April 22, 2021

Trump orders flags to fly at half-staff for slain D.C. officers

At least one U.S. Capitol Police officer died in the aftermath of last week’s Capitol riots, and another has reportedly also succumbed to injuries stemming from the melee.

President Trump ordered the nation’s flags to be flown at half-staff on Sunday to honor the slain officers until sunset on Wednesday “as a sign of respect for the service and sacrifice.”

The Hill reported:

The president called for flags at the White House, public buildings, military posts, naval stations, naval vessels and facilities abroad to fly at half-staff to pay respect to Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died due to injuries he suffered when a pro-Trump mob breached the Capitol.

Sicknick, a 42-year-old veteran that had been with D.C. Police since 2008 passed away on Thursday due to injuries sustained “while physically engaging with protesters,” the Capitol police revealed in a statement last week.

The Washington Post reported that Howard Liebengood, another Capitol police officer said to be involved in the riots, also died over the weekend. President Trump’s statement mentioned Liebengood’s death as a factor in the designation as well.

Trump noted that lowering government flags was done to honor both officers’ lives, but also to honor “all Capitol Police Officers, and law enforcement across this great Nation.”

The fallout from Wednesday’s riots continues to build, as more than 60 arrests have been made of rogue Trump supporters that breached the perimeter of the Capitol building and ransacked Congressional offices on Wednesday.

Democrats and mainstream media pundits have pinned the blame for the protest-turned-riot squarely on President Trump, despite his repeated condemnation of the decidedly un-peaceful protest.

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64 Responses

  1. So what about the 14 year Veteran of the Armed Forces that was gunned down in cold blood!? Not going to recognize her death??

    1. She was where she wasn’t supposed to be, pure and simple, and wasn’t acting in the line of duty. She was engaging in thug activities with other thugs.

      Not excusing the cop who shot her only because we don’t know the facts of the encounter at this point.

      1. Thats exactly what your doing excusing the cop!! he should be charged with murder!!She was Just Standing there Period!

      2. You never will either while the liar Democrats are still here in our government. Look at what happened to Clinton, Nothing, Look what happened to Comey Nothing, look what happened to Biden the biggest criminal of all boosted to president, This is the worst I have ever seen in this country. No Democrat gets arrested or punished for worse crimes than what happened on Jan. 6th of this year. Look at the rioters that were bailed out by democrats in the west coast coast cities. This has to stop before there will be no stopping it, that is my prayer to God. The Democrats should stop there persecution of the Republicans before they may get more than what they bargained for.

        1. agreed. these demoracts better wake upand see whats coming for them with the big techs.theywant conservative to shut up.and after the jewish people. when there done doing all these corrupt things thay will go after democracts to shut them up,they will be running our country.wake up joe biden and put astop to them if you want unity stop now to impeach our president trump .we the 75 million people voted for him. legally.

      3. don’t give me that crap that she wasn’t supposed to be there this is the USA we can go were ever we dam well please.

    2. Ashli allegedly being shot was pre-planned, it was fake, a hoax, a lie. All on several videos taken by people there. I’m sure the President’s intentions were for all who were hurt. Give credit where credit is due. MAGA

    3. Hey the freaking cowardice Capital police officer must be stripped of his Badge an firearm. Shooting a woman or anyone who is unarmed an crawling through a window projects no emmediate threat to anyone. She or he could have easily been taken into custody with out lethal force.
      Damned it I pro law enforcement all the way .But not under these conditions.

      1. That’s the exact same thing I said the other day. There was enough officers on site, she could have been arrested, gunned down in cold blood. Was a broken window worth the woman’s life ? Her death was announced on TV. The cop or who ever killed her is a disgrace to the police dept. A cold blooded murderer. She wasn’t armed. This whole fiasco was a setup. The officer needs to be arrested and charged with murder.

        1. The Trump supporters were not the only protestors. Antifa and Black Lives Matter were also involved. This whole issue riot was instigated by the Dems. Why were there no police barriers? Why were the doors opened for the Protestors. This was done to turn the public against Trump and all his supporters. The Dems want to cancel all opposition and they know that Trumps supporters are not going to go away.

          1. You hit my opinion on the head. I believe the same people responsible for stealing the election was responsible for setting up this riot.

  2. I thank the police for protecting us always but I think the FBI sucks why haven’t they arrested Hillary or Hunter Biden it’s been years since this is going on yet they really hurry to get anything on Trump
    hypocrites FBI need to clean house get some real man up there to do what’s right

    1. I love our police and respect them . I also love our President and First Lady . All I can say is God Bless America And Keep Us Safe and God Bless our President because without our President Trump we are doomed and we know it .

