May 22, 2022

Trump to sign executive order lowering prescription drug prices

President Trump promised that he would take action to lower prescription drug prices for Americans during his first term, and the Hill reported that Trump is poised to sign an executive order fulfilling that promise on Friday. 

Details of the proposed order have yet to be released, but according to one of the Hill’s sources, “one order is likely to include a version of a proposal to reduce some U.S. drug prices by tying them to the lower prices paid in other countries.”

Trump has reportedly invited several GOP lawmakers to a presidential event on drug pricing Friday at 3 p.m., at which time he is planning to make his official announcement.

White House spokesman Judd Deere provided a statement indicating that “the President continues to explore any and all options that will deliver lower-cost drugs, while ensuring we have access to the most innovative vaccines and therapeutics in the world.”

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows hinted at the possibility that Trump would take action on the rising costs of pharmaceutical drugs in an interview in early July.

Meadows said at the time that Trump would issue several “executive orders that will actually make a big difference,” within the month of July. So far Trump as delivered on that promise with a bevy of executive orders covering a wide range of policy issues including housing, law enforcement, and now healthcare.

Forbes reported on Friday that the orders Trump is expected to sign Friday afternoon include “a demand to reduce Medicare’s drug payments by attempting to ensure the U.S. doesn’t pay more than any other county (the so-called “favored nations rule”) [and] policies related to the drug discount program known as 340B, that gives hospitals access to steeply discounted medications.”

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Linda Cardin (@guest_1027181)
1 year ago

This is wonderful President Donald Trump is the only person who would ever even think of doing a service like this.
Thank you President Trump. You are the best ever.

Russ Remmert (@guest_1027292)
Reply to  Linda Cardin
1 year ago

Linda you are right all democrats think of is how much they can skim off with

alicia Cervera (@guest_1027200)
1 year ago

Thank you ,my AWESOME PRESident!
Trump 2020! Anyone not voting for this man has to have a lose scew in his head. He has done what no other President has ever done. for the citizenry of the USA!

Geri1043 (@guest_1027204)
1 year ago

I applaud President Trump for what he is doing to lower the drug prices in the 50 years that the Democrats control this country they never did anything like this because they’re afraid you’re afraid of China of what they will do and what they will say. You go President Trump you are the man you are the only one that can save this country from the evil democrats. I say TRUMP 2020 and you have my vote along with 10 of my family members.

Trent Nebeker (@guest_1027254)
1 year ago

Trump made promises shortly after the escalator trip…and he is the only President that has kept each and every one of them! Political President’s merely promise and seldom follow through; the key is that Trump is a business man and knows how to get things done. America First! The Democrats, the celebrities, the ‘deep state’ and the dreaded news media all have attempted to discredit Trump, stand in his way, create problems, etc. Trump still gets things done regardless. We need him for another term; he’s clearly for the people.

Deb (@guest_1027310)
1 year ago

President Trump Thank You!!! Best President Ever!!! Vote Red come Nov.3 2020… Fake News Never Reports all the Good he has Done!!! These People Screaming the loudest have Bad things to hide…God Bless our President & Our Beautiful First Lady Thank You 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Mel Hadap (@guest_1027336)
1 year ago

Mandating a low drug price is a gift to humanity. Healthy people are happier. God bless President Trump with this brilliant idea to even provide free for the disabled. I pray that in my lifetime this will happen.



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