August 14, 2022

Trump signs executive order revoking Hong Kong’s special trade status

The misconduct of the Chinese Communist Party towards pro-Democracy protesters in Hong Kong has gotten so out of hand that President Trump has been forced to take extreme action to punish China.

Trump announced on Tuesday that he has signed an executive order ending Hong Kong’s special trade status because it is no longer “autonomous” from China.

Ending Hong Kong’s special status, while counter-intuitive, will increase pressure on China by striking a major blow to its economy. China has been using Hong Kong’s special status as a loophole to get around economic sanctions targeted at Beijing, but the status was predicated on Hong Kong’s autonomy. The oppressive regime will no longer be able to take advantage of that loophole, thanks to Trump’s order.

Additionally, Trump signed legislation passed by Congress in early July that increases sanctions on Chinese officials and financial institutions that undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong or suppress the rights of Hong Kong residents.

Both the legislation and executive orders were prompted by the passage of a new “national security law” in July that “[criminalizes] activities they defined as secession, subversion of state power, terrorism, and collusion with foreign entities. China’s new laws were widely seen as a way to crush recent protests for freedom in Hong Kong.”

Pro-Democracy activists in Hong Kong have been targeted by the Chinese government and pro-Beijing Hong Kong officials, and their rights are being increasingly trampled-upon.

President Trump promised that the administration will “hold China accountable for its aggressive actions against the people of Hong Kong.”

The Chinese government furiously declared that counter-sanctions will be enacted against the US after Trump’s Tuesday announcement, insisting that “Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs and no foreign country has the right to interfere.”

“Hong Kong will be treated the same as mainland China,” Trump declared on Tuesday. “No special privileges, no special economic treatment, and no export of sensitive technologies … No administration has been tougher on China than this administration.”

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Ole AL (@guest_1023351)
2 years ago

Well if Mainland China won’t let go of Hong Kong it serves them right to undo special treatment.
China is not a developing country as defined by the agreement for special privilege.
It is one of the world superpowers. They are developing in under developed countries such as in the Bahamas.

Gary m (@guest_1023420)
Reply to  Ole AL
2 years ago

Are Chinses nationals spies, the CCP says so, so shouldn’t we deport all chinses nationals

PATTY (@guest_1023352)
2 years ago


Patricia (@guest_1023376)
Reply to  PATTY
2 years ago

NO, China can NOT be trusted!!!!

Gary m (@guest_1023423)
Reply to  PATTY
2 years ago

Would you trust black Moomba.

Jackie (@guest_1023355)
2 years ago

Yea trump

Stevo (@guest_1023356)
2 years ago

I love this pro – America President ! We hadn’t had one since Reagan , with the 4 NWO benefitting-only , treasonous traitors in a row .

Harriet Amacher (@guest_1023359)
2 years ago

My comment? Good. I think China doesn’t deserve any special status. They targeted the world with the their deadly virus and so many lost their lives. The economies took such a beating that I bet they never recover. It wasn’t an accidental lab spill or anything as easy as that. Their people were exposed and began flying over the world and left unforgivable destruction . The impact will be felt forever.

Jen LaBonte' (@guest_1023853)
Reply to  Harriet Amacher
2 years ago

Harriet Amacher, My expact feelings!! It seems like this country wants to over-look things even though it has taken a toll on us & other countries. That’s one reason I like our current president. He calls a spade a spade & unlike a current president (if you want to call him that) he doesn’t cross a red line which he says he will not cross. If people are critical of him, all I can say is take a look at what has happened or I should say NOT HAPPENED with different presidencies. I’m not just referring to the 44th one-but ones before that one. Our president has spent all his time trying ot clean up the mess that was left by those presidents. No one is going to be liked by everyone & President Trump realizes this & has been doing his best to include each person. There are things that I may not like about what he has done & yet he’s our president & we owe him the respect that he deserves. We did the same with Obama. We didn’t fall on the floor & have a tantrum. As far as this virus goes, I feel that China could really care less. they are covering it up wit words that don’t mean a lot. Why did they wait so long to let others know about it?When they lost some of their people, there was a ‘big deal’ made over that. What about the Americans that died or people from other countries that lost loved ones. And how would you feel if you lost a spouse or a child & you couldn’t even attend their funeral or visitation? I have been in the same room for 3 months now. I might as well be in prison.I can leave the room,but there is nothing I can do if I do leave. I can
go up & down the hallways? Their library is very limited. I love to read. I was told there would be physical therapy. there is one room with one bike in it. I had a better one where I lived & it might as well as been given away. These are my problems & no one else’s . I do feel that the damage that this coronavirus has done to this country & the world will be felt for years to come.

Life Star (@guest_1023361)
2 years ago

Great work, President Trump!
China has been infiltrating, subverting countries all over the world. I speak to refugees/immigrants in Canada who have come from Africa and they tell me how their countries put great limits on China in their countries. No owning of land/property or only a 5 yr. lease and no participation in gov’t.
They really “own” Canada!
I know and love many Chinese people from Canada and other countries.
But those on CCP behalf are destroying our people from within.
I was very injured on a job, lied against in court and given a death threat on the street after being stalked for 8-10 years in the Vancouver, B.C. area. The source of the problem was a fraudulent landlord not knowing who the owner was!

Patricia (@guest_1023380)
Reply to  Life Star
2 years ago

Totally Agree!!!!!!!!

John Kellerman (@guest_1023377)
2 years ago

Proving yet again how great of a president he is.

Patricia (@guest_1023381)
Reply to  John Kellerman
2 years ago


Theodore (@guest_1023382)
2 years ago

Bout time!
Now, send Nancy over there to stay.

Gary m (@guest_1023426)
Reply to  Theodore
2 years ago

Don’t forget her boy friend Chuckywaky

James (@guest_1023476)
2 years ago

Fifty years ago I noticed the influx of chinese merchandise and it’s inferiority. It was cheap and became abundant while American products began to disappear. I noticed long established companies folding under the weight of cheap inferior products. People did not seem to understand that the thought of it when the cheap junk went bad, it cost again to replace costing time and money. In the long run you paid more for it. That thought still exist today. Why pay more initially for an American product when you can buy cheap chinese junk. I still enjoy the American products I purchased 20 to 50 years ago. Problem being now there is no American made product, the price of the chinese junk is premium. What will happen when the chinese block the export of pharmaceuticals? We have become accustomed to buying from every body; India, Pakistan just to name a few. We have no self reliance and losing our ability to produce anything.



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