    2. there are many elected officials who should have been removed, Hillary Obama alias Barry Soeterro, , Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, every elected official who never placed a National Security plan , nor fully funded border Security for decades should be removed, nobody gave them authority to become career politicians on the backs of the American people committing Genocide allowing pandemics, infestation, , illegal drugs Illegal guns, Illegal aliens with or with out criminal records, turning every city & State into a Sanctuary city which equals harboring fugitives , allowing for the abuse of past elected officials to abuse their power, create bills in an effort to conspire to cover up wrong doing while collecting a paycheck from the Americans taxes . I as an American born citizen have had enough, of the violation of my rights to appease to people who never wanted to respect American laws. as they sent back to their own country over 60 billion dollars , getting everything for free, as the American people . while these crooked lazy elected officials cut Americans benefits, & corporations cover up accidents Americans have on the job not wanting to be held accountable & liable for the physical & monetary damages for decades, discriminating against white people for decades this needs to all be addressed. today.

    3. I agree with you 100% Sam….half the swamp should’ve been behind bars by now especially Hillary !!!!

    1. That’s how it is with all posting boards; you just now finding that out? If the monitors, regardless of which site you use, do not like anything you say (and it can be Gospel Truth), they will nix you in a heartbeat.

    2. Looks like most of these sites censor users now…. PLEASE call your lawmakers and demand immediate breakup of big tech (i.e. microsoft, amazon, facebook, google, twitter, you tube, etc. “Auschwitz” Zuckerberg, “Damned” Dorsey, and other big tech ceo’s belong in jail.. The First Amendment is the law AS WRITTEN…

  3. All the Republicans wanted was an audit in 4 states. If the voting was legal the count stayed the same the country would be at peace. Now it cost lives, anger and frustration. Only have one question “What the Hell were Democrats hiding”. A simple audit!!

    1. The Democrats has been trying to frame Trump since he first announced he was running for President. He said he would drain the swamp. He was doing a good job of it but from what we see now they have the Antifa and Black lives matter to do their dirty work for a fee and then Blame Trump for it. They can not let him be reelected because they know he will prove to the world that they are the enemy of America.

      1. Dewey—-Try draining a Swamp…I would think the Slime & smell would be so Bad that We’d all give up, But Our Super Great President is still doing it as we speak.. Ick is all I can say for the description in my mind…Dems, Rinos & traiters all on the Bottom.
        It has to be Pure Hell, worse than hand cleaning an outhouse??

    2. They weren’t hiding, the parasites stole the election in plain sight and nothings being done about it!

      1. Stay tuned-Trump will have thousands arrested for treason and/or sedition, He has implemented the Insurrection Act-shortly if now right now many are being arrested-they will go to GITMO or if GITMO full to a prison barge. So be patient, pray for Trump and his people.

    3. Well, the Democrats do not want to have a commission appointed to look into the fradulent voting, because they are hiding something. Another thing, Trump was getting very close to cleaning the swamp and why do any of you not think that the so called “riot” was not fueled by the Democrats and Soros, probably big Tech. These people have done a lot of bad things, but they don’t want anyone to bring it in the open. Now when Biden is Prez, you bet your bottom dollar that his son’s mess will be swept under the carpet, so to speak. We will never find out about anything on this. Also, why do you think Biden had his records sealed in Delaware, because there are things that would show the world how corrupt he is now and has been. We are playing with the hugh society of very corrupt people. Been going on for years, but with different names.

    4. Absolute truth. A simple re-count in these states in question would have prevented ANY of the mess on Wednesday from happening. You are right – what the the Dems have to hide???! And NOW they blame President Trump for this crap??? Utter nonsense! Causing MUCH MORE divisiveness in our America. Shame shame, SHAME!!

    5. Keep in mind that any audit would just be looking at all the illegal ballots and will not help in the long run. We must get the government to put barcodes or watermarks on all the mail-in absentee ballots in the future so that the evils cannot print up the thousands of fake ballots they used to steal this election.

  4. What about the Hunter/Joe Biden investigation? This is what is so important to us Americans right now. Do we have a Chinese run president that he and his son are taking money from?

  5. Well done Mr. President! When I was a child there was a saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can not hurt”. I live by that and try to never call anyone a name. At this time in history, there are lots of individuals that deserve to be called ugly names. You have taken as much, if not more than anyone deserves. It is an honor to have served our country and maintained your morals. Thank you.

