May 6, 2021

Trump makes Supreme Court announcement – Biden must name nominees

Donald Trump has issued his shortlist of nominees for the Supreme Court. Now it’s time for Joe Biden to do the same.

The Daily Caller reports that Trump “called on former Vice President Joe Biden to release a complete list of potential Supreme Court nominees during his rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday.”

Given that the next president will likely have at least one, and as many as four nominations during the next four years, Americans have a right to know who the candidates are likely to select.

Remember, Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris has endorsed the idea of packing the Supreme Court.

Read the full story here.

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72 Responses

    1. Its nobody business what his tax returns were before presidency and his choice after. Democraps will just misread it anyway and blast him for it , no matter what it shows .

      1. AGREE! and if President Trump has to show his, all the Representatives in government have to show theirs. What a enlightment that would be, how many would do that?

      2. He was not. Politician ! He was a business man! Therefore it’s none our anyone’s business what he made when he was not President ! I’m sure now as president he’s filing it and it’s the same as any President gets! Only difference is he does not take it !He donates it to different organizations !what part don’t u understand ? He’s the best thing that ever happened to us !I said many years ago we needed a business man to run this country a!not a crooked politician ! They all are crooked and that’s why they hate him! He can’t be bought ,says it like it is ,and doing what he says he’s gonna do!Fir GOD SAKE wake up people !🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍👍

      3. I totally agree. I think tax returns are nobody else’s business. I think Trump has done well given the constant and relentlessness of most all the Democrats in office who keep attacking every single thing he has tried to accomplish.

    2. Tell all your liberal Democrats to devulge their tax returns! Especially the fact being that these liberal swamp dwellers have been in politics for years. Why should President Trump release his returns when at the time he was a private citizen who is protected by certain laws being a private citizen.

    3. There is no reason for his tax returns to be published! Let’s publish yours Joe Savage………I bet all your neighbors and your friends would love to see those!

        1. No you are not running for President, but you are running your mouth where the Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump did not have to reveal his tax returns.

    4. Like everyone else?? 😳 Who is everyone else. Because Im pretty sure I’ve read nothing about his being released. I mean Obama didn’t even present a birth certificate and became President…but it all comes around..looking for him to be stripped of that undeserved honor in the near future when his truth comes out😠

    5. Release his tax returns like everyone else?? So where is Obama’s? Pelosi’s? Biden’s? Clinton’s? I really think a committee should review every government official and any increase in personal value above the COLA should be put into the social security fund, since they so easily let others draw from it. These people go their to get rich. Trump at least donates his salary to different departments or agencies.

      1. I would like for the Obama’s to have to show how they got so much richer after they left office than they were before. Or maybe lots of that wealth came in secretly while in office ???

    6. Why Joe? Unless you’re borrowing a substantial amount of money, you’re under no obligation to release your tax returns to anyone so why should the President be any different. The other thing I wonder if, why are people so fixated on his tax returns (mostly liberals) when I’m sure they’ve fudged a number or two along the way for their own benefit. No, they want his tax returns to look for a slight discrepancy, typo, or mistake on his accounts part, so they can blow that all out of proportion and start another witch hunt. Why don’t you Liberales put some of the energy that you’ve spent the last 4 years towards helping get the economy going, grow some jobs and,, in the event, that our President has a good idea, ball up and stand behind him without the knife in your hands? We would have been tens of thousands of miles down the road if not for Democratic obstructionism. You people shoot yourself in the foot every time you open your yaps, and Gropin Joe Biden was the best you could do for a candidate? All his tax returns are going to show is that he’s really rich and you aren’t. He paid for his own campaign last time and hasn’t taken a dime’s worth of taxpayer money since he’s been in office but rather donated it to different charities. Yeah, we really need to get rid of that guy, he’s milking us dry. Idiot.

    7. Why he has donated his salary since day one, he does not owe anything to us in regards to his personal business! Nasty Pelosi is the one who is getting richer daily off of us taxpayers let’s see her tax returns!

    8. Hey joe, What the f*ck does his tax returns have to do with a list of Supreme court pick, moron? I’ll tell ya what, lets see you’re tax returns?!?!?!
      You probably don’t even work and are relying on all the freebies for the government. What the f*ck is Trump’s tax returns going to do for you??? Not a damn thing you moron democRAT…

    9. Actually all candidates are required to release is their financial statement. If they choose to release their taxes the can do that. But it not required. But the fun thing is when he does (and he will in his own time) everyone is in for a big surprise. Just like the last time when RACHEL Madcow got all excited about the return she got, he paid more than required. He is playing you guys. LOL Can’t wait.

    10. Why so you and your helpers can snoop, he doesn’t even take a salary so why should folks want to snoop in his private affairs. Leave the poor man alone. He has done more for AMERICA than any other President ever has. God be with you Mr. President and protect you and your family. Trump 2020

    11. Who’s everyone else? Name them all, “everyone else”,
      Will pelosi show hers, how about schummer and the rest of the sneaking lying cheating dems.

