October 6, 2022

Trump lawyer schools the fake news reporters on journalistic malpractice

The Trump campaign held a press conference on Thursday to let the American people know what the mainstream media won’t tell them. Rudy Guliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, attorneys for the Trump campaign, spent time explaining the progress of the preparation to bring their case to court.

Jenna Ellis, repeatedly calling out the “fake news,” demanded that they report the facts and seriousness of the election irregularities and fraud that the legal team is unearthing.

Democrats, Republicans, and journalists are demanding evidence of the fraud that the Trump team is alleging. Even beloved Fox star Tucker Carlson ran a hit piece on Sydney Powell on his show Thursday night, saying that she would not produce evidence of her claims and that she got angry with him and refused to appear on his show. Powell has repeatedly stated that President Trump won by a landslide, and they will prove it in court.

Well, Ellis took reporters from the “fake news” to task and accused them of “dancing” around the evidence that many Americans have reported in affidavits.

Powell, Guliani, and Ellis are alleging that the election was stolen from President Trump through the ballot tabulating Dominion Voting software, owned by a Canadian company with ties to Venezuela, Germany, George Soros, and various high ranking Democrats.

The allegations sound far-fetched, and even Trump allies are demanding evidence. Responding to the cries for evidence, Ellis rebuked the demand for instant gratification, saying that the press conference is an “opening statement” to explain what the evidence will show:

Clearly, you’ve never been court reporters. Trials take time. Putting on evidence takes time. This is basically an opening statement, so the American people can understand what the networks have been hiding.

This is not a Law and Order episode where everything is neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes.

Ellis dressed down the reporters in a very satisfactory way, calling them out as biased jurors in the court of public opinion:

This is the court of public opinion, right now. We are not trying our case in the court of public opinion, because if we were, we would get unbiased jurors. I would strike 99% of you from the jury and I would be allowed to because of the fake news coverage you provide. You are not unbiased jurors.

Your opinion does not matter, facts matter. If your fake news network is not allowing you to cover this you should ask yourself why.

Addressing the court cases and recounts in various states, Ellis explained that whether the outcome is a victory for President Trump or not, the real issue is the integrity of US elections.

It is not about overturning an outcome, on our part. It is about making sure election integrity is preserved.

Ellis explained that the elections were affected not by voter fraud so much as by fraud conducted by election officials:

What has happened in this case is state and local level officials and all the way up have changed the rules. That’s what the Democrats do. If they don’t like the rules they change them. They change them at the last minute, they manipulate them, they want to tear down our American system. Our founders were so brilliant they anticipated this that there would be corruption, there would be foreign interference, there would be attempts to manipulate the outcome of elections.

Americans and all observers know Ellis is right. If this election is not secured there will never be a secure election in the United States again:

If the United States caves to corruption or this type of election integrity disaster, then no election will be secure from here on out.ย 

Watch Jenna Ellis put the fake news reporters in their place:


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