  6. I’m sick in tired of hearing Trump mop ! This was antfia and the communist set it up ! There’s videos that show the police escorting in antfia buses and let them through the gate and open the doors at the capital building! Just another attempt to make Trump look bad! It wasn’t Trump supports that breached anything they were let in by police!

    1. You are so right Mr Barber! That was my thought the instant I heard about the riot! It was NOT Trump supporters who cause all the damage & mahem! It was ANTIFA & their ilk who caused the trouble! It was a total & complete setup by the left! THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

    2. Sorry for the loss of the officers to their families BUT no heros-Capital police opened the barricade letting the protesters in, lead them around the Capital-in a sense they are no better than the protestors

  7. To correct some misinformation in the article.

    It was not a pro-Trump breach of the Capitol. The Trump crowd was doing a peaceful protest of the theft of the election. The people who breached the Capitol were Antifa, and BLM thugs. They were sentthere by their leaders to make it look like Trump supporters were the invaders. They were told to get a MAGA red hat and make sure to wear it, They were told to steal a Trump sign and a Trump flag to carry into the Capitol . The peaceful demonstrators shouted to the Police that the people breaking in, were Antifa, and even pushed the window breakers toward the police. And of course, the press was pushing the fake news all the time they were there.

    1. Thank you Jim. I was going to comment on that but I don’t know enough about it to say . Anything I said would only be what I heard. However the one article above said they arrested 60 of “Rogue Trump Supporters”, so I thought they had been identified from the film that was taken of the “Break in?”

  8. Yes Aplijaq. A lot of people are wondering about that. It would have been an easy solve to the Nations unrest. I’m furious too. Sure would have stopped a lot of hurt and deaths. Maybe more will also happen. This is the first time ever that Republicanshave done something like this. Look what the Dems did when Trump was elected. Then BLM and Antifa waged war on so many cities, including Portland Oregon for weeks and weeks. No one did anything to stop them. Well you know how bad that was. It didn’t stop until the voting Started, not completed but started. I wonder why.

  9. No they are not going to recognize the 14 year old veteran woman. But did you hear that they let the jack -ss who took a recording of her dying who was one of the opposition social groups . The person was from Utah and bus loads of them with guns were also in the Capital not Trump patriots. But being on the left mixing with the protesters on the steal! Causing the trouble then blamed on the Trump supporters!

  10. Even before being elected Trump had to fight the democrats . He hasn’t stopped fighting . They have not allowed him the luxury of being our president without their constant bickering and through it all he has stood tall and has done what needed to be done . I personally would have liked that he got rid of Schumer and Pelosi among a few others and like I said in spite of them he did what he was suppose to do . I have the utmost respect for him and his family . God bless each of you .

  11. Pelosi has done more to divide this nation with her agenda!!!!! Voters should have noticed that the media only reports on 1 side of the story. As soon as trump pulled us out of Paris accord, Trump had a target on his back ever sense. If pelosi pushes for 2nd impeachment, we will take over the house in 22!

  12. It is infact the peoples House Where on any given day Private citizens may visit. Fact shooting anyone no matter the location who is enter a window Unarmed is Felony ! MURDER PLAIN AN SIMPLE

  13. I watched two respected women commentators comment on why the DemRats are in such a hurry. First ongoing investigation as to why it happened and by whom could reveal the actual perpetrators. The only problem that may hinder the final finding is how honest is the FBI. I had respect and still do for the vast majority of agents but who within that organization withheld informing the public of the existence of Hunter’s laptop. The same observation applies to William Barr who now many consider a swamp rat. He has claimed that the existence of the laptop would have affected the election if revealed. As pointed out he and others knew of the laptop existence since December 2019. Typical response of a swamp rat.

    The second comment that was that the DemRats are scared of President Trump. His endorsement of true republicans and not the establishment ones who have proven to be condescending to their constituents and cowards when confronting the opposition. The DemRats, the majority they hold now will evaporate come 2022 and 2024. By 2022 and 2024 after the damage that will have been inflicted on our country will demand the return of our President Trump.

    DemRats, I for one will never recognize the crook and his laughing mate as president and vice president based on the documented evidence of how this election was fraudulently stolen.

  14. Gang Way! Here come the Trump sycophants. He invites violence. He gets violence! He denies violence! Beautiful! Putin Perfect!

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