April 17, 2021

Trump says he will send federal law enforcement to Kenosha after riots turn deadly

President Trump announced Thursday afternoon that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) finally backed down and agreed to allow federal forces to help end the violence that has engulfed Kenosha, WI since Sunday. 

“TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!” Trump tweeted on Thursday.

“We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets,” Trump continued. “My team just got off the phone with Governor Evers who agreed to accept federal assistance.”

Authorities in Kenosha requested Evers send 750 National Guard members to the city to quell the riots, but Evers only agreed to send 250 prior to Tuesday. He refused President Trump’s offer of federal assistance.

However, after two individuals were fatally shot and another seriously injured during the riots Tuesday night, the tone became much more serious, and Evers announced he had authorized 500 additional troops to deploy to Kenosha on Wednesday.

DOJ spokesperson Keri Kupec wrote on Twitter in response to Trump’s announcement that the Justice Department will send FBI resources and US Marshals to Kenosha, though it is unclear how many officers will be sent.

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87 Responses

  1. The Democrat Party and all their elected officials in these cities and towns that are being destroyed are directly responsible for all the carnage that has taken place. This young kid in the shooting was doing what these mentioned officials were responsible for. I am not to sure some foreign entities are also not responsible. The Democrat Party is Evil in my opinion and destructive.

    1. There was a time when Republican and Democrat could delve out some constructive criticism toward one another with never a thought about hurting each other for ones beliefs. The Democrat Party has been hijacked by the extreme leftists who are hell bent on destroying our great country.

  2. The killer was a 17 year old trump supporter who sat in the front row of trumps rallies and was conditioned by trumps words to do what he did. trump needs the military to stop him not the protesters.

    1. Your statement implies that Trump advocates violence which is not the case. It is the terrorists and Antifa and BLM that advocates the violence. The protesters started this not the Trump supporters.

    2. Hey Lizzy! Your brain is what’s ate up. You’re the one who’s mind has been conditioned by leftist propaganda. I’m with Jack Hall. Zero Tolerance.

    3. BS NOT TRUE!!!!
      It’s the DEMS that are saying for their idiots to do whatever they have to to take our country down!!!!!

    4. where did you get your info from? msnbc, cnn, etc? they only report what they want to. show me a bonafide statement of truth, please. look at all the shootings lately, and you could say they were all Biden supporters, the party of burn, loot, murder, blm, which he supports whole-heartedly. it is too bad that your hatred of Trump clouds what little judgment you have. and lest we forget, all the cities where the violence is, ironically, are run by democrats. you could then say that all democratic run cities allow rioting. doesn’t make so much sense that way, does it? if Trump is stopped, every city in America will be overrun by the burn loot murder I need a repatriation person that the Democratic Party raised from infancy to think they are owed something. that is what the Democratic Party is so well-known for. did you forget Ms. Pressley, a notorious congresswoman, who said take it to the streets? be there until we are satisfied/. so lets back your careless statement down a little.

      1. You are STUPID!!! He was being chased by RIOTERS, one of which was armed and a convicted felon!! It was self defense! You deserve to live in a communist country! how about CHINA!

    5. Ms. Cordes,
      YOU ARE A DAMNED FOOL and to even attempt to blame the President is silly and stupid.
      The young man was using his best common sense in doing what the elders and officials of that city were afraid to do for fear of going against the Democrat narrative.
      Good thing he was there, too bad he was stopped….however I’ll bet the next batch of rabble rousers will be wondering where the next gun shots might come from and reconsider their dumb antics. God Bless America and our President.

    6. You are full of crap. The Democrats should of address this along time ago they didn’t. This is now why Trump has a 51 percent approval rating . Dems fd up

    7. You need to stop with the BS. I’m so tired of this crap always blaming Trump when the DemoRATS can’t take care of their cities. I’m proud of all the citizens who can in to protect the business and people’s property.

    8. wow you really believe that, such a shame to waste a brain, there are sick people every where can we say the same for all the riots and looters and killers that are Bernie’s or Biden’s supporters, shame on you for blaming the President for such a terrible act, you must be a true demonRAT instead of blaming the sick person you blame our President.

