stabbed him in the back! I will donate to the individual that I want. No longer to a committee.

MICHAEL (@guest_1167368)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

I also have told the California GOP and other so called Conservative groups that they are wasting their time calling or mailing me things. I will only donate to people that President Trump will be backing.

President TRUMP WON 2020 Dementia Joe is a fraud (@guest_1167378)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

I have written the same thing. Until I know any money I give is going to a candidate President Trump has vetted, THE RNC GOP can choke and I won’t care.

Rita Lovejoy (@guest_1167484)

👌🏼 I am a conservative, pro-life, pro-Trump fan! He has his finger on the pulse of the needs of U.S. citizens, always has!

MICHAEL (@guest_1167556)

YOU GO BROTHER or SISTER, which ever you identify with today

Mary Sayen (@guest_1167380)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

I have been getting msgs to donate too. I have been deleting since I dont know where to send to tell them to stop.

Anthony Caporicci (@guest_1167571)
Reply to  Mary Sayen
1 year ago

That’s me as well only donate to people that TRUMP endorses Future 2022 America First Republicans
vote out traitors RHINOS Liz Cheney etc

Catherine M. Vincent (@guest_1167855)
Reply to  Anthony Caporicci
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to go to jail along with Biden Harris and all the bad government. Treason is what they are doing to our beloved country. Love our President Trump not the fake dementia Biden!

Catherine M. Vincent (@guest_1167852)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

Stopped all fake solicitation to my email was sent way too many saying they were from Trump and the coins are made in China from the wrong group. Rumble, Bongino and Maga I hope are still legit sites to hear the truth. Won’t purchase hats since I don’t wear them. Flags that are from his sites I will order. God bless America and God bless our President Trump!!

von Potter (@guest_1167960)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

The RINOS helped to slit the throat of the GOP……….Who is going to witness how that $$$$ is used and to whose benefit………….

Pierre (@guest_1168373)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

Agree, I am doing the same.

James in Texas (@guest_1168441)
Reply to  CarRepublican
1 year ago

I agree, I do the same and tell them that I get nothing from them and why should I do anything for the GOP, Period!

Pollty (@guest_1167326)
1 year ago

Great decision

John T Koszalka (@guest_1167327)
1 year ago

Thank You, Mr. President. Please let us all know the address of your office when you make a decision to run again or want us to support someone.
All the swamp creatures have shown their evil heads, but we also know that their are career creatures that need to be drained from the swamp.

teresa nazareth (@guest_1167371)
Reply to  John T Koszalka
1 year ago

Closely following events, news on OANN, Newsmaxx & partially on Fox, (Idiotic move on Fox Executives part ,removing the best Fox business channel- LOU DOBBS. I have emailed all Republican requests for contributions that none would be made directly to them for fear they would help RINO’s. Contributions to Republican party are being made DIRECTLY to President Donal J Trump on his website.

Twyla Castner (@guest_1167447)
Reply to  teresa nazareth
1 year ago



Brian Floyd (@guest_1167328)
1 year ago

Drop the GOP or or lose my vote ! I will not vote for anyone in the Democrat or Republican party ! The patrior party or bust ! The present government must END ! Death to the pedophile deep state ! All of them !

Karen Le Seure (@guest_1167345)
Reply to  Brian Floyd
1 year ago

If you turn your back on the Republican Party candidate, you will GUARANTY the Democrats to WIN. We can do this, and do it right this time. We WILL weed out the bad and keep the people who represent “we the people”. Hang in there tough. We can do this!

