June 24, 2021

Trump hilariously memes Biden’s bizarre ‘Despacito’ gaffe

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden walked onto the stage at an event for Hispanic voters in Florida on Tuesday and pulled out his phone to play “Despacito” through the phone’s speakers before beginning his speech.

The bizarre moment immediately lit the internet on fire, and Donald Trump jumped in on the fun by re-tweeting an edited version in which “Despacito” is replaced by “F*** the Police” by NWA.

Biden has been soft on rioters and anti-police demonstrators that have wracked the nation for months, at times condemning violence while still supporting activists that have demonized law enforcement officers and called for the defunding or abolition of the police.

(Warning: Strong language)

Of course, the tech overlords immediately flagged the edited clip as “manipulated media” — and many Democrats attacked the clip as “election interference,” clearly missing the joke.

The original clip struck a nerve with voters and invoked 2016’s failed Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton’s infamous hot sauce debacle in which she claimed to carry around hot sauce in her purse at all times in an apparent attempt to pander to black voters.

Joe Biden was forced to emerge from his basement to travel to Florida to attempt to galvanize Hispanic voters to turn out for Democrats as Donald Trump gains ground in the critical swing state.

However, Biden’s uncomfortable attempt to relate to Hispanic attendees fell flat and simply provided more fodder for the Trump campaign’s attacks on Biden’s failing mental acuity.

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11 Responses

  1. He went all the way to speak for 18 minutes, and not take any questions. More President Trump supporters showed up in Tampa to shout at him “4 MORE YEARS!” than Biden supporters showed. Sadly, for him anyway, he has no enthusiasm for his campaign or him for that matter.

    1. he Flew to FL to be in full view as a DEMENTED , Incomprehensible OLD Incompetent FOOL and flew back to his basement to ponder “where way I today and what did I do” ,,,, Let the games begin !!!

    2. He also waived to the crowd as he got off his private jet. Only problem was nobody was there, not even Trump supporters

  2. Says a lot about the Democrats and Kamala Harris – that they would take advantage of an elderly, weak man like this and inflict America with their devious plans. They care only for their own power; not America! I worked on Dennis Kucinich’s Democratic Presidential campaign in 2004 and found out how mean politics can be; but never dreamed it would come to this. Kucinich proposed a cabinet level Dept. of Peace, which both Democrats and Republicans should have gladly established for the American people. To my knowledge, the bill never came up for Congressional consideration. It has taken a courageous outsider and businessman, like President Trump, to succeed in beginning the process of creating World Peace. I’m wondering why America appears to have no basic requirements for running for political office? Why do we take a chance on handing over our nation to an individual who is obviously not able to hold the highest office in our land? It is obvious foul play is behind it. I am now a registered Republican and am convinced politicians do not know how to run a country. An outsider businessman has done a far greater job! As I heard a man shout at one of Trump’s recent rallies “Sixteen more years!” I’d gladly vote for that!

    1. You are precisely correct about having a “courageous outsider” as a political leader. This is why ALL DEMS and even some GOP politicians want to slam Trump. HE IS NOT A “PROFESSIONAL” POLITICIAN! He scares them to death! How do we enact term limits on people who will fight to the death to hold onto the power we mistakenly gave them? Feinstein and Ginsberg are prime examples of PURE GREED. With advances in life expectancy, and “life time” terms of office quickly becoming longer than was even possible when the Constitution was written we MUST address this as a nation. The day when a “lifetime term” as a Supreme Court Justice WILL MEAN FOREVER is just around the corner! A vote for Biden is a vote for a HARRIS ADMINISTRATION! She was too radical to become the DEMS presidential candidate, so they stuck her around the corner. It will mean THE END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT. She is a racist gun hater, corrupt since she has held office.

  3. I day amen to that. Donald Trump is an excellent Master builder. Negotiator. Manager,.
    and everything else which makes him the best ever President America has ever had.

    And above all he is a person whose heart is for his country and his prople. God Bless America.

  4. Poor Joe he doesn’t know what end is up. The Dems think they have it in the bag. They knew what they were doing with Joe. TheY knew he couldn’t make the 4 yrs and Kamala is lined up to take over. We Americans are not stupid. We know their game plan.
    Go Trump

  5. How disresplble€ Biden cause he does not care about any race or our Country) why would he think that he could run this country ok backed by 2 faced running mate the Obamas recruting children 11yrs old to be in their nasty NETFLIX company. And Pelosi also the skum Shuller to many to try to say. That Harris woman i will say GOD HELP US IF TRUMP FOR SOME CHEATING WAY DON’T STAY FOR 4 MORE YEARS

  6. Civil War people
    we the people must do as out forefathers did. that’s why they want to do away with the 2nd
    Amendment. we must take back our government if the cheating Democraps win. It will be good against, evil. Republic Patriots vs Democraps. Someone put it in their head that they can rule us.
    LMAO!! But its true, they turning into Muslims, Marxists, and just plain unAmerican. unfuknbelieveable..

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