    9. Obama sat in the front row of “Rev” Wright’s “church” listening to “Not God bless America….GOD DAMN AMERICA!!” and where was your outrage? When he blamed police for all the ill in the world, where was your outrage?!? You do not know he “sat in the front row” of President Trump’s rallies! You don’t know if he was even an admirer of President Trump’s!!! DO YOU?!?!

    10. You are STUPID!!! He was being chased by RIOTERS, one of which was armed and a convicted felon!! It was self defense! You deserve to live in a communist country! how about CHINA!

    11. What rock have you been living under? Tons of people love Trump and they don’t go out and shoot someone.
      How do you know he sat in the front row of Trump’s rallies? You have been listening to that Fake news too long.
      You can’t see the the truth of anything just hate for Trump. If you look at the actual numbers since Trump took
      office he has done a lot to help our nation. You cannot think reasonably because of your hatred.

    12. You make no sense. Have you been indulging? Conditioned by Trump’s words? I think not. Yours is a BS comment.

    13. Well, if this shyt keeps up, I have a feeling you ain’t seen shyt if this looting, Arson, destruction of private and public property and beating and killing of innocent people does not stop !!

    14. Let’s give that kid his own cell and no visitors like Epstein had. Let the truth come out where it may. There should be NO visitors representing the kid and an equal number of observers to protect him so that we can get at the truth, even if the are sworn to secrecy unless something happens to the kid.

    15. You are just another delusional Democrat that refuses to see the harm your people have leveled over decades. Never, under any circumstances accept blame for things you are responsible for and, if something goes awry, well, just blame someone else, then wait or them to clean up your mess THEN make up narratives and lies to support your evil ways of thinking. I suppose knocking a police officer unconscious with a brick to the head in Kenosha was perfectly okay — if this is your way of thinking seek therapy, you have major issues.

    16. Are you seriously a sick individual? Every trump supporter should lock and load go guns blazing at antifa and everyone else rioting and looting. Since we know the Democratic Party is whining little sissies crying over a lost election. 3 years and 9 months of wasting tax payer money trying to unseat him. Line them all up and use them as target practice. It would be funny if they appeared at all your houses and looted them set them on fire. You would revert back to reality real fast when the police didn’t come to your aid. Kill them all. Law is the law. Their is a cure for stupidity. Kill them. If the media and/or politicians get in the way. Collateral damage. Take them out. They are useless.

    17. This is a typical democrat, lying belly crawler who only wants ti stir the pot. No one is going to pay any attention to this nonsense. Go spread your vile lies elsewhere, lying Liz!

    18. What a crock you should be on Americas craziest videos. I suppose you are lacking facts to support your accusation elizabeth.

    19. YOU DO NOT what your saying or else a full blown commie/lefty/rat when you are spewing their crap! Sit down and shut up! Its getting tiring hear the same bs and seeing the Rioters called peaceful! WE TRUE AMERICANS are sick of the likes of what you spew! Don’t like it here? GO VERY FAR AWAY!

    20. What are you on drugs? Millions of us saw the same things you did and I call you a stupid democratic LIAR! Sit down and shut up!

  3. The National Guard should announce that anyone caught out after curfew, anyone rioting, looting, or setting fires will be SHOT ON SIGHT! That’s the only way to stop this B/S! That’s what the Guard had to do during the riots of the 60’s and 70’s and IT WORKED.

    1. amen, Jack. been sayin that for a while. hot lead gets attention. that’s the repatriation they need. along with 3 hots and a cot for about 75 yrs.

    2. That is the Standard Operational Procedures once the military is deployed! Those were our standing orders for the 20 years I served and in the event of Rioting after Marshall law was imposed.

    3. I remember the Watt’s Riots very well….I may have agreed or not agreed with the verdict, HOWEVER I did NOT agree with what happened afterwards And…it was scary as Hell….now it’s happening all over again and WHEN Trump is re-elected it will get worse….it needs to stop NOW!! I remember the National Guard being ALLOWED to do their job and the mayor & governor allowing them to do their job! Democrats seem to ENJOY all this rioting!