Anthony Caporicci (@guest_1167579)
Reply to  Karen Le Seure
1 year ago

I support TRUMPS VISION REVAMP RNC with Quality Americans with Noble values that support & follow the Laws of U.S. Constitution thoroughly weed out Corrupt career RHINOS & should be vetted every year on the basis of their own Tax Returns to keep them in Line.

tom matt (@guest_1167402)
Reply to  Brian Floyd
1 year ago

Good choice ! If we don’t remove 80% of the current GOP members of Congress and replace them with people that want to follow the “will of the People ” there will Never be a change in our government or its Policies !>>>

Martin (@guest_1167339)
1 year ago

This is not an attempt to control image, but an overt attempt to take control over fundraising and thus the party . He believes, that he who controls the fundraising will control the party, because the candidates will be dependent on him. This isn’t even a subtle move, but a blatant attempt , by him , who believes everything is transactional and he wants to believe that he can control it all.

Karen Le Seure (@guest_1167351)
Reply to  Martin
1 year ago

Martin, have you ever worked for a small company? Have you ever worked for a large company? The larger the company is the less the company knows what is going on. He MUST keep control of the purse strings if this is going to work. Do you really want your hard earned money donations going to someone who is actually backing a Democrat? I’ve seen this happen since the 1980’s. It IS real, it DOES happen. This is the only way to get the RIGHT people in office to work for ‘we the people’.

Bret (@guest_1167346)
1 year ago

I do not blame Trump at all, if he needs a good VP he should give me a call I am not like Pence I will put the fear of GOD in the DemoRAT party, once they see my military files from the CIA they will be too terrified to try to start anything with me or Trump! I would have immediately taken the list of DemoRATS to the military and had them tried for the 1st Russia Collusion BS for Treason under the UCMJ Laws and executed when found guilty!!!!! Only 2 possible outcomes for Treason by the UCMJ Laws 1 Death by hanging 2 Death by firing squad! look it up you will see I am correct!!!!! The swamp would have been drained completely and fully immediately!!!

Alva Poulson (@guest_1167366)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago

Wish you could be a vp for Trump.. Our country is going to the dogs…Dear God help us………..

Anthony Caporicci (@guest_1167584)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago

Brother *& Sister Patriots approve your message couldn’t have said it better Thank You
We The People will rise up & defeat tyranny in the name of GOD & COUNTRY

THOMAS (@guest_1167347)
1 year ago

As far as I’m concerned, I want nothing further to do with the Republican Party. I refuse to support a party of cowards and traitors however, I still support the true President, Donald Trump!

Karen Le Seure (@guest_1167355)
Reply to  THOMAS
1 year ago

Thomas, if you still do support our President Donald J. Trump, you have to get behind him. He WILL get the Republican Party back where it should be, where we know what they are doing, where we know they are working for ‘we the people’. Take a leap of faith Thomas, and stay with us.

BCH (@guest_1167348)
1 year ago

Let Trump be Trump …he knows what he’s doing !!!

Karen Le Seure (@guest_1167353)
Reply to  BCH
1 year ago

Yes, he does!

Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops Ret? (@guest_1167354)
1 year ago

So it’s saying he doesn’t want wimps in the party, who can argue? Not using his name is pure common sense. In the last few days his numbers (approval) were about 93%.

Karen Le Seure (@guest_1167358)

Lt. Rob Polans, Exactly!

Anthony Caporicci (@guest_1167590)

no flip flops like Lindsay Graham or Mitch McConnell they already back stabbed TRUMP
when he endorsed them both for Re Election & they turned around siding with the Dumbobrats
to Commence Sleepy Joe’s Vote Certification at the staged Capitol Riot orchestrated by ANTIFA & BLM

mike malone (@guest_1167361)
1 year ago

The GOP did not support Trump in 2016, and their halfhearted support of him since then has been enough for me not to support the GOP. The GOP’s divisiveness over Trump’s two impeachments simply separated the chaff from the wheat. Forget the GOP chaff at this point and focus on the wheat. Perhaps a new and trustworthy GOP will emerge, but please do not hold your breath; we need living bodies able to vote, unlike the Democrats who find corpses very beneficial in winning elections.

