May 23, 2022

Report: Trump plans launch of competitor to Fox News

Fox News’ behavior on election day and in the aftermath has infuriated many of its own fans and invoked the ire of Donald Trump, and according to a new report, Trump is planning to retaliate.

Axios reported Thursday that Trump is planning to “wreck” Fox News by launching his own conservative online media channel.

Fox News shocked its Conservative fans by calling Arizona for Biden long before even liberal media outlets made the call — and with tens of thousands of ballots left to be counted.

Fox refused to recant the call in the aftermath, further frustrating fans that believe the network is no longer on Trump’s side. Trump himself has criticized Fox a number of times in the runup to the election, but the decided leftward turn during the election appears to have been the final straw.

“‘He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,’ said a source with detailed knowledge of Trump’s intentions,” Axios reported. According to the source, Trump will not likely launch a cable news channel, instead, focusing on an online presence.

Axios reported that the source laid out Trump’s plan:

  • There’s been lots of speculation about Trump starting a cable channel. But getting carried on cable systems would be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Instead, Trump is considering a digital media channel that would stream online, which would be cheaper and quicker to start.
  • Trump’s digital offering would likely charge a monthly fee to MAGA fans. Many are Fox News viewers, and he’d aim to replace the network — and the $5.99-a-month Fox Nation streaming service, which has an 85% conversion rate from free trials to paid subscribers — as their top destination.

A high-quality alternative to Fox News would likely be an instant success, as Fox viewers become increasingly discontent with the direction the formerly right-wing news source has taken.

Trump has already taken to promoting alternative conservative media sources such as One America News Network and Newsmax due to Fox’s apparent determination to undermine Trump at every turn.

Would you drop Fox in favor of a Trump-led news source? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think!

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Mason (@guest_1073308)
1 year ago

I watch a few loyal shows on fox but chris wallace, brett baire, cavuto, the owners liberal sons and their treatment of The Judge and past treatment of O’Reilly have shown me their true colors and so the rest of fox is not going to be watched by me.

Bonnie (@guest_1073309)
1 year ago

I love everything President Trump does! If Biden wins, we will need a conservative network to tell us the truth about what is going on. I have switched to Newsmax – FOX has become a laughing stock because of the democrats they choose to make comment. They’re ridiculous!

Pat Pickett (@guest_1073310)
1 year ago

No cable watch Newsmax and OAN free on Pluto TV online, use Parler instead of Twitter, Watching some of my favorite you tube channels on Rumble now. I would watch if free(retired)

Gene (@guest_1073311)
1 year ago

Don’t want to tune into Fox and see Juan and Donna . Especially on election night. Goodby Fox.

Connie Russell (@guest_1073312)
1 year ago

I don’t watch Fox.

Robert Jacko (@guest_1073313)
1 year ago

Fox News is such a total disappointment. I previously had no problem hearing fair and balanced reporting from both perspectives but now Fox has been taken in an unbalanced direction. What a shame. I am done and look forward to a breath of fresh air.

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1073367)
Reply to  Robert Jacko
1 year ago


Judith Sheil Martin (@guest_1073314)
1 year ago

If we could do it without a cost. I am a widow and already paying too much for cable now. That is why I haven’t signed up for Fox Nation and am going without a lot of the channels I love.

Clayton A. Lyon Sr. (@guest_1073315)
1 year ago

Yep, Fox is done, let’s hope the CBS & NBC get the picture that the time is up also. Just a bunch of lier’s you can clearly see that they can’t stand having the truth come out, YOUR FIRED!!!

Anna C. (@guest_1073316)
1 year ago

I have already switched to OAN as I’m very disappointed in Fox News. Hannity and Carlson are the only ones I care to listen to. I recently heard about Parler and will check that out. I would subscribe to Mr. Trumps channel. I stopped by subscription to the Boston Globe and when asked the reason why, I told the rep that I couldn’t read it anymore because it was not fair reporting. The one sided media is destroying our country.

My2Cents (@guest_1073340)
Reply to  Anna C.
1 year ago

I agree with you about the the Globe since election night they use words like baselees unconfirmed, no evidence when describing rampant voter fraud.

Clarence Woodward (@guest_1073318)
1 year ago

Please go for it Mr. President. Fox lost me for good!

Dean Ekberg (@guest_1073319)
1 year ago

I’ve already dropped fox, and would love to see a Trump news source.

Alice (@guest_1073321)
1 year ago

Yes, Fox is getting more and more like CNN, abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc. There are some Anchors I like Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Mark Levin, Tucker, Huckabee, Ainsly, Maria
Bartiromo, Brian Kilmmead Laura Ingraham etc. I have been watching Fox since the beginning 24-7. It was the only one I trusted now I now watch a lot more of Newsmax..

barbara seddon (@guest_1073322)
1 year ago

we have already stopped watching Fox. Could not stand Juan Williams, Donna Brasile, Wallace, Cavuto. The whole of Fox programming has gone down. When they censured Judge Pirro it was the last straw. Would welcome a Trump channel

mary Kornell (@guest_1073324)
1 year ago

Bring it on…I would be happy to.

Kristi Pappas (@guest_1073328)
1 year ago

Absolutely. Fox has done an about face and except for a few shows, I no longer watch.

Jerry Donelson (@guest_1073330)
1 year ago

I quit watching Fox News there are only a few shows I may watch Hanity, Ingram, Carlson. I watch Newsmax

vuong q tran (@guest_1073332)
1 year ago

I would be happy to switch over and leave FOX

Pam Bellomy (@guest_1073333)
1 year ago

I only watch Tucker, and Hannity. Dont care about the ones mentioned nor watch them. I would watch the new channel if it were free, am retired.