    4. Unfortunately, you are correct. They WILL NOT stop until real and terrible consequences befall them. They are a bunch of, apparently, jobless, worthless scum. We really need to change up the education system from kindergarten to higher education where the teachers not only expound radical and extremist narratives but actively engage in the protests. They are grooming our children as little communists.

    5. In CA the riots were met with jeeps and mounted guns patrolling. Road blocks by police and military. ID s were checked to be sure you BELONGED in that area. If it takes tanks rolling down the streets, so be it! This was in the Watts and King riots. Take pictures and post everywhere. NO MORE sign papers, post bail and leave! Bring back the chain gangs and make these creeps clean up ALL areas they have made a mess in! AND NOT AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

  4. Democrats following George Soros orders destroying America as Democrats wait for a large sum of money that George Soros has offered them

  5. It’s about time the feds get involved in stopping the looting and carnage that has become the normal in America today, thank God for our President , stop these idiot people and let others realize their awful actions will not be tolerated any. Longer!!!!!

  6. Well Elizabeth, wait till one of these punks burns your home or business then tell me whose fault it is. This a free country and anyone can attend a rally even democrats.

  7. Anybody who votes for Democrats in November is either juvenile or stupid. And anybody who says they did because they don’t like the way Trump talks is even worse because not liking the WAY somebody talks has nothing to do with destructive policies which is what Bidens economics especially would be and what many Democratic mayors and governors have demonstrated by permitting the destruction of their cities. Of course then there are the DSs from New York who wanted the feds to pay pay for the destruction they permitted.

    1. I agree Tim and also want to say; has anyone noticed the democrat run areas have more Wuhan Pandemic and all the riots? the mayors and governors should be forced to use their budgets to fix the mess they allowed and in many cases caused! i read that New York had more cases of the Wuhan pandemic (i tend to call it what it is!) than Fl. Ca. and Texas combined!

    2. Is that unimaginable? The Dems are going to stand here and do nothing then you can use the tax money of people who actually contribute to the economy and to better the country, to clean up your mess. GO SUCK EGG! I think their strategy was/is to standby and LET ‘EM RIP in an effort to make Trump seem to blame and be viewed as ineffectual — November is not far off, let’s see who comes out on top. TRUMP 2020!

  8. Dems are leading from behind again. People dying, businesses being destroyed, and people act like they lost their sense of respect for their fellow man . Those who insist on breaking the laws must be locked up and pay the price for their wrong doings. True protesters should be advised to separate themselves from the pretenders who are causing the problems. The governors and mayors of the cities that are being destroyed by these vandals should listen to our president.

  9. like wimpy Evers would do anything , crush them , you do not destroy other Americans hard earned work…. GO TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND

  10. How much evidence do we need to charge the dems beginning with obama and soros and pelosi and shumer and their minions and on down the line. How much evidence does it take to charge antifa with causing the riots and looting, fires, destruction and murders and rapes. How much evidence do we need to charge obama and soros with violation of the Constitutional articles and Amendments and put them all in camps and off the streets. If you don’t understand with what these dems and dem leaders have done to this country and their friends from China and their islam refugee terror groups, then read the Constitution and investigate what they have said and done and are promoting.If you don’t understand and you agree with these traitors then you become part of the problem and you will reep what you sow.

  11. The crumblecrat party is starting to stick their tails between their legs. Soon they will roll over and piddle all over themselves as perceived support from media and mental midgets that lead that party try to disavow any knowledge of rioting.

  12. Better wake up.Theres a bigger more evil plan behind all this and the news media is involved. Listen to what comes out of Predident trumps very own mouth.All of it.Not just bits and pcs.IF YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH. I listen to him on Fo but when it gets to the other channels they put a completely different spin on it.Hes soooo smart and he is a good man.Do the research and see all he has accomplished. Its unreal.Then look up what the Democrats have accomplished. All they know how to do is try to get rid of Trump. WHY?? YOU WILL SOON SEE WHY THEY REALLY WANT HIM OUT.

