October 2, 2022

Trump: Obama’s Healthcare Lies Were Impeachable

President Donald Trump was in re-election mode as he he concluded a string of rallies in a packed house in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“We’ve been killing terrorists, creating jobs, raising wages, enacting fair trade deals, securing our border, and lifting up citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed!” said President Trump.

Maintaining the talking point of Keeping America great, Trump recounted some of what he considers the high points of his presidency. “We are in the midst of the great American comeback,” he said. “That’s what we’re doing. Our country is stronger today than ever before! .. We will land the first woman on the Moon and become the first nation in the world to plant our flag on Mars!”

But perhaps Trump’s biggest applause came when he suggested Obama’s previous actions were impeachable.

“Impeach Obama. Get him out of office,” Trump said “No, nobody thought of that. We caught him in a lie 28 times at least he is on record. Nobody said, ‘Let’s impeach him.'”

Referring to Obama’s previous statements about the Affordable Care Act that citizens could maintain their current coverage if they chose, Trump brought the audience to their feet when he called it “a lie.”

“President Obama, 28 times he said, ‘keep your doctor, keep your plan. keep your doctor, keep your plan… Right? ” Trump told the Colorado crowd. “It was a lie. We should impeach him. We should impeach him.”

To see Trump’s entire speech, click link below.


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