Jeana Bushong (@guest_1167379)
1 year ago

is this another fake news report? Did President Trump rfeally have his lawyers to send this message to GOP

Wayne (@guest_1167383)
1 year ago

agree with President Trump , do not allow his name used to fund raise so that the RINO’s benefit !!!

Rebecca King (@guest_1167384)
1 year ago

I stopped giving to the NRC a long time ago. I saw they were not helping Trump on anything it was like he was the one man show. Not one of many of these GOPers stood behind trump and if they did like Cruz and Hawley they are now being cancelled. I will support them. But not any organization. I am sick of seeing ads on my computer to make Cruz resign and now josh Hawley. These damn Dems have a lot of Gaul!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1167388)
1 year ago

Or sue RNC for name abuse otherwise OK use IF going all the way for 2022.
Hoorah Yes
Take down DC GOP elites then too

Michael OConnor (@guest_1167390)
1 year ago

When you are on your way to Alaska, drop into our airport and pick me up, I would be glad to help you get ride of Murkowski.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1167401)
1 year ago

When the GOP weeds out the rhinos then maybe they will get some support. Delete is the most used button on the phone nowadays.

Paul Wilson Thomas (@guest_1167410)
1 year ago

Trump won the election or why would they be so afraid to allow an investigation other than one they control. This goes all the way to the supreme court. Arizona is shreading ballots now that they have stalled and lost, against Federal Law. This election isn’t over, there might be a line at the gallows but right now all the people want is proof. I also unsubscribed to the GOP, I am going to register as a Democrat just to mess with their primaries. Trump will tell us where the $ is to go. 2 trillion in relief NOT AMERICANS

Connie Phillips (@guest_1167425)
1 year ago


jerry gilbert (@guest_1167429)
1 year ago

thank you, Mr. Trump.
did the tax money from the people run out?
we the people are tapped out.

mbr722 (@guest_1167434)
1 year ago

I have been deleting as fast s I can. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get ahead. I will vote for Trump any day, but get rid of the 17 worthless RINO’s first please!

KenH (@guest_1167500)
1 year ago

I still watch Fox News and Fox Business, but was often upset with Lou Dobbs for calling Lindsay Graham a “RINO”. But Lou was a valuable part of the team, and we need him.

Anthony Caporicci (@guest_1167594)
Reply to  KenH
1 year ago

Greg Kelly , O A N & yes sometimes Fox News Tucker Carlson , Hannity & Ingraham
Scott Hilton Show , The Five , Greg Gutfeld Show Life Liberty & Levine
20x better than Liberal MSM BS echo chamber TRASH

David L Druif (@guest_1167519)
1 year ago

Once more proving Donald Trump is an Educated, Rational, Successful BUSINESS person that knows how run and control an organization for the benefit of the stockholders. THAT’S US, THE CITIZENS OF THE USA! It is far better to elect an already successful, wealthy person to office than to elect someone who sees the office as a way to become wealthy. (Insert names like Clinton, Biden, etc. Here).

paul (@guest_1167580)
1 year ago

I also have had a large number of requests from various republican agencies for donations in Mr. Trumps’ name. Ain’t gonna happen!!! Lol. Donald Trump was the greatest president we have ever had in decades and he was shortchanged not only by the Democrats, but also by a number of republicans.

All I can say is that the remaining members of the “swamp” can go to hell. One thing for sure, the real Americans are still out there and will flush the swamp eventually.

God bless America and to hell with all of you blood sucking swampsters. Your days are numbered.

Paul R. (@guest_1167582)
1 year ago

I also have had a large number of requests from various republican agencies for donations in Mr. Trumps’ name. Ain’t gonna happen!!! Lol. Donald Trump was the greatest president we have ever had in decades and he was shortchanged not only by the Democrats, but also by a number of left leaning republicans.

All I can say is that the remaining members of the “swamp” can go to hell. One thing for sure, is that the real Americans are still out there and will flush the swamp eventually.

God bless America and to hell with all of you blood sucking swampsters. Your days are numbered.

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