  13. I agree with Dave. Kizzy your another member of the mindless easily let sheep.you couldn’t manufacure a thought of your own if your life depnded on.bahhh mindless sheep

  14. Federal action is long overdue. When you don’t punish criminals you are not just allowing them to multiply, but encouraging them to multiply. The Democrats ruining (not running) big cities are encouraging the violence they blame on anyone and everyone else, especially Trump who is actually trying to stop this idiocy. This is why we have the excessive number of violent terrorists and criminals running loose in America today. That plus the millions of dollars being spent by billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg funding terror organizations like Antifa and Burn Loot Murder.

    We still have the death penalty in some states at least, start using it again. Any prosecutor or DA who is releasing criminals without charges or bail should be arrested for conspiracy for every crime the criminals committed when they were originally arrested, and every crime they commit after they are released.
    Soros, Bloomberg, and The Leftist Communists from Hollywood or wherever else who fund terrorists should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to terrorism and treason. Because they are just as responsible as the criminals they fund.

    Also any prosecutor like Soros funded Kim Gardener who prosecutes lawful citizens who did nothing wrong, like the McCloskeys who acted in 100% legally correct self defense, should be disbarred and charged with any and all charges you can think of. This is how lawful actions like self defense are discouraged, while they should be ENCOURAGED.

  15. This whole conversation is nothing but a total waste of time. Dizzy Lizzie makes a very ignorant comment & everyone is up for grabs. As long as everyone agrees, then I guess it’s time to get out f the sandbox & quit throwing sand at each other. All that was said to Dizzy Lizzy won’t make any difference b/c she has been “conditioned” to think like she does (guess she must sit in the front rows too). If nothing else, this may teach her to keep her mouth shut when she doesn’t know what she is talking about in the first place.

  16. This is why i left the democrat party,using black lives matter to get votes,BLACK LIVES MATTER believes in non violence,so rioters pretend to be in black lives matter.So THEY BURN ,LOOT,MURDER The cemocrats just use them for votes, In philadelphia center city looks great ,but in north phila 33RD to KENSINGTON looks like a huge wastse land.

  17. Martial Law.
    Insert Federal Troops.
    Troops free to “Shoot to Kill” rioters.
    Problem Solved.
    No More Rioters.

  18. The Democratic Communist Party, including
    Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros, The Soros Family, Bill & Melinda Gates, Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, numerous Hollywood Weirdos, the Democratic Governors, Democratic State Officials, Legislators, Attorneys General, Mayors and Council, and some Police Chiefs and Sheriffs, Corporations, The Terrorist Organizations ANTIFA and BLM, and many others from the riot infested areas have been complicit in much of the criminal activities that have taken place, and continue to take place, to include Murders. They have All contributed to, or aided and abetted in the commission of these crimes, to include Murder and they should All be charged with these crimes and given Life Sentences.
    For the millions of innocent Americans who suffered the loss of a business/es, your livelihood, and so much more; flood these people, these entities, these corporations With Law Suits.

    1. Oh, if that were only possible in civilized America! Its music to my ears! Perhaps if we first took down the leaders like Soros, Obama, the Clintons and made a public display of it these privileged domestic terrorists the left would realize that we are sick of their SHYT and we don’t intend to put up with it for a second longer. It might even show the rest of the world we are only tolerant to a point (are you listening China, Iran, North Korea, Russia. . . Angela?) You can bet the MSM would have a hay day twisting the blame on that one!

  19. Americans please do not allow the rotting corpses of the Democrats to destroy your great nation. Follow Trumps call for Law and Order to guide you as to how you will vote. There will be no peace giving in to anarchists and thank God for the right to bear arms to defend yourselves. Watching you closely from across The Pond.

  20. I agree.My only question is what happened to using rubber bullets.I know that sounds mean but these people need to feel the hurt they have caused.

  21. This is the only thing these terrorists or whatever you want to call them deserve. The only thing they understand is violence but when faced with it they beg for mercy. Well how about mercy for the man who got shot in the head by this thug and later died. How about mercy for him and his family.

  22. Democrats are responsible for the hell in cities. I hope the soldiers sent are armed with real bullets.
    The cretins will not listen, they only respect force.

    The governors and mayors should be tried with treason and sent to jail.

    Yolanda Martinez

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