    12. I couldn’t care less if he releases his tax returns. You Democrats really make a habit of grasping at straws.

    13. It’s not required by law FKWAD LIBTURD! Maybe Trump will release his if Hunter Biden releases his tax returns?

    14. Who cares??? I don’t expect or demand he shows them. They are totally irrelevant! Has nothing to do his job as President! Pelosi needs to show hers and how much she has been paid off for the nasty things she pulls!!!!

    15. Why? Its his business. If there is a problem the IRS will take care of it. Maybe every transaction of everyone’s taxes should be made public. Just let people that they have no idea of what the tax code is all about try to impress each other with their stupidity.

    1. Publicly available. I posted a link but the moderator removed it. Just Google “biden’s tax returns”, it’s the first hit

  1. He’s had 47 years to enrich himself and his family gobbling at the PUBLIC TROUGH… As HST stated “you can’t get rich in government, unless you are a crook “…

    1. From FOX business

      Joe Biden’s tax returns: The 3 biggest takeaways

      1. He made the bulk of his money after he left the White House: Biden’s federal tax return for 2016 shows his adjusted gross income was close to $400,000 in his last year in office. His 2017 tax return shows his income soared to more than $11 million; in 2018, he earned about $4.6 million.
      2 . The spike in wealth was largely attributed to sales of his 2017 book: “Promise Me, Dad,” a best-selling book about the final year of his son Beau’s life, came out in November 2017, almost two years after Beau died. Biden also made 47 paid speaking engagements from January 2017 through the end of May 2019, a majority of which were for the book tour. In total, he received about $4.29 million in fees from those speeches.
      3. As Biden earned more money, he paid a higher effective tax rate: Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, had effective tax rates of 23.5 percent, 33.9 percent and 33.4 percent for 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively. They donated to charity 1.5 percent of their adjusted gross income in 2016, 9.2 percent in 2017 and 6 percent in 2018.

      1. All the garbage you spoke about does not mean that he is not a total crook. He probiley is still receiving monies from his crooked deal when he was in office. He is a total jurk????

    2. She should know! She left her position as SOS with her pockets well lined. Obama also left with far more than his salary considering how much he has spent since he was supposed to have left office.

    1. Me too. The smart money is on the successful business man who is not taking a salary and who have kept his promises.

  2. I don’t care what his tax returns say. No of mine or anyone else’s business to know mine or President Trump’s. Put yours out then Joe savage. Respond quickly now w it.

  3. Yup show Biden and his son Hunter…their taxes of their investments in China
    That will never be known by the taxpayers as they still will be taxing us to death 💀
    Plus the Biden- Harris will bleed us taxpayers to fulfill all they promises falsely saying it will be for the people…HECK NO !!!!

  4. There is no law saying any President must disclose his tax returns, so he doesn’t have to!! It is up to each President whether or not they want to disclose them. If I was President Trump I would tell them to want in one hand and s**t in the other and see which gets fuller faster!

    1. Exactly. And these people who are demanding it know he does not have to do it. I think he will at exactly the right time. He is playing them. Another smart move on the President’s part.

    1. No he doesn’t LH is correct he donates his salary. He is a good President Trump is Obama was a jokeer who belongs behind bars.

  5. The Dem’s will always claim Trump is bad about anything…wa.wa.wa/ get a life..Maybe CHina will take you in under their communistic control.. you have many members of their beliefs already!!!!

  6. This country has far more to be concerned with than the presidents tax returns.
    I.E.; Pandemic, riots, destruction, police being ambushed, businesses destroyed, anarchists and too many other things to even list.
    Let’s deal with what’s real and drop the crap for a while.
    MAGA 2020

  7. Actually I think all the democratic’s have there money invested in china is why it was stated by the saddest and evilness of polosi who said China would prefer a Biden win tells me a whole lot about the democratic’s !!! Let’s take a good look at their tax returns !!! If anyone needs to see it’s their’s we the people need to see !!!

    1. Of course, they do, and the Chinese might be a lot of things but they’re not stupid. They damn near own this country now. When they decide to call in the note it will mean war with a death toll nearing all other wars all put together. We should never have gotten involved with them in the first place. All I can say is God help us all.

  8. The Democrats are fishing when asking for president Trump tax returns they have no reason to remove him and I don’t believe what the liberal media prints they’re biased when it comes to president Trump

  9. It’s nobody’s buisness whatthe presidents tax returns are,no more than it’s anyone’s buisness what your tax returns are. Al Sharpston has owed 4 million dollars to the irs for humpteen dozen years. He ownes 4 mansions. Do you ever hear of anyone asking wtf!?….oh,could it be cause he’s black? The white man is the most discriminated race in America.

  10. Joe,
    You are arguing with with cult members, who have been suckered into Trump’s world, so no matter what you say, they are not going to believe it. Time will prove what he is and what he has done. So, chill and do not waste your time with them.

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