Jerry Donelson (@guest_1073335)
1 year ago

I quit Fox News. I may watch Tucker Carlson , Hanity, Lara Ingram,

Richard Baxter (@guest_1073338)
1 year ago

Not only but “yes”, but Hell Yes!!

Kathryn I Bailey (@guest_1073342)
1 year ago

Since the debate I no longer love FOX News, Facebook. or Twitter. I believe that the worse are Cavuto, Wallace, Bret and Juan Williams. We will support whatever Trump sets up for Trumpers (conservatives)

Jack (@guest_1073343)
1 year ago

Fox is not Fair and balanced any longer, even the morning crew has changed Tucker, Hannity Lori Shannon are the only ones that are worth watching in the evening.
NewsMax needs to hire all of them.
I will follow Trump with anything he starts up,

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1073385)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

Laura Ingram is good!!

SUSAN A HOPF (@guest_1073346)
1 year ago

Fox should be ashamed. They are turncoats!

Robert C Simon (@guest_1073347)
1 year ago

Well, I have already stopped watching fox. I will miss Tucker Shawn, Judge Perino and the next generation But I have to take a stand. There is only so much Bull S–t I can take. I gave up on Chris Wallace after the debate, Neil Cavuto is just Brain dead. Enough is enough I would rather watch the Hallmark channel.

Kathryn I Bailey (@guest_1073348)
1 year ago

We need to continue to fight for our voice in spite of them on the left.

Russell Reitz (@guest_1073351)
1 year ago


Cleora Denton (@guest_1073352)
1 year ago

I am very disappointed in Fox network. I only watch Tucker, Hannity, and Laura on the week days, and Levin, Judge Jeanine, and Jesse on the weekends. Most of the other shows have turned against my beliefs and I would prefer to not listen to their nonsense. My husband gets upset at this change and prefers not to watch Fox News at all.

j ade (@guest_1073353)
1 year ago

I stopped watching Fox after Megan Kelly did her hatchet job on Trump during the first debate. I stopped watching all the media because I saw the deceptive propaganda. I like Hannity, Tucker, Jeanine, Mark Levin, but I refuse to turn Fox on to watch them. I would welcome a Trump channel knowing it would be truth.

Octavia Drigo (@guest_1073354)
1 year ago

I have already loose faith in Fox. I love the famous five with Juan out, Hannity and Tucker are great too. So that sounds great to me.

Thomas Wierenga (@guest_1073356)
1 year ago

I wish the President would just help make Newsmax stronger by talking with their host like he did with fox. When Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham move over to Newsmax, I will never watch fox again!

Elva (@guest_1073357)
1 year ago

I know longer watch Fox. It use to be the only news channel I thought was honest. Wrong! When Chris Wallace and Donna Brazile came on, I went off.

Rene' H. Donk (@guest_1073358)
1 year ago

It is too bad that after the old man let his sons run the station FOX drastically changed direction in reporting and not in the right direction. It turned truth into a farce and barrage of insults on the intellect of the viewers. I really missed Glenn Beck but then at the end Glen saw the light and saw that America was steered in the wrong direction.
Over de past 4 years I turned to AON and or News Max. How is it that Biden “The big guy” get away with kickbacks from foreign countries and bankrolls his son Hunter shady business deals. While Trump was hunted down on drummed up charges for all this 4 years. The swamp is deeper than we all thought. The tentacles spread into the FBI, CIA, IRS and what not. All that money spend we the taxpayer had to cough up and as soon as Biden is in he increases the taxes. Oh joy and we the citizens have to carry the whimsies of the left again. It is a never ending circle of doom the left present us. MAGA at this moment seems but just a dream. So yeah change that switch to other stations is very welcome in this household. That for now is watching “leave it to beaver” reruns (lol)

BARBARA Young (@guest_1073359)
1 year ago

I have already switched to NEWSMAX – due to Fox News lack of reporting on DONALD TRUMP, our PRESIDENT!

They will loss all of the 71 Million Voters who voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP – that I am sure of…………..

Florence (@guest_1073362)
1 year ago

I was hoping for this, so tired of all those lying people, and pretenders and losers, and those who think we owe them.

Rosa Perez (@guest_1073366)
1 year ago

Welcome Trump channel, whatever the outcome is! It will be great to follow your creative and intelligent projects, you will continue making our lives great.

Terri Q. Carville (@guest_1073369)
1 year ago

I just starting watching Newsmax and mentioned to my husband that I wished Trump would start his own station!
I am tired of Williams and Wallace

Hurry up – I can’t wait Mr President. 👏

John c (@guest_1073372)
1 year ago

Yes I’d pay to trumps. Online network. Fox has gone liberal and lost me as a fan. Tucker hannity. Laura. And shannon should leave fox before it’s too late. The trump haters like Juan. Wallace. Martha. Bret. Should leave and go to CNN. Where they Belong. Never thought I’d see this happen what a shame….

Pam Bierman (@guest_1073376)
1 year ago

Fox News is done for me. I recently found out management changed and now run by a Democrat. Fox and Friends might as well be CNN or NBC. I now watch NewsMax and have found a former Fox and Friends Anchor there and there will be many more Fox people leaving🤬

John Davies (@guest_1073379)
1 year ago

Yes I would leave Fox it said that our news networks out there are reliable . I need some kind of News Network that is truthful and does not make stories up where ratings. They are supposed to be news networks but they make stories up to bring their ratings up it’s all about money today in the news this is disgusting

Anne (@guest_1073382)
1 year ago

Prefer Fox News over mainstream but have noticed a change. Enjoy Hannity and Tucker but no longer trust the news reporting. Not happy concerning Judge Jeanine
being cancelled. Plan to change to an unbiased news channel.



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